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For some reason, working on this one was really fun, and I kinda like how it looks. Some PPC models look so darn good...

Only some people will know who she is, but for those who don't then here's Serilly! A 15-years old mermaid who has a shy personality, presumably because people believes that eating the flesh of a mermaid gives them immortality. Poor Serilly, she has to deal with that every day. But we can see her smiling now!

Want me to do another character from Puyo Puyo? Tell me in the comments! I would appreciate some feedback as well.
Take in mind that not everyone from Puyo Puyo has its own 3D models. I'll let you know if I can do it. c:

The old version can be found here.

Hope that you like it!

Serilly (セリリ)

© 2016 - 2018 ~ Based on the Puyo Puyo games and ripped from Puyo Puyo Chronicles.
© 1991 - 2018 ~ Puyo PuyoMasamitsu Niitani, SEGA, Sonic Team and Compile Co., Ltd.

Model ripped by me.

Picture made in Blender. I'm not the creator of the models.
3 minutes and 14.31 seconds of rendering.

Rendered by :icontheadorableoshawott: TheAdorableOshawott.
Device used for rendering: GPU, AMD FirePro M6000.
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© 2018 - 2021 TheAdorableOshawott
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In Puyo Puyo Champions, she was named Serilly.
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Yeah, I'm aware of that. I'll change it once the game is released, though.
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Fuuny thing that is she thought Arle eats her at Minna de Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop.
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Ah, that's interesting.
mad4pokemon99's avatar
She looks pretty nice! A pity she didn't get into Puyo Puyo Tetris.
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Yeah, Seriri would be a nice choice in Puyo Puyo Tetris. At least she's playable in Puyo Puyo eSports, though.
JBX9001's avatar
Seriri needs to make more appearances from here on out; great job once again dude!
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Although she made it into Chronicles, I think she deserves a spot as a playable character in the future games, not only being exclusive to a certain game mode. x.x

And thanks! Glad that you liked it. :D
JBX9001's avatar
Same here, and you're welcome!
C-Studios's avatar
Tell me about it, If she appeared in Puyo Puyo Tetris, I'd personally be sold! :XD:
JBX9001's avatar
I suppose they could put in some DLC for the Switch/PS4 versions, but PPT did come out before Chronicles on the Wii U and all in 2014, so I dunno.
gamer2332's avatar
I wanna hug this girl so bad...
VideoGamePlayer7's avatar
Maybe you can invent something that can take you into any video game or something that can take video game characters into the real world... XD
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
I guess she needs to calm down. x.x
C-Studios's avatar
Wow, I JUST showed an art of a mermaid inspired by this one! :XD: Talk about timing.

Very good 3D modelling, though! ;)
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Oh, really? What a coincidence, haha. :XD:

And thanks, but I only did the rendering, the model was extracted from a game.
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