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SSBU AU: Chapter 1 - Battle in the Ruins
*No° 01's Point of Story*
Hello!, It's-a me!, Mario!, or something...
Since that mysterious enemy, Galeem, Attacked me and my friends, everything went so crazy around here, Everyone became Spirits, and there's alot of evil clones of us everywhere, and dear god, did a Smoky Progg seriously posessed one of my clones?, that is very humillating... (those monsters are ugly)
According to Celeste, Kirby was very quite when he began his journey, but when i found him, he keeps talking and talking the entire day, he even told me how did i managed to do my Final Smash withnot the need of a Smash Ball, i guess Robin forgot to tell him about a new feature called "FS Meter" that got introduced lately, to be honest, i'm feeling so concerned about all of this, but i must keep going, i need to find Luigi and the others!, they might be in trouble...
It's 5:00 PM, the sun will set anytime soon...
Mario: So, you say you saw some Spirit coming around here?
Kirby: Poyo!!
Mario: Ok then, i think
:iconthe9lord:The9Lord 7 19
My 2018 Summary of Art by The9Lord My 2018 Summary of Art :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 26 29 A New Adventure Awaits Us! by The9Lord A New Adventure Awaits Us! :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 52 180 Lip meets Isaac by The9Lord Lip meets Isaac :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 49 31 Let's do the Odyssey!! - SSBU Collab by The9Lord Let's do the Odyssey!! - SSBU Collab :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 63 20 Ability Thiefs by The9Lord Ability Thiefs :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 78 51 This Three Bastards by The9Lord This Three Bastards :iconthe9lord:The9Lord 114 53
SSBU AU: Chapter 1 - When the Sky Fell Away
"Don't let a single one get away!"
*No° 06's Point of Story*
There was a dark and silent world, no voice nor sound can be heard, only a ominous wind, a few strange looking balls of flame with familiar faces on them can be seen wandering the place, suddendly, in the sky, between the sad and gray glouds, there was me (Kirby), flying on my Warp Star, i started to lose balance, i was almost going to fall, giant piles of rocks are ahead, i'm trying to dodge them, it was succesful...but i didn't noticed a small sharp rock ahead, i got hit in the left eye (ouch), and...let's say the landing wasn't good
[VETERAN: NO° 06 - カービィ/KIRBY
Hoshi no Kābī Series
The Heroe of the Stars
He's a pretty jolly guy]
The scar still hurts me...i can't stand up, i don't want to stand up, i laid on the ground for a while, until i felt something in my back...warm and messy at the same was a scarf (and it's all dirty, eww), but not any random scarf, it w
:iconthe9lord:The9Lord 20 35
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my cringey art


Sonic and Mario Team Up by StriderSyd Sonic and Mario Team Up :iconstridersyd:StriderSyd 144 19 500 CC - 050: R.O.B. by Hyliaman 500 CC - 050: R.O.B. :iconhyliaman:Hyliaman 78 25 SonAmy Comic | Under control 4 END by HimeMikal SonAmy Comic | Under control 4 END :iconhimemikal:HimeMikal 175 35 SonAmy Comic | Under control 3 by HimeMikal SonAmy Comic | Under control 3 :iconhimemikal:HimeMikal 112 21 SonAmy Comic | Under control 2 by HimeMikal SonAmy Comic | Under control 2 :iconhimemikal:HimeMikal 124 29 SonAmy Comic | Under control by HimeMikal SonAmy Comic | Under control :iconhimemikal:HimeMikal 156 27 Sonic AU| Official characters references by HimeMikal Sonic AU| Official characters references :iconhimemikal:HimeMikal 142 38 Unbrotherly Love Redraw by MarioLightFire-Hero Unbrotherly Love Redraw :iconmariolightfire-hero:MarioLightFire-Hero 91 40 Kirbys House of Horror  by Meta-Knight-Star-22 Kirbys House of Horror :iconmeta-knight-star-22:Meta-Knight-Star-22 34 11 Forgotten bois  by Ittybitystar Forgotten bois :iconittybitystar:Ittybitystar 67 6 loser and winner by Sydrad loser and winner :iconsydrad:Sydrad 26 4 Roy's our boy by ThatBeerusCat Roy's our boy :iconthatbeeruscat:ThatBeerusCat 32 0 dont pway with fiwe, mawio.. by S0ul-B0und-Sp1riX dont pway with fiwe, mawio.. :icons0ul-b0und-sp1rix:S0ul-B0und-Sp1riX 7 2 Cry: Virus by Kiwa007 Cry: Virus :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 9,517 473 Redraw: The Fearsome Foursome Returns! by Nintooner Redraw: The Fearsome Foursome Returns! :iconnintooner:Nintooner 280 39 Taee Yamadaa by SwirlingPie Taee Yamadaa :iconswirlingpie:SwirlingPie 4 0
my favourite shit



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Photo taken before the distaster:
Now who's going to save the Smash World now? >:v
Hi guys!
Does anyone remember a poster of all the Super Smash Bros fighters i was working on?, welp, i decided to scrap completely the idea

Remember a "mural artwork" seen in the intensity selection of the Classic Mode? (this one:…), welp, i'm planning to do something kinda similar to it, but instead of a long ass mural, it's going to be kind of a Anime cover artwork or some shit, and the characters will have a special design i made for them for my Smash AU, and it will also include all the alt costumes that are a different character such as Alph or the Koopalings (including Spiky-Eared Pichu because why not?), all the Inkling and Villager alts, the Ghost Quartet from the PAC-MAN games and all the DLC fighters, but because the Joker was the only one announced this far, this drawing might get delayed a few times, this draw will also include a few hidden spoilers of my AU, and this time i won't show any WIPs cause i want to leave everything as a suprise Xd

So, my main goal in this is to make a full artwork of all the goddamn fighters together, but in a more unique way compared to all the other artworks i've seen (or at least my own style of it, i have no idea Xd)

I don't know when i am ever going to finish this crap, probably around May or June, OR EVEN SEPTEMBER, but what can i promise, is that i won't disappoint anyone with this

This is what was left from the previous artwork:
Unused 1 by The9LordUnused 2 by The9Lord(omg, my first time drawing Sheik, lol)
I started playing Splatoon, and i forgot how many time i got killed by a Splat Roller...or how many time did my team lost...or how many times i went on the options menu, or how many times i kept going to the wrong direction-
I am so bad at this game XD, at least after hundreds of tried my team won in a friendly match, at least...

Also, don't judge me if i sound stupid, but what's the deal with Wendy O. Koopa now at days?, she's everywhere in the internet now! (at least she's better than Isabelle and her goddamn fishing rod tbh...)…
My mom, my brother and me went to go meet my Dad who recently came back from his trip on California, and he bought something from there for me
and guess what?
He got two new games for my Nintendo Switch!

The first game is Splatoon 2 For eel?! 
Since i recently mained the Inklings in Smash Ultimate, i got interested in the Splatoon games, and i wanted to try them out, and i told my dad if he can get that game for me if he finds it, i'm obviously going to be so bad at this game since i never played a third-person shooter game before (pretty much because i was scared to try those Xd) and i'm gonna embarrass myself ALOT while playing online, but i want to try something more challenging and new!, so i'll be playing Splatoon for now on

I seriously thought my dad was only going to bought me 1 game, but he also gave me Megaman 11!! Ready to fight  
Yeah, he gave me a game that i never asked him to get, but he knew i love Megaman so he said "why not? :v" so he bought this one as well Xd
Not gonna lie, i do like the Megaman series, but i'm to nervous to try this game, i have never played a Megaman game in my entire life, i heard that this games are so hard, and i don't want poor Meggy to die countless of times because of my fault ;w;, i'm scared to even try to open the box Xd, i'm happy that i finally got a Megaman game, but i'm still nervous to try it out so i won't play this game until i feel more confident in myself to try it (i'm so stupid)

So yeah, now i have more games, this is the first time i have more than 3 games in a Nintendo Console ;w;, now i have 4 games! >:3
ok no-
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Inkling Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Mega Man Icon 
2019 is here guys! 
(why am i showing this video? lol)

I have my hopes up that this year will be better than the last one, and the strongest one of course! *⑨ intensifies*, although today i started kinda bad because i played some Smash Bros online, and it keep laging so much and i got my ass destroyed so many times ;w; (at least i got my revenge on Ness >:3), and later, my mom borrowed my computer and she used it for 4 goddamn hours, and thanks to her i lost the opportunity to join Sugar-CreatorofSFDI's collab, and everything i could do is to watch Miraculous Ladybug in the TV ;w; (i like the series but that girl Chloe is annoying as fuck)

At least i have my computer back, and i defeated a Legendary Spirit (Deoxyx) in the Spirit Board for the first time
Anyways, i hope you guys have fun!!


The9Lord's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied

WELCOME WORLD!! Birthday Boy Blam Page doll by Creeperchild

My name is Zaira! i'm the Sick Woman who draws in MS Paint and loves SPAGHETTIES!!
i am the 9Lord, or more known as PUECA648000
(note: i'm actually a girl, but for some reason i like to define myself as a boy, ik i'm weird Xd)
i'm a weird girl who just wants to know her reason to life in this world full of shit, i'm a very agressive, abusive, and bad person, but i can be sometimes very kind and i try to do my best to make those i love happy
i hate people and humanity and animals disgust me, sometimes i scare them to make them go away, some people in particular disgust me or scares me to much that i don't even want to touch them

i'm trying to learn more the English language That's Unpossible by seven7h-door, so don't question my bad grammar! (i'm not that good ok?)
also, i might not be kind and gentle as you think...but don't worry, you can trust with me! just don't mess with me or i will get angry! >:3

ok, hope you like my art!

You can also visit my accounts in Tumblr, Google+, Youtube, NicoNico, Straw Poll and Giphy!
if you can find them lol >:3
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-1475-5120-9919

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Nintendo games (or any other game i like)
Touhou Soundtracks
Anything adorable, violent, gore or funny
Yaoi (don't judge me Xd)
My Family
Writing my own story or comic
i think that's all...

Copyright ~ image by Nimylu
Luigi's Death Stare Stamp v.1 by Alasmay Yee stamp by LadyRebeccaStamps Stamp Over 9000 by urnightmare HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA stamp by THATBORINGBAND mmm quality (Stamp) by ELLlOTT STAMP: Hina Kagiyama by mobbostamps Waluigi Amiibo Please by catstam Stamp - Not Cosmo by ArandomVelociraptor Feral Spongebob by babykttn kazoo kid stamp by gunsweat My Favorite Anime by GamerTTTEBrony 18 by Flanzee King dedede Stamp 2 by HoshiiNoMaki Trollestia Stamp by LegendaryDitto Marth is Fabulous Stamp by FlareTornado :.STAMP::Ness OBJECTION.: by LordOfPastries Falcon PUUUNCH stamp by Littlelinky pi pi po stamp by YukiMiyasawa Mama Luigi Stamp by TurkeyChicken Sonic and Knuckles stamp by 5-3-10-4 I like trains by ARTic-Weather DEUUEAUGH Stamp by ARTic-Weather IOSYS Overdrive stamp by bretimus Healthy Father-Son Relations by ImFeelingStampity THIS IS PATRICK by ToastersToastToast
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I love pasta by Claire-stamps pizza stamp by bbagels Chocolate by UsagiGami I love melon stamp by sosogirl123 I Love Cheese Cake stamp by sosogirl123 cookie by someth1ngw1cked Popcorn love stamp by sosogirl123 Banana Split by UsagiGami Cereal Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: I love Ice-Cream by apparate Meat stamp by KaiodaDragon # stamp - love fruits by gigifeh Mmmm... Donuts Stamp by SGStamps Ferrero Collection Stamp by poserfan I Love Ice Cream Sandwich Stamp by sosogirl123 nacho stamp_001 by bbagels chicken mcnuggets stamp_001 by bbagels Gatorade Stamp - Kuro-stamps by stamps-club
(some other stuff about me i guess??)
I Love Food (Stamp) by DominickLuhr I Hate School by Davidgtza2 Tags Are Stupid (stamp) by OaktheMudwing teddy stamp by findyQ Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast The Money Stamp by Busiris Spongebob stamp by Dreamypunk Patrick Stamp by patrickplz Apple Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix No messages? Stamp by rJoyceyy Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 GORE stamp by Cherry-Plasma I'm by prince-deer I Like the Smell of Rain Stamp by G0REH0UND Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX Stamp by Kataang-furuba randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz looking into favorites stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSan PokeFAN Stamp by Wakki opinion stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz friends STAMP by peterdzign I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead wake up STAMP by peterdzign The Gallery Stamp by Busiris I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk stamp by alwaslgirl Always hungry... by prosaix Rainy Days Stamps by Pooky-Stamps 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Dream Stamp by Sonira-Stamps OC Stamps by ClockworkStamps Computer Stamp by ShadowDragon22 Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan 24. by stampy-sweet It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Music is my lifeline by pjuk people allergy stamp - clean by tirsden Summer Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Nocturnal Stamp by Clockwerk-chan Always tired... by prosaix Never... by prosaix More time... by prosaix terrible by babykttn Doing Enough Stamp by SparkLum teeth stamp by plantbones Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

(Some cuties i love!!)

Hope you enjoy your stay!!
I'm hungry...


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So, uhh, anyways, can I also do script practices for your World of Light AU? Don't worry, I'll credit you.
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Happy Birthday!!, hope you have an excellent day! (and cake XD)

Uuhh, yeah sure!
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The9Lord Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
uummm, nah
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