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Iterative Drawing Practice 4 (ver 1)
For this iteration I decided to practice drawing some dragons.  I drew the sequence of guides/templates (1-4), up in the top and then I picked the one I wanted to start with.  The first one was the simplest.  One big circle for the main part of the head, and one smaller circle for the muzzle.

As I write this it's dawning on me (wonderfully) that the muzzle and head (or brain-case area) can have the same proportion.  Which sounds like an awesome variation that I'm looking forward to trying!   :D (Big Grin)

The second variation on this page is also pretty simple.  It's the same thing as the first one, with just some extra space between the 2 circles.

The third is me actually starting to experiment, at least in my own opinion, and makes the idea look a little strange.

The fourth is very similar to the third, the smaller circle is taller and narrower, and looks equally strange to me.  That's why I picked it.    Giggle 

I'll do the other 3 in similar fashion later.

After fleshing out this guy, I realized that it doesn't look that strange.  It actually looks pretty organic, which surprised me!  I hurried to the internet and looked up some photos of lizards, and found that a lot of them have this head arrangement.  This type of practice is helping me to learn real-world facts that can help me in my future art!  Hooray to realistic lizard drawings!
Well... this guy isn't based on anything in particular.  I didn't use any refs or anything.  I was just drawing intuitively.  :3  

Hope this is enjoyed!    :happy: 

These iterations are inspired by Sycra Yasin's :iconsycra: videos!  Found here:
They are AWESOME!!  They helped me to completely eliminate my Art Block!   Da Vinci Fella (Artists) 
Iterative Drawing Practice 3
Some color/shading/highlighting practice.  Hope somebody enjoys.  LazyIcon I wanna use - 33 :D

Sycra Yasin :iconsycra: helpful & inspirational art instruction videos:

They are very good videos!  They've helped me to completely eliminate Art-Rut!
Iterative Drawing Practice 2
This time I practiced drawing head-directions.  I've never really done this before.  Lots of firsts involved with this practice technique.  I actually really quite enjoyed it.  The reason I'm focusing on doing stuff like this is because Sycra Yasin :iconsycra: emphasizes in his instruction videos on the topic of Iterative Drawing Practice (he's an Art Teacher!) to practice and master the FUNDAMENTALS of art.  This is indeed something I have never done before.  I've ALWAYS found implementing the fundamentals to be VERY difficult.  It's amazing that I've ever made ANYTHING that has gotten any likes!  Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

Anyways, this was fun.  I also threw in a dragon when I ran out of head-directions.  There might be other directions I couldn't think of, buuut ... DRAGON!  Dragon black   Sooo... there.

Sycra's videos that I mentioned can be found here:
They are very good!  I highly recommend them!  He teaches important and useful stuff!  Knuckles thumbsup 
Iterative Drawing Practice 1
I watched these two videos and now I suddenly (and happily) find myself LAUNCHED out of my art-rut:

I've been actively trying my best to learn new techniques and theory and all that, and NOW I have a technique that's helping me to actually PRACTICE what I've learned!

Art is fun for me again.  Happycry revamp 

Give them a watch!  I highly recommend it.  :D (Big Grin) 


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I would like to support myself with my art. Any suggestions would be helpful! ^-^

I've actually been here on DA for years. My previous profile was

I'm gonna be gradually moving everything from there to here.

I also have a Patreon!



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