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the fire twin by JammyScribbler
Inktober2018 3rd Day - Phandalin's Demise by Trisidael
Story and Song [TAZ] by SydneyKoren
Amazing by SabreBash
tres horny boys
Tres Horny Boys...2! by americaninja1
The men, The myths. The legends. Tres Horny Boys. by MercutioDidntDie
Taako's Outfits by Dizplicity
Inktober 2019 #17 - Ornament by Shinwashi
Fitzroy by iLee-Font
who is he,,, by iLee-Font
TAZ - Dani and Aubrey by Trisidael
Dangerous Waters by LittleSweetie
The Gang's All Here (TAZ Amnesty) by jealter
Inktober 2019 15th Day - Indrid the Mothman by Trisidael
balance npcs
Killian by assassin1337
davenport | the adventure zone by goldengalaxyboy
how could you forget about lup by yowhatisuppeeps
angus mcdonald is growing up and i hate it i ha by Toonbly
here there be gerblins
Magic Brian by Shaqccident
well? by sonicpopsicles
Inktober2018 3rd Day - Phandalin's Demise by Trisidael
Meet Brian! (taz animatic) by StarryGuyKai
murder on the rockport limited
ango bdango by sonicpopsicles
solvin' some crime by JammyScribbler
TAZ - Crab on a Train by Trisidael
Precious Detective by GalliArts
petals to the metal
Hey Merle (digitally colored) by assassin1337
The tris horny boy having some elevator problems by assassin1337
Mongoose Mask by SirusValleria
Inktober2018 1st Day - Silverpoint Vines by Trisidael
the crystal kingdom
The tres horny boys IN SSSSPPPPAAACCCEEE!!! by assassin1337
TAZ - Kravitz - Merle fucking Highchurch by MinorFandoms
Hodge Podge by SirusValleria
KRE-SNUMP by SirusValleria
the eleventh hour
Inktober 2019 #07 - Enchanted by Shinwashi
Lavender by Shaqccident
Taako by sinrium
On the fast track by assassin1337
the suffering game
Inktober 29: Injured by DweebicusMaximus
the stolen century
Gemini by Lukahhhhhhhh
story and song
Inktober 2019 #26 - Dark by Shinwashi
mini arcs
TAZ: Dust by assassin1337
No longer ducking around by assassin1337

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a fun group to share all our fanart of those adventuring boys we love so much
Founded 4 Years ago
Nov 6, 2016


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confuionwolf Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Student Artist
Hey could I submit some art and maybe join the group I don't have much Adventure Zone art but I was planning some more and would love to submit it.
lambscape Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
no need to ask, just join and submit freely!
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100% love this
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What is this series exactly? I think it looks awesome!
lambscape Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
its a cool podcast where three brothers and their dad play d&d!!! you can listen to the first episode here…
Kraving4games Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh okay thanks! ^^
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I'm sorry I always submit like 30 drawings at once, I hope it's not too inconvenient ^^' Tell me if you'd like me to slow down ! Thanks for running this group !
lambscape Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
naw, its absolutely fine! 
francywork Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really glad there's finally a group for taz! Quick question though, would AU things go in the misc folder? Thanks!
lambscape Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016
yeah, misc would be the folder for au stuff!
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