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Warrior Worth a Thousand

Finally, the three sworn brothers are now done. Also, the entire DW1 Shu cast. This one's kinda a big deal then.

*Name: Zhang Fei (Jong Fey)
*Courtesy Name: Yide
*Debut: Dynasty Warriors
*Faction: Shu
*Weapons: Viper Spear
*Year of Birth: ???
*Year of Death: 221
*Spouse: Xiahouji
*Children: Empress Jing'aiEmpress Zhang, Zhang Bao, Zhang Shao
*Notable Fact: During Liu Bei's flight from Changban, Zhang Fei destroyed a bridge and stood guard to keep Cao Cao's forces from passing. His bold declarations left the enemy forces too scared to advance.
*Samurai Counterpart: Tadakatsu Honda

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Now I wounder why the DW8 don't do that in Battle of Changban, Destroying the bridge? I mean you destroyed a bridge in Wei siad of the Battle of Hefei.
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I guess to allow enemies to pursue you afterwards.
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Oh well it still a awesome stage.
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Well, not when you're playing as Wei.

Game: "If Liu Bei escapes, you fail; but defeat him and he still escapes but you win!"
Player: :?
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That's Pursuit at Nanjun.
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It's how Wei's Changban goes. That's likely why they dropped it in DW8, even if they did make a very similar stage for the hypothetical route.
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