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"...since the mortal races banded together..." (oops, wrong line! :P)

Hi, everyone, Happy New Year! It seems I've been away for more than a year by now! Ouch!
I don't know if I'll ever fix this behaviour, but, well, who cares? XD

I came back only to comment that seeing a good friend's amazing work like this really pumps us up to try and shake the rust away:
Really nice work, Bell-chan. Congrats! ;)

I'd link with her avatar, if I remembered how it's done... T-T
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Pelo menos, é o que parece...finalmente, alguns retornos depois desses longos dois meses procurando emprego e, aparentemente, sendo ignorado (eu já tava sem esperança de conseguir alguma coisa no fim do ano, mesmo, mas é chato). Não é nada definido, ainda, mas, pelo menos, acendeu uma centelhinha de esperança de que não preciso abandonar meus sonhos - ainda.

Tô também com alguns pedidos de desenhos engatilhados, vou aproveitar não só pra treinar, como pra manter a cabeça ocupada. ^^'

E hoje é a minha estréia "oficial" nos palcos...mesmo que seja só a prova final do 2o. Estágio do curso. XD
At least, is what it seems to be. Finally, I've received some replies after these long two months looking for a job and, even when hope had faded about finding anything this near to year's end, I could get a spark of this hope still brighting. Nothing defined, but retaking the morale is something really nice. ^^'

I also have some art requests on the line, that might help me not only practising, but also keep my head full.

And today is my debut on the stage. Although only a test (I'm still studying acting), it WILL BE my first "official" time on a stage. ^^'
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Well...this was what I thought Zeus said when he ressurrected the hero in Altered Beast, when I first got my Mega Drive/Sega Genesis a looong time ago—which was, in fact, "Rise from your grave!"...sorry, English-speaking pals, it's hard to explain how it sounds...well, just play the game and try to understand it. It's almost as bad as Guile's "Alekfu"... XD

Case is, here I am, trying again to keep up to date with everything here...Truth is, life's not been being sweet for me lately, and I'm battling my way ahead, not always as "Strawhatly" as I should (well, maybe it was, if you take Usopp into account...). Thing is, the company where I worked simply closed activities in Brazil (because of the worldshaking Subprime Crisis), and, for almost two months now, I've been unsuccessfully looking for a job which will allow me to stay in Sao Paulo, fighting for my dream of becoming an actor and voice actor(I don't know if I said that, but I started acting studies for some time, now). But, things became grim just unexpectedly...and, or they change for the best soon, or everything I constructed and was planning will have to be put on hold. And, well, it's never been easy for me to keep my spirits up and high when facing too high waves of adversities...yeah, I know, pretty lame One Piece fan, I've been being... ^^'

So, fact is, now I *MUST* go back into drawing, updating my portfolio, and everything. So, hopefully, it will once again put me into motion, refilling my gallery here.

Now, almost recovered from a pneumonia, I'm trying to get back on track.
Please, wish me luck. ^^'

See ya all, and sorry for coming only with ill news (besides the one about being studying acting). ^^'

And sorry for not doing the Portuguese-version this time...I'm just, well, out of spirits. ^^'
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É uma brincadeira, mas, no ritmo que eu tenho conseguido tomar vergonha na cara e aparecido aqui no dA, tá quase anual, mesmo, a coisa... XD

Bom, estou tentando reorganizar aqui o dA...deixá-lo com uma cara um pouco mais séria, pra usar de portfolio (já que me falta o conhecimento técnico para montar a minha propria homepage)...grandes planos em vista, preciso correr pra não deixá-los escapar. ^^'

A vida anda meio na mesma, mas, em termos de novidades importantes, as mais notórias: saí de férias no mês passado, onde pude descansar um pouco o juízo (e passei o aniversário com os meus pais, no Recife)! Também, agora sou pai de dois gatinhos lindos, e vou começar a estudar teatro! Segundo um grande e engraçadinho amigo meu, "estou virando gay"... :P (D'uh!)

Bom, espero não decepcionar ninguém - principalmente a mim mesmo - e atualizar isso aqui com um pouco mais de frequência. ^^'

Abraços, e até o ano que vem! XD

Well, it was only a joke, although it's not that far from reality... ^^'

I'm trying to reorganize my dA gallery, to turn into my actual portfolio (since I'm unable to technically build my own homepage). Great plans are on the horizon, and I don't intend to let them slip through my fingers. Hope I'll not disappoint anyone else again - including myself! ^^'

See ya, everyone! 'Til next year! XD huahaha!
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  • Reading: The most recent One Piece chapters in Japan
  • Watching: No television or whatsoever for it... T_T
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That's what I need. ^^'

At least, I've been able to keep up looking at my messages, but the Deviant Watch is overflowing... ^^'

This last weeks I had a GREAT problem at work, which made me simply live for working, and the situation will stay like this at least until the end of the month...I *really* hope it's not a rule, or I'll surely rethink about working for big gaming companies. It's not that I'm not lazy, or anything (most of the time, I believe XD), I just don't like the idea of living to work. It should be the opposite, after all! (and I *really* want to go back studying, and it simply can't be done like this).

Man, I really need a computer at home... T-T
Um tempinho para respirar, é do que eu preciso. ^^'

Pelo menos, eu tenho conseguido estar em dia com as mensagens que recebo, mas o meu Deviant Watch tá abarrotado... ^^'

Nessas últimas semanas eu tive um problema barra-pesada no trabalho, que simplesmente me fez só viver pra trabalhar (o meu apê tá um nojo, eu chego tarde e cansado demais todo dia em casa T.T), uma situação que deve durar, pelo menos, até o fim do mê *realmente* espero que isso não seja uma regra, ou eu realmente vou repensar esse meu objetivo de trabalhar pras empresas grandes de games. Não é que eu seja preguiçoso (bom, pelo menos, em boa parte do tempo XD), eu só não curto a idéia de viver pra trabalhar—o certo não deveria ser o contrário? E eu realmente ainda pretendo voltar pra e terminar uma faculdade e, do jeito que tá, simplesmente não dá.

Eu preciso dum computador em casa... T-T

Ah, e sábado agora é International D&D Day! Eu vou jogar lá na loja da Terramedia! :D
  • Listening to: Harry Gregson-Williams - METAL GEAR SOLID 3
  • Reading: The most recent One Piece chapters in Japan
  • Watching: No television or whatsoever for it... T_T
  • Playing: Neverwinter Nights (during lunchtime at work)
  • Eating: More than I should :P
  • Drinking: No more alchohol.

And thus, after a year and half since my last Journal entry, here I am again, trying not to let this gallery die. A lot of things has happened since then, one of them a terrible period i had to endure that drained me of all the will to keep cheking back here at the DA (and a lot of many things). Harry Potter fans could say my house was infested by dementors, but, fortunately, is a period long gone. :P

For since May in this year, my life has undergone a great turn of events, and everything that had to go well, had gone such. :)
It was in May that I moved to the city of Sao Paulo, as I've been called to work in one of the worldwide Big Three in mobile gaming (actually, I was called to work in London, but after careful deliberation, I found it would be strategically more interesting if I spent some time in Sao Paulo first), where I am up to now. Just recently I managed to rent an apartment (where I'm finally living all alone ;)), I lost weight, and even my heart is being taken care of (not surgically speaking XD)! So, as I said, everything's going back on trail, and I hope it keeps like this. :)

So, risking taking a look at DA, I saw the price to pay for all this the form of more than 3,000 messages (friends' deviations included, at least ^^'). And, sadly, I decided that, to try and be up to date with DA, I'd have to restart from zero...and I apologize for not being able to reply all the kind comments about my art. I'll try to make up for it from now on. Gomenkudasai!

The new life, of course, did not come without home has, for a while, only my bed and my fridge, and there is a LOT of things in line to be bought before a computer (although I'm constantly rolling Will saves to convince me of the opposite... ^^'), I'll try to go back into drawing again. Just making pixel art is rusting my more traditional style of art, and I can't let this happen. :P

Well, I think I already wrote enough...almost a year and a half worth! XD

See everyone around! o
BR-PT Version :P


Eis que, após um ano e meio desde a última vez que escrevi neste humilde diário, cá estou novamente, tentando não deixar a minha galeria no DA morrer. Coisa pra cacete aconteceu de lá pra cá, dentre as quais uma fase terrível pela qual passei, que drenou toda a minha vontade de fazer qualquer coisa. Conosseurs de Harry Potter chamariam de uma infestação de dementadores na minha casa. :P
Felizmente, uma fase que já passou.

Pois, desde maio deste ano, a minha vida passou por uma virada gigantesca ("Tchu-tchururu: "gigantesca"! o/ XD), e tudo o que tinha de acontecer de bom, assim o fez. :)
Foi em maio que eu me mudei pra São Paulo, convidado a trabalhar numa das três maiores empresas do mundo em mobile gaming (jogos para celular). Na verdade, eu ia pra Londres, mas pensei direitinho e vi que, profissional e estrategicamente falando, seria mais interessante ficar aqui em Sampa por enquanto. Há pouco tempo que eu finalmente consegui alugar um apartamento (onde eu tô morando sozinho, o *MEU* canto! ;D), perdi peso, e até mesmo o coração tá sendo bem cuidado (e não é cirurgicamente falando XD)! Então, como eu disse, tá tudo voltando pros trilhos, e eu espero que permaneça assim. :)

Então, fui arriscar dar uma olhada aqui no DA, e vi o preço que paguei por essa ausê forma de mais de 3000 mensagens (pelo menos, isso incluia um monte de deviations... ^^'). Infelizmente, eu decidi que, pra voltar a ficar em dia no DA, eu teria que recomeçar do zero...e peço desculpas por não poder mais responder a todos os comentários gentis e carinhosos sobre a minha arte. Vou tentar compensar isso daqui pra frente, tá, gente? Gomenkudasai!

A vida nova, claro, não veio sem alguns problemas...já que o meu lar atual só tem, até o momento, a minha cama e a geladeira, há uma patacada de coisas que precisam ser compradas antes de um computador (apesar de eu estar o tempo todo rolando save de Força de Vontade pra não me convencer do contrário... ^^'). Mas vou aproveitar a "oportunidade" pra tentar voltar a desenhar (principalmente nos meios tradicionais). Fazer só pixel art enferrujou as minhas habilidades tradicionais absurdamente, vou tentar reverter isso. :P

Bom, acho que já escrevi o suficiente...pra um ano e meio, praticamente. XD

A gente se fala, galera! :)
Hi, everyone!

Since returning from GDC that I wasn't in the mood to come back and see all those messages (a lot of bad things happened since I left San Jose, and I was completely crappy for weeks...I shouldn't have returned home... XD; but I'm fine already, before anyone starts worrying.).

Since I'll finally go into holidays, starting next tuesday (since monday is already a holiday, anyway), I'll have time to stop by and go back to action. ^^'

I'm currently working on the artwork for this year's Omake (very late, I must add..), the scrap for it can be seen in my Scraps gallery.

If things go as planned (and I hope they do. ^^'), I'll try to work a lot on this vacation (I gave up playing MMORPGs for it. :P). Maybe, even doing my first doujinshi, at last.

Well, see everyone around, starting next week. ;)
Sorry to be absent for so long, everyone...I've been unable to come and check things here for some weeks, because I've been preparing for what I have been doing for the last two days: attending the Game Developers Conference, in San Jose, California! :bounce:

Things are doing great here, it's an otherworldly experience! :D

I'll comment everything after going back home, next week. ^^

P.S.: Only bad thing here, until now is...that I just saw the DREADFUL 4Kids version of One Piece...I'm still recovering from the shock... T_T'
Well, that's it, time to stretch the bones and return to work, after such a well-deserved break. Because that is what Brazilian's Carnaval is for me, only a holiday, because I do hate almost every "cultural" things that are related to Carnaval, but I'm not wasting my time detailing every thing I hate about it (if anyone ever get curious, just ask me about it ^^').

Now, back to work, I do have some things on line. The first things to be done are this year's Omake artwork, and coloring a lovely picture drawn by Daytha, which I apologize fiercely for taking so long to finish it, Kamila-san (working speed is really a problem I have to beat still). The one seen here:…
Bom, hora de esticar os ossos e voltar à labuta, depois de um descanso bem merecido. Porque, pra mim, isso é tudo o que o Carnaval representa, um mero feriado, já que eu detesto quase cada aspecto "cultural" que o envolve, mas não vou perder tempo detalhando os motivos.

Bem, de volta ao trabalho, tenho umas coisas pra fazer. As primeiras da fila são a arte do Omake deste ano, e pintar um desenho adorável da Daytha, a quem eu preciso pedir muitas desculpas pela demora (mas esse tem sido um problema recorrente meu :P). Esse aqui, pra ser exato:…

Bem, mãos à obra. ^^

P.S.: Alguém sabe como eu faço pra linkar galerias, imagens, etc, aqui? T_T'
A friend had recently lent me his Brazilian editions of Joe Madureira's Battle Chasers, and once again I've been struck by that awful feeling which had taken me by the time I first watched The Matrix Revolutions: the feeling that I've been stripped from an old and loved character concept because I took too long to launch it—and then, something similar comes out, and there you are, feeling that, if you show everyone your character now, everyone would say that you have copied the famous cousin of it—even if you had invented the thing centuries before seeing this now famous one.
The Matrix Revolutions had destroyed my concept of Agon, a dark elf (aka.: drow, for the D&D players) who was blind, and who could "see" living things around him (no, he could not see plants :P) through their aura, thanks to a magical artifact. And I already had to change him a bit before, for I had, some time ago, known of R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden, and so I also had to get rid of Agon's dual-wielding (and, even worse, with two scimitars! Who said lightnings do not struck twice? :P).

This time, here I am, staring at Madureira's amazing artwork (I consider him to be one of the best american-related comic artists), and seeing a character called Garrison, a paladin-like fighter, whose tragic backstory has a murdered wife and, even worse, looks absurdely like my own Garrison Lockhart (both Agon and Garrison can be seen at my gallery)! And to think that I was planning on putting both of them in comics...I mean, Agon is still possible, I can change him however I please...but Garrison is a bit more difficult, since I was going to draw the D&D adventures he's been through...and he does look like Mad's Garrison TOO MUCH for saving me from being called a cloner... :no:

Sigh... :frustrated:

Um amigo me emprestou, recentemente, as edições brasileiras de Battle Chasers, do grande Joe Madureira, e mais uma vez eu me vi atingido por aquele sinistro sentimento que me assolou quando assisti, pela primeira vez, Matrix Revolutions: a sensação de que tiraram de mim um antigo e amado conceito de personagem, como uma punição pela minha demora em trazê-lo a público porque algum outro personagem bastante semelhante veio à tona, lhe deixando com a péssima impressão de que, se você vier a lançar o personagem então, vão te taxar de copiador, sanguessuga ou sem criatividade, "já que você copiou o personagem X" (mesmo que o seu tenha sido inventado zilênios antes do "primo famoso".
Matrix Revolutions terminou de acabar com o meu conceito do Ágon, um elfo negro (ou drow, para os íntimos com D&D) cego, que podia enxergar as auras de coisas vivas a seu redor graças a um artefato mágico. E isso porque eu já tive que mudá-lo um pouco quando tomei conhecimento do personagem Drizzt Do'Urden, do fabuloso R. A. Salvatore (já que o Ágon não só lutava com duas armas, como também eram duas cimitarras! Quem disse que raio não cai duas vezes? :P)...

Dessa vez cá estou eu, admirando o grande trabalho do grande Madureira (um dos meus artistas de Comics favorito), mas morgado porque na história há um guerreiro com um que de paladino chamado Garrison, com um trágico passado envolvendo uma esposa assassinada e que, pior ainda, visualmente absurdamente com o character design</b> do meu Garrison Lockhart (tanto o Ágon quanto o Garrison podem ser encontrados pela minha galeria)! E pensar que eu planejava fazer quadrinhos dos dois personagens...assim, do Ágon até dá, já que dá pra mudar o que for necessário...mas o Garrison é mais complicado, já que ia ser uma quadrinização das aventuras de D&D vividas por ele...além de que, se eu mudar a cara dele, deixa de ser o meu Garrison (que ainda é, até hoje, o meu personagem de D&D mais querido)...mas, se eu não fizer, ele lembra DEMAIS o do Mad pra não me acusarem de plágio depois... :(

Ô, peste... :no:
Whoooa...almost one week I've been around since I returned to dA and I'ev managed to keep up the pace! Seeing everyone's deviations, commenting and replying comments...I only have now to PRODUCE again, and everything will be the way it meant to be! Ara! ^^
At work, things are not going as smoothly as expected...I'm in dire need of a break, I'll tell you... -_-'
Hey, that yo-yo job I got is not the type of thing seen everyday...firstly, they didn't complain at the price I asked for [the fair one, I must add; but everyone I talked to before used to think that, since I "can draw easily", it was not much of a thing and it should be paid mediocrely (is it right?)...], and they even called me today, asking WHICH NAME THEY SHOULD PUT ON THE CREDITS! It *REALLY* isn't the everyday type of work around here! ^__^
And I've been mad about one thing...I know I spent the money for a very necessary thing...not only for World of Warcraft (see, I did a free-lance which paid some of my debts with it)...but since last weekend I've been wondering if I shouldn't have bought a PS2 instead of my new computer...Shadow of the Colossus is not the average videogame experience...I can't recall ANYTHING so intense before! it's amazing! Glorious! Boo-hoo, I want a PS2! XD

Ok, ok, I'm just kidding around about not buying a new computer...but the game IS definitely great! ;)
Just to reinforce my will to return decently to dA, I also made a new avatar, which nicely portrays my current addiction. :love:

And because everything in life has to be done with a 'DON!' :ahoy:
Well, the title is just because I hadn't had anyone better...and because I've been hearing this quite a lot lately. ^^'
(from the Japanese: "I'm gonna be the Pirate King!" :D)

Inspired by my master's entrance here at dA, I managed to gather some strength of will to return...but not as easily as it seemed, order no to lose it again, I simply gave up all messages concerning deviations, journals or polls...I had 1,600+, and I gave up returning everytime I saw that there was so many! :P
So, if there was any directed to me, I apologize fiercely.

Then, I'll try to reply to all comments I received, and, once again, try to be more present here at dA. ^^

In advance, a general thank to everyone who took their time to send their lovable comments and useful critics about my art! :)
I'll be replying to each one in time.
Well, ok, I just realized it for good: no matter how much I try to convince me that I'll return to DA for good, that I'll keep on looking at everything and be updating often, because I won't. I try, I really try, but I end up not being able to do it often from work, and, at home, I don't do almost anything but play a bit games, read something and then, bed. :P
So, I'm already stating that I will probably be like this: let a lot of messages pile, get lazy enough for not answering them with haste, and then getting to a point where I get the willpower to do it in one blow. And then, here is the first point of this last checkpoint: already answered all the personal messages I had to, and then I have only these three hundred and twenty four deviations to see — which will be left to another time, again. ^^'
Sorry everyone for being like that. :invisible:

And then, news: I'm quite better of my back problems. Doing some physiotherapy and almost as good as new. After this last battery, I will, for sure start swimming. Thanks — and sorry — for everyone who worried about me and sent all those kind supportive words. ^__^

I've been working lately on that Ágon picture (whose original is on the Scraps), but have to do it slowly, since I use lunch time here at work for it (after having lunch, of course :P).

And all hyped-up for the upcoming Oscar ceremony! :D
This year, I promised myself that I *will* watch it having complete knowledge of, at least, all the nominated films for Best Picture! Only two to go (Ray and Million Dollar Baby) and, until now, my favourite one is Finding Neverland (The Depp-Man rocks! ;)). Although, I know, The Aviator is more of an Oscar-eating film...a nice one, but not the type I'm reeeeeally that hot for. ^^' I just didn't have the knack to appreciate Sideways...I think that the comedy there was way too subtle. Liked Closer much more, but what can I do. :)
My most fervorous supporting in the night, though, is going, of course, for the greatest animation Pixar has ever made: Brad Bird's The Incredibles, the film that made me break my record of most seen film in a cinema theater (five times!). Ok, Shrek 2 is hell of a fun, but it's story doesn't beat Mr. Parr's at all! And I will watch the ceremony with a Incredible t-shirt to prove my fondness! ;) hehehe

So, everyone, see you all on next checkpoint! ^^
Tá bom, ok, já me convenci d uma vez: não importa o quanto eu tente "voltar de vez pro DA" ou diga que "venho ver todo dia agora", porque já vi que eu não vou.
Eu tento, tento mesmo, mas aacbo sem poder acessar direito aqui do trabalho e, em casa, não faço muita coisa além de jogar (atualmente, Neverwinter Nights), ler uma coisa ou outra e cama. Então, eu provavelmente continuo do jeito de sempre: deixo acumular um mundo de mensagens, bater uma preguiça triste ao ver tantas e não respondê-las de imediato, até o ponto que eu tomo jeito de gente e arrumo a força de vontade pra fazer numa tacada só. E então, aqui está o primeiro ponto deste último checkpoint: já respondi a todas as mensagens pessoais que tinha, e agora tenho "apenas" as *trezentas e vinte e quatro* "deviações" (ixe, como eu traduzo isso? :P) pra ver — o que ficou pra uma próxima vez de novo. ^^'
Foi mal MESMO por ser assim, pessoal. :invisible:

Bem, vamos às novidades: eu estou perceptivelmente melhor do meu problema do ciático. Fazendo uma nova bateria de fisioterapia (hidroterapia inclusa) e quase inteiro. Depois dessa última leva eu começo com certeza a natação. Obrigadão — e desculpas — a todo mundo que mandou palavras tão gentis de apoio! ^__^

Em termos de desenho, tenho trabalhado atualmente naquele desenho do Ágon (cujo original tá lá na seção de Scraps), mas tá andando devagarinho, pois só tenho feito aqui no trabalho, na hora de almoço (depois do próprio, obviamente :P).

E pra lá de empolgado com a cerimônia do Oscar que tá chegando! :D
Esse ano, eu prometi a mim mesmo que irer assistir à festa com completo conhecimento de causa — pelo menos dos concorrentes a melhor filme! Só faltam dois (Ray e Menina de Ouro) e, até agora, o meu preferido é o Em Busca da Terra do Nunca. O filme é lindo, e o Depp-Man comanda! ;) Apesar que eu acho que O Aviador tem mais cara de filme papa-Oscar...é um filme legal, mas não é do tipo que endoido o cabeção. Já pro Entre Umas e Outras, eu realmente não tive a sensibilidade pra comédia discretíssima do filme...achei chato mesmo. :P
Gostei muito mais do Perto Demais, por exemplo (onde a minha torcida pra coadjuvante tá indo pro Rei Arthur Clive Owen).
Quanto ao "filme que endoido o cabeção" que comentei há pouco, a torcida desse ano vai, sem sombra de dúvida, pro melhor longa de animação que a Pixar já fez, na minha humilde opinião: Os Incríveis, do Brad Bird, o filme que me fez quebrar o recorde de filme mais visto em cinema (cinco vezes!). Ok, Shrek 2 é divertido pra cacete, mas a história passa longe da do Sr. Pêra (e, recomendo, pra variar, dublado sempre!). E eu vou assistir ao Oscar como brasileiro normal em final de campeonato de futebol, com uma camiseta d'Os Incríveis! ;) hehehe

Então, todo mundo, até o próximo Checkpoint! ^^
Hi, everyone.

I know I've been missing again, but, this time, my back are to be blamed. I just had another crisis, and have been spending almost a week on my bed, because of it. There are many messages to answer, and many deviations to see, but I promise I'll do all of it when I'm back to 100% — or, at least, the nearest to it as possible. ^^'

And, in time, a late "Merry Christmas" to everyone, and a "Happy New Year" while I still can. ^^

Now, back to bed, my back are aching again... -_-'
Alô, todo mundo!

Eu sei que andei sumido novamente, mas, desta vez, a culpa é das minhas costas. Andei tendo outra crise de coluna, e já estou há quase uma semana de cama por causa dela. Tem um mooonte de mensagens pra responder, e um monte de deviations pra ver, mas eu prometo ficar em dia com tudo isso assim que voltar a ficar 100% — ou, no meu caso, o mais perto disso o possível... ^^'

Sim, e um "Feliz Natal" atrasado pra todo mundo, assim como um "Feliz Ano Novo" ainda em tempo!

E agora, de volta à cama, que as costas começaram a doer de novo! >_<'
Whoa! I finally managed to take a look at ALL the messages that've been "forgotten" (aka.: time was short to see them, and they kept coming...:P) through all these last months! It's true I did not see the deviations, and these become two reasons to get on my knees and apologize for everyone for such an absence. Gomenkudasai, minna!

I won't say it anymore, but I hope I can be a bit more present to DA again. Return seeing all and every deviation sent by everyone in my Friends List, producing more and all.

I'm at almost five months of a happy relationship to my beloved Paola, now, and my hair is not long anymore (just got tired of waiting it to reach the length I wanted). Also still working, and still absent at university. Besides this, I don't think there's anything worth noting. ^^'

Well, that's it. Sorry for all my faults, everyone! I hope to correct them from now on - but without (vain) promises this time. ^^'
If something has to be done, I'll just do it; I'm not going to promise anything anymore. :P
Hi, everyone!

Yeah, I know I've been being somewhat absent even submitting new art (oh, what a miracle! :P), and I *REALLY* apologize for not been replying to almost anything, but I'm trying to solve this, really! ^^'

For a while, thanks everyone, for all your kind comments, although I do miss the criticisms... ^^'
Hi, folks. ^^'

Well, returning from just ANOTHER long absence (not my fault this time :P), but, this time, with a new computer and a decent internet connection. ^^
I'm on my way to see everything stacked in my message box, but it seems I will still need one or two more nights to finish it.. ^^' hehehe

And there's also new art on the way! Besides some general art I've been doing that needs only to be scanned and worked onto, the art for this year's Omake is on its way - a bit too late than it should, but... ^^'

And I've finally watched Kill Bill last Friday - and it ROCKS big time! XD
Plus, I can hardly wait now for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Spider-Man 2... ^^
Well, this time I really intend to return to normal life here in DA. It includes, of course, a new deviation once every century, but, well... :P

Finally got the courage to reply every comment in my art (it was stacked for some months, already, I believe.. :P), and started to see deviation by deviation in my watched list. A BIG list, btw. :P

Well, everyone, it's nice to be around again - despite the awful headache... -_-'
Resultado de mais de um mês com preguiça e falta de tempo de dar uma olhada aqui no DA:

6 Hot Topics
5 Messages
230 Deviations
61 Journals

E eu acho que, agora, vou somar a falta de ânimo à preguiça...pelo menos por enquanto... -_-'

Sorry, everyone, for be missing for so long.