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There's still some minor details on her dress, but it's pretty difficult to fix. Tried my best to make it not really noticeable. x.x

If you ever feel sad, don't worry! Everything can be solved by using the power of love when Ally is here! The main character of Puyo Puyo Chronicles, a self-proclaimed adventurer that believes that love is the solution of all our problems. Is she true about that? :0

It's been quite a while since I've done a Puyo Puyo render, but I didn't have the enough motivation to continue working on renders. Just today felt like working on a Puyo Puyo render and there it is! Though it has several issues, I tried my best to make it look good. I made an alternate version of her with the eyes closed, and I must admit that she looks even more adorable when doing that.

Want me to do another character from Puyo Puyo? Tell me in the comments!
Take in mind that not everyone from Puyo Puyo have their own 3D models. I'll let you know if I can do it. c:

Hope that you like it!

Ally (アリィ)

© 2016 - 2018 ~ Based on the Puyo Puyo games and ripped from Puyo Puyo Chronicles.
© 1991 - 2018 ~ Puyo PuyoMasamitsu Niitani, SEGA, Sonic Team and Compile Co., Ltd.

Model ripped by me.

Picture made in Blender. I'm not the creator of the models.
3 minutes and 05.95 seconds of rendering.

Rendered by :icontheadorableoshawott: TheAdorableOshawott.
Device used for rendering: GPU, AMD FirePro M6000.
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1000x1080px 380.96 KB
© 2018 - 2021 TheAdorableOshawott
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Ness: Ally, i am feeling sad. :(
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Ah yes, well if it isn't the girl with the precious smile!Ally Icon - How Lovely  If there is any issues with the model, they're hard to notice; nice work my friend!Green Link Approves Icon 
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You can't say no to that face! Ally Icon - How Lovely

I probably will fix those issues later, but still, thanks! :D
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Indeed!Schezo Icon - Arleeeeee~  And you're welcome!