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Thea K. Hawthorne by Thea0605 Thea K. Hawthorne by Thea0605
House: Slytherin

Likes: Flying, sleeping, magical creatures, anything sweet (mostly salty licrice), pranks, the smell of new books, dragons/books about dragons, Mad-Eye Moody, calling Draco "Smellfoy" and see him freak

Dislikes: Snape, Draco when he is being an arse, darkness, being ignored

Personality: Thea loves being a witch and stems from a long line of witches and wizards. She is the oldest child in a family of seven and so she is happy to be around people her own age. She loves learing new charms and spells she can use for her shenanigans, which often involves working with Fred and George and their buying all of their pranking gear. She is very confident and knows her own strengths and weaknesses. Thea loves Hagrids lessons because they get to "play" with a lot of different creatures and was greatly dissapointed when they weren't allowed to care for dragons. Thea dreams of teaching Care of Magical Creatures one day. Because her mother comes from a Danish pureblooded family Thea can speak fluent Danish, but only does so with her family.

Best friend: Amalie Marie Blythe

Notable features: Short, messy hair that used to change colour with every emotion she felt, but now remains brown most of the time. Always wears a scarf and her sleeves are always folded up to her elbows.

Blood status: Full-blood (both parents are magical)

Patronus: Spotted hyena
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July 27, 2016
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