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Light Chestnut Rabicano birdcatcher Auction [OPEN] by TheAdoptArtist Light Chestnut Rabicano birdcatcher Auction [OPEN] by TheAdoptArtist
Beautiful base by Abietes_Forrest ( :devAbietesForre: )…
Design by me ( aka RinInk, Rin-RyuShi[DA], TheAdoptArtist[DA] )

Do not sell for more than what you bought it for, unless you have art accompanying it! So if you buy this design for $25, and have a commissioned art piece of this design worth $10, then you may sell the design for $35 and so on. 

Do not claim as your design! I would like it if you can credit me for the design in any reference-sheet type art pieces you make of it, and would also like it if you tag me in any other art you make of this character. 

You may breed this character with other creatures, use it in RP, comics, as a sona, or anything you like! <3 All I ask is credit where it is due. Offsite of DA or FA, I would like it if the owner can leave a link to my page in either the description, or the image itself. Offsite, credit on non-reference sheet type pieces is unfortunately also required. 
Crediting Abietes-forre for the base/lines when posting this picture on any website including DA and FA is appreciated! 

You may alter and change the design, as long as I still receive credit for the part of the design that is still mine. :3

The new owner will receive unwatermarked PNGs - versions with and without tack as well. c:
Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. 

SB: $5 
MI: $1
AB: $10
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March 10
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