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Custom Dragon/Wyvern Auction [CLOSED] by TheAdoptArtist Custom Dragon/Wyvern Auction [CLOSED] by TheAdoptArtist
I am quite proud of this piece, first time I have designed an entirely custom dragon, in a reference-sheet type style! I will be selling this guy. :aww: If this design sale is successful, then you will see many more unique and pretty dragons - and other creature auctions like this one - up for purchase! :happybounce: 

All art and design (c) TheAdoptArtist and Rin-RyuShi ( my other DA account ) 

:bulletblue: Information and rules: :bulletblue:


Do not sell for more than what you bought it for, unless you have art accompanying it! So if you buy this design for $25, and have a commissioned art piece of this design worth $10, then you may sell the design for $35 and so on. 

Do not claim as your design! I would like it if you can credit me for the design in any reference-sheet type art pieces you make of it, and would also like it if you tag me in any other art you make of this character. ( though, tagging me in non-reference sheet like pieces is not neccessary, I just like seeing art of my designs :meow:

You may breed this character with other dragons, use it in RP, comics, as a sona, or anything you like! :aww: All I ask is credit where it is due. Offsite, I would like it if the owner can leave a link to my page in either the description, or the image itself. Offsite, credit on non-reference sheet type pieces is unfortunately also required.



I have taken to calling this design's dragon breed - " The Akhirna dragon "
This dragon is a light weight in design, but you may change this aspect of the dragon if you wish, once bought.
If you would like a custom Akhirna dragon - or dragon in general, feel free to shoot me a note and we can discuss time and prices etc. 

Auction information:

Paypal only!  Part paypal part point payments can be made, send me a note for more info! :) 
Auction ends when I feel that I got an appropriate offer, but I will not run it for longer than 2 weeks from now. 

SB: $20
MI: $2
AB: $45

Current highest bid: SB by TakoChan on FA

If auto-bought, I will design custom tack for this dragon if the buyer wishes, without extra charges!


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TheAdoptArtist Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017
SB by TakoChan on FA
TheAdoptArtist Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
$25 by ClockworkCaribou on FA  
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September 10, 2017
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