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Draco Centauros!

Some people actually requested me this one. Glad to let them know that she's finally here!

I'd like to present, the 16-years old dragon girl, Draco Centauros! She's a very competitive girl, which enjoys beauty contests and considers herself Arle's rival!

Want me to do another character from Puyo Puyo? Tell me in the comments!
Take in mind that not everyone from Puyo Puyo have their own 3D models. I'll let you know if I can do it. c:

Hope that you like it!

Draco Centauros (ドラコケンタウロス)

© 2016 - 2018 ~ Based on the Puyo Puyo and Madō Monogatari games and ripped from Puyo Puyo Chronicles.
© 1991 - 2018 ~ Puyo PuyoMasamitsu Niitani, SEGA, Sonic Team and Compile Co., Ltd.
© 1989 - 2018 ~ Madō MonogatariCompile Co., Ltd.

Model ripped by me.

Picture made in Blender. I'm not the creator of the models.
2 minutes and 22.33 seconds of rendering.

Rendered by :icontheadorableoshawott: TheAdorableOshawott.
Device used for rendering: GPU, AMD FirePro M6000.
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© 2018 - 2021 TheAdorableOshawott
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The funny thing is, when Witch setted "Beauty and the Beast" in which he was a beast with tail and wings, every audience in the Suzuran Shopping District Talent Show thought he was ACTUALLY a beast.
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Ah, that day I was being mostakes of gendering lol
'Cause I don't read the wiki carefully
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Fun fact; when I first discovered Puyo Puyo, I thought Draco was supposed to be Dark Prince's daughter.  Course that's not true, but it would be pretty awkward!

Great work as always!
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You're not the only one, I thought Draco was Dark Prince's girlfriend. :XD:

Thanks, JBX! :D
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Oh gosh!:dummy:

You're welcome!
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