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Superboy Prime: Pure Chaos

By The6thhokage
Superboy Prime, one of the meny Supermen of the mulitverse
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Neutral? No, this whiny little idiot is pure evil to the core. Whatever his reasons it does not excuse him for wiping out entire worlds of people simply for "being different from his Earth".
Nah, he's "neutral" because Evil could not stand him, kicked him out and locked the club house right in his face.

He's still an ass.
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I see, what does Neutrality think of him though?
Possibly happy to have a friend, of course where can one go after being kicked out of Neutral? Chaotic Eh? Maybe something? Retcon Jones?
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Maybe he should just belong to a class all to himself. Whiny.
Yes, this will do.
Of course he's whiny. He's an unstable teenager. 
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ok, I absolutely LOVE this concept. an evil superman, its perfect. but the execution of this character is god awful
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Not really "evil" as much as "whiny halfwit murderer"
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One of the most ridiculously overpowered characters since Thanos...
What happens when you give a teenager the powers of his idol, and let him loose on a world we're conditioned to not believe is real? Any psychologist can tell you this that the results are bad. It really isn't surprising the guy became such a psycho
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so true, He lost his mind completely
Worse, he lost his mind, has the powers of a god and exists IN OUR WORLD.
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can someone please tell me about superman prime. i have no knowledge of him and cant find anything about him that matches up with other sources. i know he's so powerful that his character lost a lot of its interestingness. please help.
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Superman Prime is also known as Superboy Prime. He comes from an alternate Earth which mirrors ours, thus called Earth Prime. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, he gets locked in this pocket dimension, while there he and Alexander Luthor (Lex of Earth 3) come up with a plan to get out and find his world, the prefect world. After that fails (Infinite Crisis) he starts throwing the biggest tanturm the world has ever seen and gets defeated by the GLC. During Sinestro corp war he is released and after fighting he finds his way against the Monarch and is known as Superman-Prime. He is defeated and sent back to his Earth, during blackest night he makes a cameo and then comes back in the final issue of Teen Titans.
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im not sure if the last message sent but i have another question. someone told me that superman could gain superman primes powers by staying in the son for a certain amount of time, is that true ?
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thank you very, very much. i have a few other questions because i believe my sources might have been incorrect. someone told me that regular superman can get superman primes powers by spending time directly in the sun for a little while. is this true ?
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Yea its true, Superman becomes very powerful while under the yellow sun. There are cases like in "Our worlds's at world" crossover, Superman placed himself into the sun and with the power boost was able to defeat Imperilax. It was also seen in DC One Million in which Superman was in the sun for about a million years and comes out like a golden coated god. This works with Superboy-Prime, so if they both jumped in the sun and then fought it out, New Earth Superman would beat out Superboy-Prime only based on the idea that he has more skill in his power and control over his emotions (Superboy-Prime seems to let his agresstion get the best of him when he is losing a fight)
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Kryptonite from New Earth doesnt effect him, but Kryptonite from his earth does. As seen in Legion of 3 Worlds, Element Lad transmuted rock into Kryptonite and it turns out that they are from the future of Earth Prime so that was able to hurt Superboy prime. He also has a fear of the dark and of the Flash family.
Red Sun radiation weakens him too. And it seems he is suceptible to both psionics, and Quantum energy.
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True, I forgot those weaknesses.
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