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Princess Derpy Vs Tirek by artwork-tee <— PREVIOUS COMIC COMICS GALLERY | NEXT COMIC —>    Thats Not What I Meant by artwork-tee

Admit it guys, we all know how true this is for some of us. :P Denial only lasts so long!

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I got the idea for this comic after reading this:  I... I S-SWEAR IM NOT A FURFAG... by wherewolfe by 
wherewolfe :D

Read some comics and check out the Maud design at the bottom!
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Comic: You're Not You When You're in Withdrawal by artwork-tee  <<<You’re Not You When You’re in Withdrawal (Fallout:Equestria)
Daring Do's Actual Adventures by artwork-tee  <<<Daring Do’s Actual Adventures (Dash, Daring Do)
Expressions of Maud by artwork-tee  <<<Expressions of Maud (T-shirt design)
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