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Comic: How Daring Don't Should Have Ended



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There are only 10 days left to get your entries in for my comic strip contest! Enter here:  Contest ENTRIES CLOSED! - You Could Win $100!
It's happened to most of us: you come up with an idea for a story or fanfic, and you think, "Man, this would be great as an episode of My Little Pony!"  This is your chance for your idea to become an awesome comic strip, courtesy of Drawponies!
Here's the deal: You can submit comic strip scripts, and the community will vote on which is their favorite.  The winner gets $100 and their script made into a comic!  

If you are interested, please make sure to read and follow the submission rules below.  May the best script win!

If you do not follow these, your submission will be disqualified.
1. Ideas must be your own work.  Don't copy an idea from someone else's tumblr, fanfiction, etc.  You may use original ideas from your own fanfics or other prior work.
2. Absolutely no NSFW, gore, or profanity.

Suggestion: write a comic starring your favorite ship!


:iconrainbowdashawplz: "You know ... I have some magazines we could read too ..."
:icondaringdoplz: "Oh?  Cool, I love reading National Geographic!"
:icondaringdowhatplz: "Wait ... what is this!"

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