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Here are some of the adopts that were never adopted..I thought that I should maybe just write a journal about this and feature them here, maybe someone will adopt one! Also, some of the points is going to go to a group called :#LostLigtsRp: in order to keep it a super group.. ^^

See a adopt that costs too much?Simply note me or comment on the deviation for a negotiation on lowering the price :wave:

fox adopts! :open: by TheAdoptArtist   Cat Adopts! by TheAdoptArtist   Cat Adopts :Open: by TheAdoptArtist   Horse point adopts :OPEN: 10pts each by TheAdoptArtist   Horse adopts :open: by TheAdoptArtist  
Point horse adopts by TheAdoptArtist  Adoptable! 10 points.(no.4)[CLOSED] by TheAdoptArtist   3rd Adoptable! 10 points. by TheAdoptArtist


Breedable horse by TheAdoptArtist   Breedable Male wolfy! :OPEN: by TheAdoptArtist   Raigor breedable dragon :OPEN: by TheAdoptArtist  Breedable Horses! .:OPEN:. ( MLP Freindly! ) by TheAdoptArtist
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Adopt  Requests

I will from now on, accept adopt requests.
If you ask me to make wolf (or any other animal) adopts,A batch will come soon.
But, I do not take requests such as "hi, could you please make a white and black coated wolf adopt with a purple earring, a jade necklace, and give it blue eyes and a knife and e.t.c............... -.-

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December 13, 2013


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