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Let's walk by Thea0605 Let's walk by Thea0605
More OC's!!!!
i wanted to do a full body shot of the two as future refrence and some background info i came up with while drawing.

Matthew (left):
He is about 22/23 y/o. He is bi, but only has ex-girlfriends. He lives at home with his parents somewhere in America where he is born, though his parents originally comes from Spain. His hobbies include being social, working out and playing football on his schools team. He trains beause he once had a girlfriend whom was attacked while they were out walking late at night, and though nothing too serious happend he blames himself. Because of that episode he has become a very protective person and even though Cal can protect himself Matt can't help but to put an arm around his tiny lover when they walk around after dark.
Matthew is also very romantic and loves romcoms.
Calvin and Matthew were good friends in highschool, but after Cal got kicked out and started doing drugs they lost contact. However, they found each other again while Matthew was attending college and they got together.

Calvin (right):
He is about 23/24 y/o. He is gay but dated a few girls before coming out. He lives alone, since his parents kicked him out for being gay, when he was about 18 or 19. He was born in America, but has relatives somewhere in north an Europe. He works (but i haven't figured out where) and mostly plays videogames or chills with some pals or Matthew in his free time. He is an excellent cook when he tries (which he often doesn't).
After he was kicked out he lived on the streets and came into contact with various kinds of drugs. After he found Matthew again, though, he got his life together and got help to quit the drugs. He still smokes.
Calvin is just about the least romantic person in the world, but secretly he likes it when Matthew does something romantic like giving him flowers or holds his hand in public.

sorry to spam you with these two, i know i'm the only one who cares about these idiots, but meh.
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January 30, 2016
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