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21 Trading Card Designs now available!



If you like my artwork, get a print! Convenient Paypal purchasing links follow:

Trading cards $1 each. Free shipping! 20+ designs available.
Buy now:

Keychain $5 each
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Poster Print $5 each (8.5x14 in)
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Best Value! Poster, keychain and trading card $10 ($21 value)
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Shipping on any order (other than just trading cards) is $5. You can change quantities at checkout. For custom orders and other products, contact

Be sure to indicate your desired prints in the the box "Which trading card designs do you want?" during checkout. For example, if you want a Herpy and Daring Do card, and a Baby Discord card, simply write "1 of A1 and 1 of 5E" in the box during checkout.

Larger versions of all of the trading card artwork:
A1 Herpy and Daring Do
A2 Derpy Bubbles
A3 Mare Do Well
B1 Fluttershy
B2 Rarity
B3 Mother Faust
C1 Fus Ro yay
C2 R-Dash 5000
C3 Minecraft Dash
D4 Hoodie Vinyl
D5 Rainbow Dash
D6 Buck Your Apples
D7 Pinkie Pie
D8 Littlepip
D9 Braeburn
E4 Vinyl Scratch
E5 Baby Discord
E6 Applejack
E7 Save Derpy
E8 Korra
E9 Trollestia

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I want number 4 D and E