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the Stenhold family by Thea0605 the Stenhold family by Thea0605
Here is a bit more about my character Minn and her family from the Wenatus project. You can check out the blog dedicated to this world here.

About the family members:

Halfdan is a retired hunter, who now spends his time farming the family’s land after his sight became too poor for him to be able to do his job proberly. When he isn’t working in the fields he tells stories to the children in the village. They are usually stories about the Gods or some of the scary things he has seen during his hunting days. He and Sigfrid has been happily married for most of their lives.

Sigfrid is a medical advicer and former nurse. She is a mild woman patience thicker than the ice of North Ilis. Her medical expertiese has made her a well-respected woman and many come to her for advice and guidance. She was born in Mir, but moved to the small village of Lillin Dal when she married her husband, Halfdan.

Minn is a hunter in training. She is very curious and adventurous and enjoys learning new things that can benifit her comunity. She later serves as a link between her world and the new one behind the mountains. After she meets Kayaan and the other people from Devuado she takes it upon herself to descover the rest of the world and help her country grow from her findings.

Torlind is a soldier. He is hardend by battle and could tell many stories about the fights he’s been in. Nearly everyone who knows him would say he is the perfect son, which Halfdan is very proud of, and his strength and wit is matched by few. He loves his family, though most of all his little sister, Minn and he would do anything for them. His mother worries about him not having a partner and children yet, but Torlind sees no reason to rush. He can have every man and woman he wants and that is good enough for him.

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