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Raargh Hardfeet by the8headed Raargh Hardfeet by the8headed
This is a D&D character of a good friend of mine, a ghostwise halfling barbarian - and carrying his *medium-size* greataxe. ^^'

Don't ask me - I've tried to convince my DM to use a weapon bigger than my human fighter could normally use, but he didn't allow it...gee. But doesn't Gatts and Cloud have those swords? Why can't I? Even a halfling can use one... :P
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ZielZorix Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009
I really like this pic. It seems very Akira Toriyama-esque to me, which is a good thing.
GothBaby1154 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
get the monkey grip feat, u can wield weapons above ur class size. n halflings with big weapons are fun! (i played one who became a weapon master of a fullblade)
milchstrasse Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2003
Cool~! :clap: I wish the background were a bit less saturated so it'd match the foreground a bit more, but this way it also works, sort of like the character's outside on a misty morning. I want to CG. T____T
the8headed Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2003   Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment, Mil-san! ^^

Believe me, CGing is not difficult - once you get the basics, you explore the rest very easily!

And I'm sure that, with your base art, you'd make even more exceptional art! ^^
And I look forward to seeing it! ;)
milchstrasse Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2003
I've tried working with a tablet and really, the results were ghastly. T__T I'll just leave CG to the likes of you then. Unless of course, you want to lend me your hand for a week. :3
the8headed Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2003   Digital Artist
But to get the grip of a tablet can really be a bit hard, but really rewarding in the end. ^^
In the beginning, I also thought I'd never use it properly, but once I got used to it, I'd miss it a lot when I could not use it anymore (aka: got fired from work :P). Since I'm getting my own, now, I will rule the world! XD hehehe

Hmmm...but, if you wish, could we make a partnership anytime? It'd be a honor to colorize a picture made by you. ^^

BTW, do you use ICQ, Mil-san? :)
calintz-zokaun Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003
Awesome work, and excellent color.
thaurendim Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2003
Praaaaa variar, tá muito foda! Só aquela orelhinha tá meio... hmmmm... estranha XD
pinkleopardlady Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003
Hell Yeah! This is freakin' Awsome! I like to play Advance D&D! This is a really cool picture!
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September 16, 2003
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