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I'd like to point out that this is a commentary on outrage culture on the internet. I appreciate that the brony community is one of the few communities on the internet (and certainly one of the largest) that strongly encourages friendships and tolerance - look no further than the frequently repeated phrase "love and tolerate."  


Script by Drawponies

Art by Chibisano

Background by moonwhisperderpy - Twilight's castle background

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I enjoy this..

But I will say using Feminism as the joke really doesn't work seeing as what amounts to the majority of the public faces of modern Feminism even when this was posted had been the extremists of it that are more so Misandrists(thats to say man-haters/those who are sexist towards men) Not saying the comic or joke is bad but thats the only thing I feel falls flat in this joke do to that fact