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I was working on a camo background for another wallpaper. I liked how this one turned out, so I've decided to release it as its own pack.

[link] (Texture)
[link] (Pattern)
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Comments (18)
Narcot1c's avatar
Revive this, please!
Reply  ·  
DEAMONATOREdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
VEEEEEEEEERY NIIIIICE!!! what program id you use to make your camo? thanks!! 
Reply  ·  
ManuTheMan's avatar
very nice!
Reply  ·  
B-Rand's avatar
B-Rand|Hobbyist General Artist
This is an awesome wallpaper thanks =]
Reply  ·  
Jumbod's avatar
Jumbod|Student Digital Artist
Kewl ... looks great ... tyvm ... !
Reply  ·  
serial-x's avatar
Best camo wallpaper I've seen!
Reply  ·  
TheAL's avatar
TheAL|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you think so, though, I extend most credit to the awesome pattern. Finding a good, free camo pattern wasn't easy. Thumbnails usually hide a lot of potential quality, or they make them look bland. I had to download and try about a dozen before I sided with this one.
Reply  ·  
SMOKEYoriginalHD's avatar
SMOKEYoriginalHD|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thaaanks :)
Reply  ·  
JRigh's avatar
I must confess that I was biased against your wallpaper before I even really looked at it ... my crazy husband spent 20+ years in three military branches, so I have seen enough camo to last the rest of my life!

But your work is so amazing! And I even downloaded this one for the crazy former soldier, airman, & sailor that I am married to! So we both thank you ... despite that fact that his camo laptop with camo icons will now have a camo wallpaper to boast of! lol
Reply  ·  
TheAL's avatar
TheAL|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad to hear that it was so fortuitously appropriate. I really hope that he enjoys it!
Reply  ·  
Eimarmeni's avatar
Like, like, like !
Reply  ·  
mtzGrafen's avatar
mtzGrafen|Student Digital Artist
Looks really nice! :) I don't like camouflage...but this one is really great!
Reply  ·  
UrzaBastard's avatar
well done dude!
Reply  ·  
hundone's avatar
hundone|Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet! :)
Reply  ·  
spartan30gr's avatar
Very nice!!!!
Reply  ·  
Gor0n's avatar
Gor0n|Professional Interface Designer
Nice background ;)

You've been featured on iconpaper :star:
Reply  ·  
sp3ctrm5tr's avatar
Awesome and I see you include Mobile sizes, Thanks!
Reply  ·  
JR007's avatar
wow, so awesome, thank you!
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anonymous's avatar
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