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Sketch Dump by Thea0605 Sketch Dump by Thea0605
Mchanzo gives me life and Mei is actual Satan

also Roadhog cut D.Va's hair for her junker/scavanger skin you know it's true
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JWiesner Featured By Owner Edited Sep 21, 2017  Professional
Man, when I saw this the first time, I loved it for the little sketch of Roadhog trimming D.Va's hair because it looks so cute! Especially because of Roadhog being so huge and those scissors looking so tiny in comparison, and imagining that Roadhog is still a pro barber next to being a cold-blooded mass-murderer.

But then I remembered D.Va has that extremely cool scavenger/junker skin, and her hair is actually short on that too. And now, I'm nerding out about how cool this is because I immediately have this fan-fiction in my head. Roadhog and Junkrat realizing that D.Va is a master battle mecha pilot, and they'd use her to make money on these mecha battles in Junkertown, making bets on her victory and stuff. Like, welcome to the junker family, kid! 8D
And then they'd become a criminal trio together. As if Roadhog isn't bad enough, now a second tank joins the team. Even though she's not one of the bad guys in the original story (I think), I want her to join these junkers now, haha.

When I started playing Overwatch, I actually kinda hated D.Va for being too pink and kawaii desu ne because that's not my thing at all, lmao. But then I saw that Mad Max skin and now I can't hate her anymore. ;v; I might even start playing her. Currently, I'm just maining Roadhog and Ana. Sometimes Widowmaker, Zenyatta and Sombra. Still a beginner, but having a lot of fun. c:

EDIT: I'm an idiot, you even mentioned D.Va's skin in your description. Sorry, I missed it. ;v;
Thea0605 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah D.Va's whole cute kawaii aesthetic isn't my cup of tea either so i really like her junker skin (also because the junkers are my favs). The idea of roadhog, junkrat and dva being a family is so cute honestly?? like i'd read a fan fic about that any day
JWiesner Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Professional
Roadhog is the one and only reason that really got me into Overwatch, haha. <3 But Junkrat completes him, so I love both.

I might draw more fanart about D.Va being part of the junker family. Your sketches are too cute to be left alone. c:

I'M SO HYPED THAT JUNKERTOWN IS A PLAYABLE MAP NOW, so happy. And then I got even happier to see posters about the Queen! The way the two junkers talked about her in the video and comic, I thought I should expect some gross beasty unlikeable face, like Immortan Joe (without mask on, that zombie-like infected face). Instead, we got a fucking badass warrior punk woman! She's probably gonna be another fav of mine. 8D

I think the only reason Blizzard still didn't make a cinematic trailer about the junkers is because they're still preparing something extremely epic. I'm pretty sure it will involve Roadhog, Junkrat AND the Queen. And other junkers. And mecha battles and explosions. And riding into the sunset with Roadhog's bike.

Sorry, I'm a happy nerd freaking out. ;v; I've waited so long for my junkers to get more attention and now they're finally getting to be in the spotlight more.
Thea0605 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
100% agreed
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