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[The Hunter] Episode 34 - Lumiose PD
Two cups of coffee. A handful of imported Pokébeans on a small plate. A police badge next to the second cup of coffee. Him and I looking at each other's eyes. This would be the start to some yaoi fanfiction if it wasn't for the fact that we kinda want each other dead. 
Allen: Thanks for the cup of coffee, Mr. Isshin, but you know well I don't like beating around the bush.
Reiko: C'mon, Allen—
Allen: It's Detective Paige for you, mercenary. I hate informalities from people that have not gained my trust.
Reiko: *groan* Okay, Detective... ¿May I know the reason for your visit?
Allen: Well... Let's see... Several charges for unregistered vigilante justice, robbery, complicity with several criminal groups, and a couple charges for breaking and entering. 
Reiko: ¡Well excuuuuuse me if the note says 'Loot what you want, you will get no further reward'! ¿And the criminals
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[The Hunter] Episode 33 - Royal Family Of Varella
Snow falls down on Lumiose... Giving myself and my friends some time to think about these times of peace...
jiBusiness has been a busy one, but with a winter festival coming and even with criminals resting themselves, work has slowed down to a crawl. At these times, the best kind of jobs I can get are some degree of security, either at a bar, club or public event; those jobs are, most of the time, just throwing drunkards out the establishment, or setting down a fight between some troublemakers and telling them to settle their issues somewhere else —Which normally ends up with them beating the crap out of each other right outside the bar—. These jobs keep the lights on, and my family fed; It's menial, but winter is a time for peace and quiet.
Sun arises for the first time after a full week of clouds and snow. Emily is at the window of my bedroom, basking in the sunlight and whispering Praise Solgaleo to herself. I guess she missed the sun too. If that didn't wake
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8, The Toymancer by The8Madness 8, The Toymancer :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 16 3
Drunk Games [Raichu TF]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in TF, PLEASE DO NOT READ.
(Non canon to Reiko's story)
(Does not take place in the PokéHybrid universe.)
"¡Chug! ¡Chug! ¡Chug!" That was the chanting that was heard at a random guy's house, along with an obscure ska playlist that served its purpose as background music. More than fifteen men and women, all under 30, were jumping around, cheering at Cider, who was chugging a 40 oz bottle of amber beer of an artisan brand. 
At the outer part of the drunk cheering crowd, a guy and a girl stopped jumping to have a quick chat. Clarke and Elena were their names. 
Elena: Hey Clarke... I didn't have time to thank you for inviting me to Cider's birthday party.
Clarke: Well, I couldn't afford you staying at you home doing nothing other than moping with a bucket of Ben & Jerry's again.
Elena: Shush, you. 
Clarke: Well
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[The Hunter] Episode 32 - Special Training, Part 3
The second day at the Kin City was not much of a thrill, compared to the day that came before that one. Candy convinced me that I joined the city patrol, sort of a police formed by many hired Pokémon for a short time that prevent crimes and survey the settlement for any potential wanted ones. They are paid well, even if you sign up for a single day. That day was just walking around the city, looking for anyone that could cause trouble; there was no such thing around me, though. That day, you could breathe the peace that ruled over the Kin City. I wish a human city could learn from this one.
But that day was yesterday. Today is today, and today I am back into my human shape, and I'm being taken by chopper, with Jack at my side, to another forest, way to the south. I already have an idea of what will happen to me. On my back, I carry a bag containing the bare essentials, including my commando knife, some rope, a canteen, and other things. Jack prohibited me to bring any food
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Carbonwing 8 by The8Madness Carbonwing 8 :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 9 6 It's EXACTLY what it looks like... - Wood Rep.  by The8Madness It's EXACTLY what it looks like... - Wood Rep. :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 8 1 Aftermath #11 - Wood Reproduction by The8Madness Aftermath #11 - Wood Reproduction :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 5 2 Sylvy Hoodie - Wood Reproduction by The8Madness Sylvy Hoodie - Wood Reproduction :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 9 3
[LCF Life] Episode 6 - Ciel [Zangoose TF]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in TF, PLEASE DO NOT READ.
I accompany Hana to our room. She has this smile that won't wear off, the kind I always see on Nick when he is about to prank someone. Pranks I don't want to be nearby when it backfires on him. Now Hana has that smile, and as soon as I see that she is heading for Nick's Static shampoos on a shelf, I can smell that Nick's not gonna like it if she doesn't even ask permission to grab it. Ever since Hana convinced Neon to actually be able to switch at will between a human body and her original Rowlet body, she hasn't stopped playing around the whole place. She seems to forget that you also come here to work.
8: Hana, this is a bad idea.
Hana: ¡It's fine! I "borrow" Nick's stuff all the time. He doesn't mind.
"¿Ya know what's funny? I actually do mind." I hear Nick from behind us. I turn around and there he is, with his smug
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Winter Tagger [Zangoose Vore]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in Vore, PLEASE DO NOT READ.
(Story collaboration with Cajade.)
(Does not take place in the PokéHybrid universe.)
8> A backpack is bouncing on her back as she runs. A handful of brushes she quickly stashes on her jacket. Sirens blaring on the distance. Not that Dea will be caught today. She has been doing graffiti for many years on many billboards on many cities, and even if the cops have tried to take her down to jail, it has been futile. The infamous artist only known to the public as Deodorant has struck again; this time, a satirical mocking scene on a billboard showing a candidate for mayor in the town she was living for now.
She keeps on running, making sure the mask she is wearing doesn't fall off. The rooftops at night of this city with an unimportant name always give excellent views of the night sky at this time, but right now, it's Dea's parkour track to run from the cops
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scribble gu - Wood Reproduction by The8Madness scribble gu - Wood Reproduction :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 4 5 A Roo And A Loofy - Wood Reproduction by The8Madness A Roo And A Loofy - Wood Reproduction :iconthe8madness:The8Madness 5 4
Assassination Gone Wrong [Porygon-Z TF]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in TF, PLEASE DO NOT READ.
(Canon to Reiko's Story.)
(Takes place in the PokéHybrid universe)
Short, boring story:
Silas Hargreaves swore revenge on Red Light Tech. Silas Hargreaves got revenge on Red Light Tech. Red Light Tech tries to assassinate Silas Hargreaves. Silas Hargreaves is now a PokéHybrid. Red Light Tech fails to assassinate Silas Hargreaves.
Long, interesting story:
Silas Hargreaves (Already got a badass name from the start. Well done, Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves.) was since he was a small kid a technological genius. Born from a rich and loving family (Yes. It can happen.) and attending acclaimed schools, there were no limitations for his creative energy and his will to disassemble and reassemble machine after machine.
As time passed, however, he deviated his attention from the flesh of the machinery, and more into its blood. The code. Those ones and zeroes in infinit
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[The Hunter] Episode 31 - Special Training, Part 2
"What a nice sunrise..." I say to myself as I see the bright white sphere slowly rise up from the eastern horizon, to wash over this region with its life-giving light, watching it from the roof of Reiko's home. I take out my phone and I snap a few photos, just as a tiny memento from being here, so I don't forget all these experiences. After what Inna told me at my first day of training, that I needed to pause the world for a moment, take a deep breath and bask in the beauty of the here and now, I promised I'd do it more often. Just breathe, and relax. I close my eyes and I open my other senses to the environment...
The spring breeze, soothing my skin with a fresh wind...
The chirping of many Flying-types...
The suburbs at the distance, with many men and women starting their day...
I open my eyes, and my sight synchronizes with the rest of the things I've been feeling. The colors, the sun, the vibe...
This is what peace looks like.
I smile and head back inside. I quietly walk to the gro
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No Longer Alone Redux [Mewtwo TF]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in TF, PLEASE DO NOT READ
(Revised and updated edition of Wolf-Prince-Leon's no longer alone, Mewtwo TF)
(Does not take place in the PokéHybrid universe)
Mewtwo, the Genetic Legendary Pokémon, cloned from fossilized DNA from the Mythical Mew, Ancestor of all Pokémon. The only one of their kind. Once full of hatred and malice towards the human race, they had a 180 degree turn of feelings after a young boy showed them the right way and away from the loathing they felt, towards itself, and all humans.
Now they, or to be more liberal, he, was feeling something completely new to him...
He left his home island, and kept on wandering around the world. Everywhere he looked, he saw all manner of Pokémon, playing, laughing, living happily with their families.
...Families. That was the key word.
"It's strange... ¿What is so special about having groups around you?
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Two cups of coffee. A handful of imported Pokébeans on a small plate. A police badge next to the second cup of coffee. Him and I looking at each other's eyes. This would be the start to some yaoi fanfiction if it wasn't for the fact that we kinda want each other dead. 
Allen: Thanks for the cup of coffee, Mr. Isshin, but you know well I don't like beating around the bush.
Reiko: C'mon, Allen—
Allen: It's Detective Paige for you, mercenary. I hate informalities from people that have not gained my trust.
Reiko: *groan* Okay, Detective... ¿May I know the reason for your visit?
Allen: Well... Let's see... Several charges for unregistered vigilante justice, robbery, complicity with several criminal groups, and a couple charges for breaking and entering. 
Reiko: ¡Well excuuuuuse me if the note says 'Loot what you want, you will get no further reward'! ¿And the criminals? you know they pay well, and have the best hitman contracts.
Allen: Look, Mr. Isshin... No matter how much of a recognized mercenary you are, or think you are, you're still a criminal at large, with a biiiiig, neon colored flashing target on your back; not only you're being hunted by the law, I mean... I'm here, ¡but other agencies and hitmen are trying to kill you daily! ¡Just yesterday, I filed the report that you murdered two hitmen hired by Dominic Varella! ¡I know that was in self defense but...! *sigh*... In a nutshell, you're in deep shit, Mr. Isshin.
Reiko: You said you don't like beating around the bush, Detective. Cut the crap.
Allen: Captain Myrrh at the PD wanted to cut you a deal: Community service. You'll form part of our ranks at the police for all of spring. Summer starts, you're free to go, and the most recent stains on your record shall be cleaned. You'll receive no pay, obviously. No longer being a criminal is more than enough payment, if I dare say.
Reiko: ¿And how the hell do you expect me to pay my bills for three straight months? ¿And money for food? I don't expect you to help me nourish the Sniper Eye on donuts and cheap coffee, ¿Am I right?
Allen: Don't you worry about that. Your Rescue Team will be accounted for with a separate account you will not have access to.
Reiko: ¿And what if I refuse to all this?
Allen: It's Castelia Isle Penitentiary for you, Mr. Isshin. Even as a PokéHybrid, your little face or derrière won't last a day. I know you'll do the correct thing to save your skin.
Reiko: ...
Allen: ...
Reiko: ...Starting spring. It's still a fortnight until that. let me enjoy it.
Allen: Fair enough. I want your ass on the LCPD the first day of spring at 0700 hours flat. We don't like slackers, so you better shape up.

With a last sip of his coffee, Allen Paige leaves my house. I can only look at the now closed door with a blank expression. Emily comes down from the second floor to check on me. "Reiko... ¿Are you okay?" She asks me, clearly concerned. "I... Yes. it'll just be hard times for us. That's all" I reply, with a smile.

And so, begins my last 15 days as my own boss. I'm going to enjoy these two weeks I have of spring to their last hour. Quick contracts, dungeon crawling with Nillin, a trip to Johto, a casino night and a bar fight here and there. Like many fortnights before this one where I have fun nonstop, this one passes by like if it was a Miltank rolling through the prairie.
I arrive at home Sunday at 5 in the morning, drunk out of my mind. Cyan is drunk as well, as he somehow hypnotized the bartender at the club into giving him alcohol too. Behind us is Inna, who drove the bike herself to find us and take us home. It must have been fun to see a Gardevoir driving a motorcycle with a drunk human and Azelf in the passenger saddle. She's pissed as hell, and the last think I hear before I pass out in the couch is a "No more alcohol now that you'll work at the LCPD..."

I just feel my head like it needs a bomb squad as I wake up. Cyan is hugging me, still passed out. My hearing is kinda numb, but I smell something sweet and mouth watering at the table. Cradling Cyan in my arms, I walk up to the kitchen. Instead of seeing Inna as usual, I find Riley making breakfast, wearing an apron and my set of pajamas. As soon as she sees me, she turns off the stove, walks to me, puts Cyan on a chair, and slaps me, effectively waking me up.
Reiko: ¡¿What the hell?!
Riley: I received a call from your mom last night, very late. She told me you needed help shaping up for tomorrow.
Reiko: Oh, so now you're taking menial jobs for free, ¿eh?
Riley: ¿Who said this was free? oh, no, no. Inna paid me well for this.
Reiko: ¿She paid you? ¿With what money?
Riley: Her own money. The money she earns on PRT jobs you never take because you think those are too easy. ¡Congratulations! ¡you evolved from Moron to Douchebag, then you used a Whiskey Stone and became a full-on Asshole!
Reiko: Whoa there, low blow...
Riley: Inna asked me to shape you up for the upcoming 3 months. I'm gonna do just that. Starting with the cause of why I slept in here in the first place.
Reiko: Hell no...
Riley: Hell yes.
I run to the fridge and open it. There's not a single bottle of beer inside. In a panic, I open the cabinet, and I find my sake, my whiskey, my expensive unopened bottle of brandy just... gone. My blank expression changes into a psychotic smile. "Give me back my alcohol..." I say like a true maniac, to which she replies. "No. and even if you fight me for it, I'd end you. you're in no condition to battle right now. Now eat breakfast and stop whining."
My intimidating act drops, and I silently sit down to eat breakfast. The simple eggs and bacon breakfast feels like food straight from heaven. Riley smiles and sips on a mug with tea. "Let's do this..." 

The whole day passes on quick, and not a single moment was taken to sleaze and truly relax; the only moments that ever come close to relaxing are the 15 minute breaks I use to catch my breath between each rigorous training session, and Riley just doesn't let up. I spar, I run, I fight, I get my ass handed to me by Nasir... The day ends with me sleeping like a log on my bed after nonstop training.

And then, it begins.

My alarm wakes me up at 5:30 AM. I raise myself from bed and, with my eyes half closed, go downstairs to get breakfast. There's no coffee waiting, no good smell, no Inna; now it's just me, and a full spring working as police force... 
I just grab some cereal and a couple Oran to fill my stomach. After that, I climb on my bike and start the journey. Just 45 minutes have passed so I arrive quite early at the LCPD. With nothing to do, I sit down on a nearby bench and try and make time pass browsing the web, playing some games, etc...
And so, 7:00 AM hits. I silently enter the department, only to be greeted by Allen Paige, literally 3 meters away from the door. The bastard was waiting for me. "So, you actually arrived on time. Thought we'd have to drag you outta your home." the detective says, "Good morning to you too." I reply nonchalantly. Allen rolls his eyes and signals me to follow him, which I do. He takes me to a closed office to greet the captain, a muscular and rough looking fuck. Swole, blond, and with many gray hairs on his hair and mustache. This damn man should be at a Strongest Man weightlifting competition, not at a police station.
Allen: Reiko, this is Captain Hastur Myrrh of the Lumiose Police Department. He's the one running the show around here.
Reiko: Sir.
Hastur: Welcome on board, sellsword. It will be nice to have you here this spring.
I shake hands with the captain. ¡Sweet fuck! ¡His grip is like a Krookodile biting down on you!
Allen: I'll leave you two alone. I think you have stuff to tell Isshin, captain. *leaves the scene*
Hastur: Now that greetings are out the way... Listen to me, sellsword, because I will say this only once. Everyone here knows of your reputation, and all of them want your head on a fucking spike for all the atrocities you've done. Here, you're on thin ice from the get go. Fuck up once, and you will not hear the end of it.
Reiko: ¿Is this supposed to intimidate me? ¿Or scare me?
Hastur: Either both, or none of them. It's up to you how you receive this. *sits down* Being a PokéHybrid, you are already an asset for us for filling our detective ranks, but seeing how our investigators have everything covered, and it'd be a waste of your abilities for you and us; you will be put into our S.W.A.T. squadron. You get in heavily armored, you break into meth labs or cocaine safehouses and arrest people, maybe even kill a couple of them. 
Reiko: Sounds like a day in my life.
Hastur: I'm pretty damn sure a day in your life doesn't include constant teamwork or having a superior officer shout out orders you have to comply to.
Reiko: Well...
Hastur: ...
The man smiles and drops a faint laugh, and says one last thing, "Something tells me you'll do just fine."

And so my day begins. The entirety of this first day is about getting acquainted with the station and everyone working here. Many of them are just your average policemen, working hard, filing cases, getting breakfast and taking care of their own issues in their cubicles. Some, like private Winston, take their job seriously, with their eyes fixed on the computer, typing on files and moving around documents like a Porygon on a sorting algorithm. Some others, like detective Alyx, use most of their time at the station slacking and socializing with the rest of the personnel.
There is coffee, there is a pool table, and there is a lot of work to do, always. This is just the beginning.
"¡Isshin! ¡Over here!" Allen calls me from the other side of the wall. I walk to him and grab a cup of coffee on the way. He points at a small desk with a relatively new computer, some filing cabinets and a pile of papers already waiting on me. "Here is your desk. You're already in the system, so you get to work right away. Fill in these documents and send them to their respective sections. Being in the police force is not all arresting people. We do paperwork too." the detective explains, and then leaves. I sigh and sit down in front of the desk.
Files regarding the status of men and women on probation, nothing too difficult. I just gotta open the database at the computer and get to work...

The first week passes as mediocre as it can get. Nothing interesting happens during that week. More files to sort, presenting status reports to Myrrh and other mundane policeman bureaucracy. Literally the most interesting stuff was when I was sent to control traffic and somebody ignored me, so they crashed into another. 
Either way, now it's Monday, and considering how early I woke up, I'm basically running on autopilot. I look at my Xtransceiver for the time. Fucking 9:07 AM. I swear this day doesn't go any slower because it doesn't want to.
Just then, the phone rings, plus another ones on the station. I pick up mine and I just hear Hastur's voice on the other side of the line. "Attention, S.W.A.T. corps, we've got a vehicle on the run through Lumiose downtown, heading out the city. We've got reports she has at least 3 hostages aboard. Immediate deployment is ordered.". Then, the call ends. With a a smirk on my face, I hang the phone, close all stuff on my computer and head to the locker room to gear up: Mandatory black uniform with cargo pants, boots, tight weave shirt, and gloves; tactical bulletproof vest, along with knee and elbow guards... Then, a quick scope to the armory to grab a helmet, an assault rifle, and ammunition. Thank Arceus they let me carry Judgement around.

The squad, formed by me and another 7, climb onto the armored turck and we head towards our destination. The driver keeps up a fast speed as we approach the last known location of the kidnapper. There they are, a white sedan advancing at a frienzied pace through the streets, chased by a couple of police cars. "Dennis. Take us in front of the car. We're taking her down." says Sergeant Compton, the one leading us. Driver Dennis nods, and floors it, taking us through the streets and placing us in front of the car. I can see them now; three kids tied up with ropes and duct tape, and driving, there is a woman, 40-something, with bloodshot eyes and darkened teeth. It screams drug abuse with a silent voice. "I can't take the shot, Sergeant. If the car loses control here, the hostages will die." one of the others in the squad says. We can't have the entire police force chasing this woman, and we're running out of time...
I then have an idea. I pull up my radio and call the other cops. "Attention, mobile units 24 and 25. move to the front. Herd the car to an alley. Over.". "Roger that. Blocking the street ASAP." both cops on wheel reply. Compton looks at me with a puzzled face, but keeps it quiet. Both police cars advance to our position while we turn right on a narrow alleyway. The woman, startled, swerves right, right behind us. She's where I wanted her; I aim at the left tire and take a deep breath. A single bullet erupts from the AR-15, and rips right through the rubber, blowing off the tire. The criminal immediately loses control of the car and it leans to a side. Because the alley is so narrow, the car begins to make friction on the walls, slowing to a stop. No one hesitates in getting down the truck, getting the kids out and arresting the crazed woman, whom with a coarse and annoying voice begins shouting "¡GIVE ME BACK MY BABIES! ¡THEY ARE MINE! ¡MINE AND OF NO ONE ELSE! ¡¡MIIIIIINNEEEE!!".
After the ordeal, Compton pats my shoulder, saying with a smile, "Quick thinking there, Isshin. You did well for your first operation." I cross my arms and smile.

Back at the station, Hastu grabs me by the shoulder, and forcefully takes me to a corner. "Sellsword. We need your help. An interrogation." Hastur says. "I don't think you need me for a 'good cop, bad cop' tactic. Besides, that doesn't fit me." I reply as I take his hand off my shoulder. "You don't understand. We're trying to interrogate a Pokémon. No one here at the station but you understands Pokétalk." Hastur tells me, now sounding a bit hurried. Classic only you can save us, hero shit. ¿Is it really that hard to try and hire a PokéHybrid?
I reach the interrogation room once I've taken off my S.W.A.T. equipment. I see a Delphox at the other side of the glass, carrying a hand bag, and wearing a loose green blouse and two earrings on her left ear. The slight makeup on her eyes denote she's female. I sigh and open the door, walking into the room. The Fire-type just scoffs and looks away.
???: Seriously. ¿How many cops do you need to talk with a cute 'mon like me?
Reiko: I'll be the last one. I promise.
Her eyes open wide, and sits upright.
???: P-PokéHybrid, I see. The police is better equipped these days.
Reiko: Let's make this quick. ¿What's your name?
Lala: I'm Lala. I deliver goods to Lumiose from the Kin City.
Reiko: A bit far away from your home, I see... ¿Do you know why you're here? 
Lala: ¡I don't know! ¡All I did today was deliver a box of rare seeds to a restaurant when I saw how a pawful of punks smashed a lundromat establishment! The cops arrived, they saw me, and took me here.
Reiko: Well... That's called being a witness to a crime. You tell us what you saw and we let you go.
Lala: ¡I already told you! ¡Punks! ¡Laundromat!
Reiko: ¿Do you remember how they looked?
Lala: ¡Of course I do! ¡Us Delphoxes have photographic memory! There were 4 humans and 3 Pokémon. All of them wore denim vests; the humans wore tight pants, black shirts, and one of them had short red hair, and the rest had no hair. The Pokémon were a Timburr, an Alolan Raichu, and a Gengar.
I nod, and look at the glass. "Okay, Lala. You're free to go. thank you for your cooperation." I say to her as I write the descriptions on a piece of paper. Same piece of paper I give to the captain once Lala and I leave the room. Hastur smiles and heads out the room as well.

I arrive at my desk, Allen waiting for me. "Isshin. Captain Myrrh gathered the leads on the punks the Delphox you interrogated. The men and women are being arrested, but the Pokémon are the ones who concern me. Specially the Alolan Raichu. ¿You don't mind taking on tracking this one, right?" Allen tells me. I sigh and shake my head.
The weeks pass as I continue looking for this mysterious anarchist Pokémon. Their connections, their activity, the vandalism that has been committed over the days... I finally get a name: Keahilani Barteau; Alolan father, Kalosian mother, born human, unemployed, without his own home... Unregistered PokéHybrid. That's the ticket.

My last month begins. We've tracked the last known location of Keahilani Barteau. An apartment complex downtown. All we have to do is get in and arrest the guy for many many many charges of vandalism, breaking and entering, altering the public order and attempted murder. Piece of cake, ¿Right? Wrong.
As the sun sets and my squad advances... We hear marching. Compton recognizes the disorganized steps and the dragging of clubs and bludgeons. "Atention all units. Immediate reinforcements are required at our location. There is an active riot advancing. Over." Compton says through the radio. "Roger that. Sending all available units. Do not use lethal force unless required. over and out." They reply. We pull up shields, and tear grass grenades, as more cops and S.W.A.T. slowly reinforce us. I stay behind, unsheathing Judgement, and keeping it dull to whack them anarchists. 
We see them now. Dozens and dozens of young adults in punk, skater, biker and other attires, brandishing machetes, chains, bats, knives and more. Many Pokémon are by their side. In the center, I see him. Tan skin, green eyes, a short green mohawk with a ponytail, denim vest, and carrying a single shuriken. That's Keahilani. He shouts and points forward, and all the punks run at us. We keep our ground and throw the grenades, keeping most at bay. Barteau then picks up a grenade and throws it back at us, breaking our formation. The punks charge forward and I begin seeing how our units are being beaten down, almost to death. We start shooting back with rubber bullets, taking down many of them; for each anarchist we take down, one of us is taken down too, and Keahilani is not receiving a single blow. His throwing star flies across the battlefield, ripping through the police like if it was punching paper, as Barteau controls it telekinetically.

After an hour, both sides have dwindled in number. I'm still standing, slashing away at any punks who try to stick a knife on me. And then, Keahilani and I cross sights. We stand still as the battle rages on. 
Keahilani: I know you. Reiko Isshin. You could've helped our cause.
Reiko: I'm not one for senseless anarchy, thank you.
Keahilani: We have a cause. No more registration. No more constant monitoring. I'll not live as a slave to the system.
Reiko: You won't. You'll die here.
Keahilani: No. I will not. But you will. You've served the wrong side.

He then grasps a pendant on his chest tightly. He knows how. I've gotta do it to. and fast.
"Reiko Isshin... ¡ABSOLUTE HYBRID!"
"Keahilani Barteau... ¡FLARE OF FREEDOM!"
The energy output we release creates a crater. I grow the cape, the blades, the horn on my chest, and my eyes begin glowing a light pink. He raises an elecric aura as an Alolan Raichu tail swishes behind him and he jumps on it; fur grows on his forearms, the ears grow on him, and his eyes shine a bright yellow. His eyes spell experience. He knows how to fight like this.
We leap forward and he clashes his shuriken with Judgement, releasing a wave of energy. Said bursts keep on appearing as we prolong the fight, a slash countered by a kick, a tail slam countered by a thrust, a headbutt countered by an even stronger headbutt. He's not giving in, and neither I am. Around us, the skirmish ends only to see the two superhumans trying to kill each other. A lightshow like never before.
After a grueling fight, I finally get the upper hand, and slowly but surely begin getting into him. Each of my six blades get into his defenses, opening grievous wounds as I continue fighting. He cant get on his tail anymore, it is much to damaged to support his weight. One last strike to his torso brings Barteau to his knees, and I stand behind him, holding Judgement against his throat. I take a long, hard look at every anarchist with blood on their weapons, and every member of the police force that now lies either wounded, or dead. This has been a massacre. time to end it.


Judgement opens Keahilani's throat as I slide it across his neck. The blood pours like a waterfall as I let the now dead anarchist drop to the asphalt. The rest of the punks drop their weapons and kneel, completely horrified. The police doesn't lose time arresting everyone and aiding the rest. I transform back, and my head hits the blood puddle as I faint.

I wake up in a hospital bed, handcuffed to it. In front of me, there is Hastur Myrrh. He has the same stone face I saw on him on my first day. "Sellsword... The things you did yesterday are definitely not going to be forgotten. You savagely murdered a man in the middle of the street, and made the whole department look like an oppressive militia on the media... but at the same time, you stopped the waves of murder of Keahilani Barteau, which after some post mortem investigation, we found out how much of a criminal he was, maybe just as much of a murderer as you." the captain says, pinches the bridge of his nose as he heavily sighs, and keeps on talking. "I should send you to prison, solitary confinement... but I need to clean our reputation first, and I seriously don't have time to check on you. Your record has been erased, and the personal items you left at the station have been sent to your home. I... don't want you near the station. Just return home after you have recovered. Please.". After that, he leaves the room where I am. My head begins pounding with a headache as an officer comes by and takes off the handcuffs.
I seriously need a bottle of beer now.
[The Hunter] Episode 34 - Lumiose PD
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Snow falls down on Lumiose... Giving myself and my friends some time to think about these times of peace...
jiBusiness has been a busy one, but with a winter festival coming and even with criminals resting themselves, work has slowed down to a crawl. At these times, the best kind of jobs I can get are some degree of security, either at a bar, club or public event; those jobs are, most of the time, just throwing drunkards out the establishment, or setting down a fight between some troublemakers and telling them to settle their issues somewhere else —Which normally ends up with them beating the crap out of each other right outside the bar—. These jobs keep the lights on, and my family fed; It's menial, but winter is a time for peace and quiet.

Sun arises for the first time after a full week of clouds and snow. Emily is at the window of my bedroom, basking in the sunlight and whispering Praise Solgaleo to herself. I guess she missed the sun too. If that didn't wake me up, Inna's homemade coffee definitely does. I rise from the bed like if being possessed by the spirits of caffeine, and I head to the first floor, where a good portion of the Sniper Eye, specifically Nillin, Jack and a handful of small Pokémon, is watching TV with a small cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows, wrapped up either with a blanket or in Nillin's coils. I head to the counter, and my cup o' joe is already waiting for me, 3 sugars, no milk and a touch of sake, the way I like to drink it in winter. Jenda comes at my side, with a tender hug.
Jenda: ¡Good morning, sweetie! ¿Slept well last night?
Reiko: I don't remember. I was so tired from the bouncer job yesterday, I almost yelled Timber while falling down on the bed. *sigh* I'm never listening to Riley again regarding available jobs.
Jenda: ¿Was it really too much of a hassle?
Reiko: ¡Riley offered me that job and it turns out she tricked me to take over her shift! ¡She spent all night buying snacks for herself! When it was time for me to go, she had like 7 empty bags of Doritos on her coat pocket. Simply shameless.
Jenda: Oh, my boyfriend got played like a harmonica... *hugs*
I hug her back, and I finish my coffee. I look out the window, and at the empty pond. I really wish Nasir could stay outside, but Legendaries can catch colds too. "Sorry you have to spend winter in here, friend." I say as I somberly grab the Master Ball.

"Reiko, Jenda... ¿Do you guys hear it?" Jack tells me, while standing up from the couch. I raise my head and try to hear whatever Jack heard first. And now I hear it. A march...
I decide to open the doors, and I'm blasted by the sight of three men. Two with a royal guard attire and armed with a rifle, Poké Balls and a short sword sheathed on the side, and the one in the middle, all dressed in a prime-quality tuxedo, and with, quite honestly, too much hairspray. "Good morning." the one with the tuxedo begins to speak. His accent is clearly from Johto. "You have been summoned by the Royal family of Varella for an important job. Clearly one of a higher calling than your... mundane oddjobs.". Great, a rich and spoiled wuss I must guard for a ball...
"I'm not moving a finger until I see money, or at least a legitimate promise of money, up front" I say, not even moving a muscle of my face to bring a frown or a smile. "I was afraid your gold-thirsty nature would be above your civilized one. Here is a check for P20000000..." My eyes open wide when I get to see the check ¡The quantity is as big as many of my savings! ¡The things I could get with this kind of money!
Then, he keeps on speaking, "...You will be tasked with guarding Prince Dominic Varella during tomorrow's ball, as there will be financial rivals who may want his head, as well as other hired arms tasked with eliminating him.". I groan in my head, but Sweet Arceus Almighty, every man has its price. I look at the uptight butler in the eyes as I say, "It's a deal.".
"Magnificent. Here is the plane ticket, which will depart this evening. Only you will be allowed to go. You are not to take anyone accompanying you, including your Pokémon." the man says. He turns around and they march back to a limousine "One last thing... Prince Dominic likes to be guarded by Pokémon, specially those of royal image. Please refrain yourself of turning into something other than your Gallade image. That will be all." he says before boarding the limo and being driven away. 

I close the door and ball my fists in irritation. I've worked for a drug-smuggling gang to help them on a delivery, but even those guys were friendlier than that smug excuse for royalty. I turn my head, looking at the rest. Jenda and Nillin have their eyes as big as saucers.
Reiko: ¿What has gotten into you now?
Jenda: Reiko... ¿Do you have an idea of who is the Royal Family of Varella?
Reiko: Well... ¿Care to enlighten me?
Nillin: The Royal family of Varella is one of the most economically powerful in the entire world until now. King Georges of Ecruteak is a philanthropist and his fortune aids charity organizations daily, and Queen Zera has a doctorate in civil engineering and improved the land's infrastructure almost by herself.
Reiko: That's a tremendous relief, actually...
Jenda: There is a problem, to be honest... Their son, Dominic, while smart, is as nowhere as caring and good-hearted as his parents are. He's self-centered, selfish, and basically a jerk.
Reiko: *GROAN* ¡It had to be it! ¡And now they want Aladar as their bodyguard! This is not gonna be a pretty job. *sigh* well... I already accepted. no backing off now.

I go upstairs to get my bag ready. Jack opens the door, with a sleeping Pachiritsu in his arms. "¿What is it?" I ask, still a little irritated. "You know you can reject a job anytime you want, Reiko. they don't have control over you." Jack replies, "You may be a mercenary working for both sides of the law and morality, but even you have ethics. I'm sure this guy won't be any good, both for your sanity and your dignity.". I scoff, and I tell him, "Heh, thanks for giving me advice, but I already accepted and the check is in my hand; besides, you gotta take a job you don't like at a point in your life, it's inevitable. I'll be okay, Jack. I promise.". I pat Jack on the shoulder and I get back to packing.

The day passes and I am taken to the airport by Jack. All I have on me is a change of clothes, some snacks and trinkets to pass the time on the plane, Judgement and my pistol. I go through customs, showing my weapon license, my PokéHybrid passport, and filling forms for mercenary work. So much bureaucracy to have the right to lay waste to someone...
At the plane, I get seated by some old man. He keeps to himself, reading a thick physics book. I put my earphones on and I look at the window, trying as hard to not interact with him. Judgement is by my side, and I grasp it every now and then. I keep wondering what kind of jobs would Zygarde want me to do, since Riley and I haven't got word of them since Judgement and Justice were given to us. I sure hope is not killing a Legendary or something...

I arrive at the airport in Goldenrod City while the moon is still on the sky. Fortunately for me, in the airport there are these cheap capsule rooms where one can sleep. I pay the fee, and I lay down on the stiff bed, sleeping the following 6 hours away...

My Xtransceiver wakes me up at 10:30 AM. It's a message from that guy who visited me to give me the letter. It says something about getting to the Pokémon Center to await my chaffeur and further instructions; at least they're no making me take the bus...
I get up from the bed, grabbing my stuff and leaving the airport, walking straight to the Center. There's no denying Johto is a very nice place, a much more modest region than Kalos. Now at the Center, I stay at the waiting room for several minutes, and a young woman, with the attire for a formal driver, greets me. "Good morning. I am Veronica, and I'll be your driver today. Please follow me, out vehicle is outside." she says. I silently nod and head outside, where a rather elegant and expensive car is waiting for us. I get my case in the trunk and I climb in at the back.
"Also, Prince Dominic wanted me to pass on the following instructions to you. I was instructed to only tell them once, so pay close attention: You are to arrive at the Varella State not far from the Tin Tower exactly at 2000 hours, fully showered, groomed and in your Gallade shape. You will be allowed the use of your firearm and sword, and you will stay no further than 35 yards away from Prince Varella. You will need to keep him on your sights at all times. Any enemy you're in need to engage must be informed of via radio. Please respect your colleagues and obey every command Prince Varella gives you. Keep a formal attitude at all times and treat each guest with the outmost respect. ¿Understood?"
I just proceed to nod with my head.

The silent car ride takes me to Ecruteak City. The place is rustic, but it has an aroma of refinement at every cubic centimeter that goes into my lungs; If I only had the time for tourism, I'd take a few days to fully get the Johto experience. Until then, I guess I'll just see what I can, until the ball. The car stops in front of a big inn, not far from the Tin Tower. "Here is your key, Mr. Isshin." And the chaffeur gives me a simple keycard. "Use the following hours to prepare for the ball this evening. Don't waste it on mundane activities, please". I groan slightly and I head into the inn as the car drives away. Room 601, last floor; Not saying another word, I get into the elevator, and I arrive at the last floor, I swipe the keycard through the slot and the door unlocks for me, leaving me in a modest but high quality-hotel room. "Please, Arceus... Don't let me strangle some rich assholes tonight..." I say to myself as I undress and walk into the shower, letting my body relax with the steam and the hot water...
I leave the shower and get dressed with my standard attire. "Well, its not like I need any formal clothing... I'll be Aladar for the evening..." I say to myself, and I slam Judgement against the wall, transforming with my usual voice command. I look at my arms, thinking about Inna... This job is the first one in a while that I have absolutely no company, and no way to ask for reinforcements. It's just me... I fuck up, at least I wont drag the rest down to hell with me.

I look at the wall clock. 7:20. More than enough time to arrive at the Varella manor. Judegment sheathed, pistol holstered, and dignity ready to be smashed in the name of money. here I come...

A short walk later and I arrive at the gates of the Varella state. Must say, I have seen bigger manors, but this one is in no way any less fancy; ancient but well-preserved architecture, beautiful garden and an ambient that exudes royalty. The guard sees me at the entrance. "Name and motive for visit." The guard asks. I reply with, "Aladar. got hired to guard Prince Dominic. Let me in or I'll hold you responsible for me arriving late.". I guess that choice of words scared him a little, because he immediately opens the gate, letting me into the state. The ball hasn't even officially started yet, and I already see well-dressed people, holding conversation with each other, and I see fully groomed Pokémon by their side, talking too. Finesse and etiquette is everywhere I look as I walk to the front doors. I think I'll get sick with so many rulings...

I open the doors and my sight is blasted by a huge hall. A wide area for dancing, elegant tables everywhere, waiters passing through with expensive alcohol and snacks, and a second floor looking down at me, with three modest but aesthetically pleasing thrones at the edge of the terrace at the second floor. From my position, I can see the King and Queen, as well as Prince Dominic looking down on me. both the king and the prince wear a suit and tie, coupled with a royal cape and a small silver crown each, representing both modesty, and respect; the Queen is on the same spectrum, wearing a two-colored night dress and a small silver crown too. Best to go and report.

I climb the stairs and slowly walk to the royal trio. Just out of courtesy, I slightly bow.
Aladar: King Georges. Queen Zera. Prince Dominic. Good evening to you three.
Dom: So you're that awesome mercenary everyone talks about. I can see i made a good investment.
Zera: Dominic, manners... *ahem* I'm very sorry. We're pleased you arrived from far away to comply on our contract, Mr. Isshin.
Aladar: Please, call me Aladar.
Zera: Very well, Aladar.
Georges: Aladar... one of my guards is waiting for you up ahead. you'll work with him in protecting my son tonight, if that is not too much of a bother.
Aladar: I'm not that good with guarding jobs, so I'll use all the help I can get. Thanks, your Majesty.
Georges: Please, call me Georges.
With another small bow, I walk past them and head to a corner. A Lucario wearing a headset and with a nightstick by his side seems to be waiting for me. "Good evening, Marc's the name. I'm part of the royal guard." He greets me. Without uttering another word, Marc hands me another headset. A bit concerned, I put it on. "The job is quite simple: You keep an eye on Dom and make sure he doesn't do any dumb shit... he's fond of showing off in front of the wrong people." That's all he tells me. I nod, remembering the instructions the chaffeur gave me before.

Night continues... It's quite mundane and boring following Prince Dom around, hearing him either boast about his prestigious career or trying to woo the ladies. Every now and then he pokes me with his elbow, followed by him saying, "¿Am I right? ¿Eh? ¿Eh?". I force a smile and jokingly roll my eyes, receiving a warm laugh from him in response. ¿Can someone be any more obnoxious than him?

And then, an hour an a half into the ball, things start to go downhill.

Dom is at the garden, talking with a sharp dressed man, as young as him. The blond hair of this guys contrasts greatly with the prince's blue shine his black hair gives. Marc and I are now looking and analyzing this guy, looking for any signs of hidden weapons or signals that he may harm Dominic. And he has one. A not so well packed stiletto showing inside the left sleeve of his coat. "Aladar to Marc. He's armed. As soon as he shows suspicious behavior, I'm engaging. Over." I tell the Lucario though my headset. "Roger that. Don't cause too much of an uproar. Over and out." Marc replies. I begin walking closer, ever so slowly, towards Dom and the man. I couldn't be able to grasp what made the man snap, but then he puts his hand behind his back, slipping out his knife. I run toward the man and, without saying anything, grab his shoulder, calmly taking him out the state. Midway, however, he flips the stiletto open and swings at me, cutting me in the arm. I respond with a knee to his gut and breaking his arm with a swift open handed strike at his elbow. With a scream, he is disarmed. I cuff him with zip ties and kick his ass out the ball, calling the cops on the way. Just like a bouncer job. With a smile on my face, I return to my post.
As I return, I find Dom talking trash like usual; the trash he talks this time is much more concerning, "I've known that man since I was a teen. ¿He dares stabbing me in the back? ¿Literally? I know his contacts, his family, his innermost concerns... It will all burn down in days". He's fuming, so I'll keep my distance for a while.

Back inside, I keep my eyes peeled for any other threat that my put my paycheck in danger, and a small gleam followed by a slight green laser is what makes my inner alert go wild. A sniper. Looking away, I speak with Marc, "Aladar to Marc. Aladar to Marc. We've got a sniper at the roof, terminate while I protect the Prince.". A "Roger" from Marc is all I get before I lose contact with him. I need to think fast. I then see Dom's shoelaces, and they're a bit loose. Looking absentminded, i step on the aglet of his right shoelace and tell the prince to take a step forward to grab a glass of water. He trips and stumbles to the fine wooden floor just as a smoking hole silently hits the floor behind us. I look upward as I help Dominic up and see Marc subduing the sniper up above. Dom gets up and furiously slaps me. "How dare you mock my image with a prank of that caliber... Scruffy mercenaries are only good for one thing, and humor is not it. Stick to your damn job." After that, he furiously walks away. That slap... It felt strangely powerful...

I've had it with this rich asshole. I'll go to the King and Queen and quit it. No amount of shame is worth P20000000. Just as I'm going to renounce, comes the final nail in the coffin. There are two teens at the door, and have a couple of Eevees on their arms; needless to say, the four look like they haven't eaten something decent in weeks. Dom is at the door, looking at them in utter disgust. "Leave this place, you damn plebians. ¿How about you go find something useful to do for a change?" Dom tells them, with a smug face that is not afraid to spit on their faces. Both girls don't even have the strength to speak in a volume the rest can hear properly, "P-Pleas—"
Dom's backhand strikes the poor girl's face, sending her down to the floor "¡¡I SAID LEAVE!!" Dominic shouts...

Fuck this. Fuck the money, fuck my reputation, fuck Dominic Varella. This is justice.
I turn back into a human and I take him down on the floor, my sheathed sword up to his neck. "My master once told me is easy to judge a man based on how he treats the weakest of his kin. You are an obnoxious and cruel waste of oxygen on this planet..." I say, almost snarling. Everyone looks at me either with shock or disgust. A kick to my gut courtesy of Dominig knocks me off him. "¡No low-tier sellsword will come to my home to tell me how I should treat the ones that are Obviously below me! ¡¿And you dare come to my place, knowing you just had to do one simple job, and you not only mock me, but attack me?!" Dom screams, his balance and stability clearly on edge.
Dom: I've had enough of you. ¡Marc! ¡Off with his hea—
Georges: Dominic. Enough. *appears on scene*
Dom: Father, these plebians come asking for food they...
Georges: I said enough. You degrade your and our name every time you let your arrogance and status corrupt your mind. Mr. Isshin may be a scruffy mercenary, but even this scruffy mercenary I hired for you knows better about morals than you.
Reiko: ...
Dom: I challenge you to a duel, Reiko Isshin. If I'm not able to recover my dignity before my father's eyes, then I'll make sure to end yours.
Georges: ...
Reiko: ...I accept your challenge.
Geroges: ...So be it. Marc. Bring the Almas to Dominic.

Not long after, Marc brings a saber, with a beautiful, intricate guard and a handle expertly wrapped with some kind of leather; the scabbard is as ornate as the saber, with numerous gemstones embezzled along the white and blue hue of the metal frame. "Everyone present. Clear the dancing area. A duel is in effect." the King hurries to tell everyone. Not only they comply, but they also clear the ground floor entirely, to make space for our fight.
With a smug grin, Dominic walks around, taking his suit coat off, and I do the same with my vest. As douchy as this guy looks, I'm not going to underestimate him. He unsheathes the saber, showing a beautifully polished single edge. As I unsheathe Judgement, I immediately notice he already has the range advantage. I must push onward and attack relentlessly or I'm toast.

"¡Begin the duel!" King Georges shouts. Dom and I lunge forward and begin attacking at each other. His saber, Almas, is dancing through the air like a Beautifly on a summer morning, each attempted thrust and slash coming at a fast pace towards my body. He still has that confident expression as he swarms me with swing after swing. I've had enough. Holding Judgement on a reverse grip, I advance forward, now being the one who applies pressure; each of my attacks go with a technique that is alien to Dominic, barely having the reaction time to parry them away. With the tip of Judgement, I finally land a small cut in his shoulder, ripping part of his button up shirt. The successful attack wipes his smile off, and then...
A second and third blades come swinging at me, quickly disappearing. I retreat for a moment, and check what was that. I see two elbow blades retracting from his body, with a cyan tone to them... ¡¿Dominic Varella is a Gallade PokéHybrid?!
The questioning is answered as he adds new, barely predictable elbow swings to each of his fancy fencing thrusts. My own techniques... are being applied to me. I won't let this bastard win. Dodging the three blades, I hold my sword with both hands and gain terrain again. I hear gasps around me, as well as murmurs. Seems the stuck ups don't like the dirty sellsword coming to humiliate his precious prince... 
With a hard clash, our swords fly to the other sides of the dance floor. Looking at each other's eyes for a second, we run to our blades. That single second told me what he is going to do. Well, this game is multiplayer. We both grasp our swords and stick them on the ground...
Two bright lights hit everyone in the ball, and there are now two Gallades there; one green with a red chest horn, and another cyan with an orange horn. We both leave our blades stuck on the hardwood floor, much to Queen Zera's horror, and again, we lunge at each other, once again, Regi begins attacking me with a finesse I've only seen before in fairy tails, landing several hits on my body; but I eventually learn his patterns and go back on the offensive. Gallades mostly use his elbow blades to attack, with the occasional punch... ¿But how about kicks?
That's exactly what I begin doing. Regi begins to panic and go on the full defense once I start kicking my way through several front kicks, roundhouses and even some break dance moves. I stop using my arms to attack, now it's all about showing this guy being a Gallade is not only about the obvious. With a groan from his part, i finally notice I've broken his guard; I start bombarding him with all kinds of kicks, throughout his body. I'm ending this now.
Just then... He's in range to grasp his sword. With a flash of adrenaline, the tables are turned immediately. I feel 4, 5, 7, 19, 24 slashes, ever increasing in number. I'm being dragged all over the area like a sandbag, getting hit from all angles with no possibility to strike back. It's all a blur. Regi is all over the place. I block one slash, I get cut from the other side. With one final war cry and a thrust to my stomach, I'm launched towards a table, braking it in half with my body...

I can barely get up... In front of me I see Regi again with a smug grin, showing off how he has won over the one that disgraced him...
No. I'm not gonna lose. Bleeding all over, I shakily get up and I stumble towards my sword. "¿Still standing? ¿Don't you see your inferior technique has been bested?" Regi gloats. Yes... Keep trash talking. Your smug attitude fuels me. Holding Judgement, I release my ace up my sleeve, "¡Aladar! ¡Mega Evolve!" The Mega Stone on Judgement shines and a ball of energy encases me, finally giving me a second wind. As the sphere breaks, I can see a terrified expression on Regi's face. I smile brightly and say, "My turn."
I jump at him at a higher speed, now me being the blur. He can't even turn his head before I land another three slashes on his body. Now hes bleeding as much as I do.
Slash, slash, slash, kick, kick, slash, punch, throw, blast, throw, kick, thrust, headbutt, punch, slash, slash. Faster, and faster and faster until...
One last dropkick from me launches him, literally through the wooden doors to the manor, into the garden, to finally crash land in one of the bushes, completely out cold.

Panting and bleeding, I turn back to normal, and pick up my vest. Looking at King Georges and Queen Zera, I pull out the check for P20000000 and rip it into pieces in front of everybody. "Sue me." are the last words I say to them before leaving the manor for good, spitting on Regi's unconscious body on the side. The many upper class people run behind me shouting slurs and all manner of insults. I don't care anymore. I did justice.

As I board the plane back home, I call Jack on the way though the Xtransceiver, explaining my situation... He understands, and says hes actually proud of me for not selling myself to something I knew wouldn't end well. I'm pretty sure that at this point, some hired head from royalty will come for my head. I can't care less.
As I look out the plane window, yet again, I ponder about what could have been done with all that money, if I ever bent a knee for Prince Charming, probably still waist deep in bush. I then shake my head and just look at the cloudy horizon. No amount of money was worth degrading myself like that, let alone ignore the mistreatment of poor lives. Now I'm sounding like a hypocrite...

Midnight arrives as I get back home. I don't greet anyone. I just return to bed and dream this awful event away. At least I beat some rich boy's ass.
[The Hunter] Episode 33 - Royal Family Of Varella
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Hey there. It's been a long while since I've done a journal like this. And if I do, then its to address some important matters.

All of you have seen by now that I have not uploaded any written content in months. If you read the title, then you know the reason. The writer's block hit me hard, and I'm losing the motivation to do anything at all.

So, in a last ditch effort to get my brain to think of something and get back to writing once and for all, I'll not write any separate TF or Vore stories, and I'll stop writing LCF Life altogether. I'll focus entirely on The Hunter, because I have planned that for a while now, and it's best to work on something I already have, and not to work at all, expecting a spark of imagination that will never come if I don't put my fingers on the keyboard and begin writing, and now.

I know some of you may not like what I'm going to do, but I need to do it, or this story that I committed myself to finish will never do so. I'm not gonna lose a project like this for that,

Thanks for listening to my bull. The 8 Madness. Out. And work begins.


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