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Collab: Star-Crossed Lovers



This piece is a collab between me and Gray, known on Deviantart as Stellarsynthesis. :iconterminuslucis:  I did the sketch, and she did the colors.  Isn't it awesome?  

If you're interested in your own collab commission in this style, then please email  Color commission prices are as follows:

Base price: $25 for one canon character, or $30 for one OC character.  Includes sketch, coloring and shading.

+$10 for each additional canon character
+$15 for each additional OC character
+$10 for a simple background
+$20 for a complex background
Price negotiable for special requests (such as super complex characters or a crowd of background ponies)

So, for example, this picture has two canon ponies and a simple background, so it would be a total of $20 + $10 + $10, or $40.

We already sold two of these before they were even publicly availalble :D One of a Twidash kiss and one of Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and Pinkie Pie dancing at a party.  We can do about 10 of these a month, so 8 slots are still available.  If you want one, get them before they're gone!  Payment is accepted through Paypal.

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