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Arle Nadja!

The cape, I swear. I could even say this one was the most complex pose I've done, but I really love how she looks. And yep, managed to do a render of her on her birthday.

Bayoeen! Here's our dear hero, Arle Nadja! The first protagonist, the 16-years old young girl with magical powers, and the most important character in the Puyo Puyo series! That one girl that wears the same clothes 365 days a year as well. :XD:

Made a render of her because today's her birthday so... happy birthday, Arle! :D

Want me to do another character from Puyo Puyo? Tell me in the comments!
Take in mind that not everyone from Puyo Puyo have their own 3D models. I'll let you know if I can do it. c:

Hope that you like it!

Arle Nadja (アルル・ナジャ)

© 2016 - 2018 ~ Based on the Puyo Puyo and Madō Monogatari games and ripped from Puyo Puyo Chronicles.
© 1991 - 2018 ~ Puyo PuyoMasamitsu Niitani, SEGA, Sonic Team and Compile Co., Ltd.
© 1989 - 2018 ~ Madō MonogatariCompile Co., Ltd.

Model ripped by me.

Picture made in Blender. I'm not the creator of the models.
2 minutes and 19.79 seconds of rendering.

Rendered by :icontheadorableoshawott: TheAdorableOshawott.
Device used for rendering: GPU, AMD FirePro M6000.
Image details
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1000x1080px 425.98 KB
© 2018 - 2021 TheAdorableOshawott
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I only heard of this game character in passing. The only Puyo Puyo game I've played up until then was Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
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Either she washes them EVERY day without fail or has at least seven sets of the same outfit.  Then again, her design has changed over the course of the series, so I guess Arle changed her mind about that...:dummy:
krispy1264's avatar
Or she likely uses magic to clean her clothing (and hands)
JBX9001's avatar
It's possible!
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
I wouldn't say so, looks like she keeps those new clothes every day now! :XD:
JBX9001's avatar
That is true.
Platinum-Comet's avatar
I'd like to think that she has 365 of the same shirt. :^)

Happy Birthday to the OG Bayoen~ 'v'
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
I can just imagine an entire room filled with the same clothes. =P

Yup, happy birthday to Arle! :D
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