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Motorola Droid PSD



I make a lot of mobile wallpaper packs, and I use the phones in them as previews of how the wallpapers will look. I've thus far found vector-drawn resources for iPhones, Blackberries and the Palm Pre. If one exists for the new Droid I haven't found it yet. So I just Googled a super high res image of the actual phone and cut out the screen. I tweaked it a bit with a very subtle transformation and some blurs to give it a slight faux-vector look.

+ Download includes PSD with clipping mask and a PNG.

This is for personal use only, especially since I can't claim rights to the photo of the phone (I guess consider it property of Motorola/Verizon). But this should be helpful to people who make fun, non-profit flyers or previews for their wallpapers like I do.
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