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No Sonic Rainboom - Twilight Sparkle

A Twilight without magic would be just as studious, and likely wouldn't give up even after failing her entrance exam. And so, since magic seems so subjective, she would turn to science!

(Holy crap, I finished another one, finally!)

Edit: Made the pocket better.
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Is this based on sci-twi?
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Ohhh, nice vector.
Your artwork was used here:…
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I have an idea for Rainbow Dash.

After failing to perform the Sonic Rainbow, "Speeding Crash" got a cutie mark in crashing, and she couldn't be more let down. She was sad about her cutie mark, and she became more calm, shy, and secluded, living in Fluttershy's cottage. Where Fluttershy ended up, that's a mystery for now.

Her design would be inspired by this, as would Fluttershy's and Rarity's:…
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Notice the symbol on her lab coat? 

"It all started with the Big BANG!!!" - Big Bang Theory Theme
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She looks like the real human Twilight in the EQG 2 movie (at the end).
Are yo gonna do the others too?
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Hmmm....would she make a great scientist if the sonic rainboom didn't appeared.....nice!
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And her cutie mark would be Test Tubes XD
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I want to see them all XD
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Hey, I want to vector the lab coat or just use the vector of it if you can give me it, do you allow me to do this?
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Yeah, alright. Just give a nod, or credit or something. (Sorry for the late reply, I'm really not around much)
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Oh, I already found another way of doing this!  But thanks anyway!
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And she eventually goes on to found the Equestrian equivalent of Aperture Laboratories.
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Ah, the ever-so-classic but completely-inaccurate atom diagram, the staple of science, showing clear, distinct orbits and atoms moving in a Newtonian fashion. :icontwilightheeplz:
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And also the American Atheist symbol minus the A.
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<font><font>what rarity,flutter shy and rainbow dash</font></font>
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Now Twi's thinking with portals.
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this Twi still looks as good as the Twi we know. she would've been scientist if she was a human.
Comfortable to know that even after failing her entrance exam, Twilight is able to make friends and a decent living for herself at a job she (hopefully) enjoys.
why isn't this a print I can buy? I need this to live, well ok not really, but I personally wear a lab coat, and Twilight Sparkle is best pony!
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