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If you, your band or business are interested in premium customization of your new 3.0 profile on Myspace, please invent a time machine.

My personal profile as of May 2009. The banner at top has several of my self-made wallpapers and it's set to randomly load a different one on each view. Photo of me (top-right) is the infamous joke photo of my head on Sylar's body with "NYPD" changed to "Gotham City PD."

Updates (5/22/09):
The equalizer bars above the 'About Me' module is now a music player that is a combination of an equalizer I made from scratch, using randomly generated tween/motion variables, that in itself acts as a button to reveal an old-school Jeroen MP3 player version 2. That way I can have volume control, intratrack skipping, and a whole playlist. I have also turned the 'About Me' and 'Interests' sections into Flash blocks with smooth scrolling. That way I can include a lot of content into a compact area.

Thanks to Six Revisions:
A link to a list of web designs featured on was recently featured on Digg. Thanks to all involved!

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