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Warrior Shrine


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Warrior Shrine


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The Trickster's Nightmare

Ren Amamiya was in a dark void of some sort. How he had come to be here, be it a dream or the result of some Shadow's power, he was unsure. What he was sure of, however, was that this place was colder than any place on Earth. But it was deeper than a simple lower temperature. It was a chill that had been following him since he'd first pieced together than reality was being altered and that only he and Akechi were aware of it. And the extreme amplification of this frigidity made him think he might now be at the point of origin of that chill. He heard giggling behind him in a familiar girly voice. He whirled around to find what looked to be a family of three: father, mother, daughter. He recognised them instantly: Sojiro, Wakaba, Futaba. It was only because he knew Sojiro and Futaba's hair and clothing so well that he was able to identify them, as all three faces were completely covered in what appeared to be black opera masks of the happy variety. Disturbingly, rather than

Written Works

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Silent Hill 3 = The Last of Us 2 | Parallel Plots Allow me to tell you a story. It's the story of a man who will to go to hell and back to protect his daughter. After losing his first daughter, he takes in a second, putting a stop to a powerful organisation that intends to sacrifice his daughter for their own gain. Some years later, a woman in the organisation seeking revenge for the man's actions finds him and kills him, setting his daughter on a path of revenge. The daughter's face then appears as the focus of the cover, because a generic shot of the hero's face is no better a cover in 2020 than it was in 2003. Ultimately, revenge is proven the solution to our hero's problems, despite what Neil says, because Neil's super cool OC only suffers from things unrelated to her revenge. Fuck off, Neil.


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Brain Freeze: Big Ben vs Hypno Sis (Cover)

Union of Justice Stories

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The Union of Justice

Super Heroes

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3D Art

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World of Assassins

Assassin's Creed

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The Maid of Orleans

Character Evolution

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Yakuza: Street Fight

Character Select Screens

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Dead or Alive Dimensions (PS4)

Custom Covers

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Vergil: The Dark Slayer

Devil May Cry

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Wayne/Kane Family Tree

Family Trees

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Stand Concept: Crazy Train

Hero Machine

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Guan Yingping the Artist

Koei Warriors

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The Lord of the Flies

Memes, Gifs and Motivationals

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Eagleye Shirt

School Work

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The 4th Snake: Xbox Live

The 4th Snake

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Fire Emblem Timelines

Timelines + Theories

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Video Game Archetypes: Ass-Kicking Fathers

Video Game Archetypes

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From Baker to Mercer

Voice Actor Tributes

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Brown and Red


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The Bishoujo Avengers

Non-Hero OCs

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Sonic Timeline Extended - A Line Through Time

Timeline #1 4000BS: Exposure to the Master Emerald transforms a chao into the water creature, Chaos. The chao live in harmony until the Knuckles Tribe invade their lands to seize the Chaos Emeralds for use against the rival Nocturnus clan. Enraged, Chaos uses the power of the emeralds to enact a near total genocide of the Knuckles Tribe. The chieftain's daughter, Tikal, seals herself and Chaos inside the Master Emerald to prevent the destruction from spreading any further. An energy surge lifts the land around the emerald altar into the sky above, becoming known as Angel Island. With their enemy eliminated, the Nocturnus create a Gizoid that


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