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Video Games Archetypes: Fighting Ninjas

Every fighting game has to have at least one ninja. It just does.

Arcana Heart: Konoha
Art of Fighting: Eiji Kisaragi
Battle Arena Toshinden: Eiji Shindo
Blazblue: Bang Shishigami
Bloody Roar: Bakuryu I, Bakuryu II, Kohryu
Breakers: Saizo Tobikage
Bushido Blade: Red Shadow
Dead or Alive: Ayane, Genra, Hayate, Kasumi, Kasumi Alpha, Momiji, Phase-4, Raidou, Ryu Hayabusa
Fatal Fury: Hokutomaru, Mai Shiranui
Galaxy Fight: Kazuma
Guilty Gear: Answer, Chipp Zanuff
Killer Instinct: Jago
King of Fighters: Andy Bogard, Bandeiras Hattori, Lin, Nagase
Last Blade: Zantetsu
Mortal Kombat: Chameleon, Cyrax, Ermac, Frost, Jade, Khameleon, Kitana, Mileena, Noob Saibot, Rain, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor, Skarlet, Smoke, Sub-Zero, Takeda Takahashi, Tanya, Triborg
Power Instinct: Hizumi Yukinoue, Saizo Hattori, Takumi Hattori
Power Stone: Ayame
Samurai Shodown: Galford D. Weller, Hanzo Hattori, Kazuki Kazama, Sogetsu Kazama
Savage Reign: Gozu, Jyazu, Mezu
Skullgirls - Valentine
SoulCalibur: Natsu, Taki, Yoshimitsu I, Yoshimitsu II
Street Fighter: Geki, Guy, Ibuki, Maki, Vega, Zeku
Strider/MVC: Strider Hiryu
Tekken: Kunimitsu, Master Raven, Raven, Yoshimitsu
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer: Fudohmaru
Warzard: Kenji
World Heroes: Hanzo Hattori, Kotaro Fūma

Version 1 (12/07/12)

Version 2 (04/12/12)
-Thanks to ArtsyGumi for Strider Hiryu
-Thanks to adddd for Frost
-Thanks to hanks to Crap-zapper for Jyazu

Version 3 (18/12/14)
-Thanks to TheSlayer666 for the Byakuru's
-Added Eiji Shindo, Jago, Kenji, Konoha, Lin, Momiji, Red Shadow

Version 4 (01/03/15)
-Thanks to legendrai1 for Nagase
-Added Phase-4

Version 5 (25/09/16)
-Thanks to tmma1869 for Bandeiras Hattori.

Version 6 (01/02/18)
-Thanks to tmma1869 for Vega and Kohryu

Version 7 (18/09/18)
-Thanks to @stardragondp for Andy Bogard, Chipp Zanuff, Answer, Kazuma, Fudohmaru and Saizo Tobikage.
-Thanks to tmma1869 for Valentine, Chipp and Answer.

Version 8 (16/04/19)
-Thanks to kn83 for pointing out Tanya being considered a ninja via Khameleon's MKA moveset.
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LordGianmarco's avatar
Em,what a about Iroha from Samurai Shodown 6
You forgot Tanya (Mortal Kombat)
The4thSnake's avatar
I don't really count her.
She's officially counted as the female yellow ninja of MK. That's why Khameleon can use her moves in MK Armageddon.
BlueEdge047's avatar

Rokurouta from Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors

BlueEdge047's avatar
Shadow Yamato from Eternal Champions
Miyabi from Battle Arena Toshinden
Chiho Masuda from Variable Geo

Got them from Wikipedia by the way, you're welcome!

And maybe Masta Killa from Wu-Tang Shaolin Style?
Marigi245's avatar
Ninjara from ARMS
Rune33's avatar
Of course especially if it's our resident ninja badass ryu hayabusa himself
BunnyBoy1337's avatar
How about Greninja in Smash Bros?
315591701's avatar
Scorpion, Takeda, Ermac and Jade
Best ones!
Ironhide555's avatar
Batman from Injustice 
Name of the ninja with the green top and the conical hat?
StarDragonJP's avatar
Andy Bogard - Fatal Fury/King of Fighters
Chip Zanuff, Answer - Guilty Gear
Sasuke, Kamui, Kasumi - Ninja Masters
Kazuma - Galaxy Fight
Fudohmaru - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Saizo Tobikage - Breakers
I'm surprised you didn't have Andy yet, also you forgot to add Nagase to King of Fighters & forgot the h in Phase 4 on the list
The4thSnake's avatar
FINALLY got around to adding them. Thanks.
tmma1869's avatar
Oh yeah, how come Vega/Balrog/Claw is not yet in this? ^^; Zeku too, and his younger form screams Hiryu so bad.

Kohryu's pretty uncertain. Sure he's based on the original Bakuryu, but pretty robotic and with a different goal.
The4thSnake's avatar
Thanks to this, I even realised Maki, Master Raven, Takeda and Maki were missing. Thank you.
tmma1869's avatar
Two Makis? :o And yeah... them too. There are way too many ninjas in fighting games nowadays.
The4thSnake's avatar
I guarantee there are more that I've missed. It's funny how the two big offenders are such for totally different reasons: Mortal Kombat because making palette swaps was really easy and saved time, memory and money; while Dead or Alive centres on the ninjas and crosses over hard with Ninja Gaiden.
tmma1869's avatar
I also forgot. Chipp (I thought he was there) and Answer in Guilty Gear and Valentine in Skullgirls. ^^;

Mortal Kombat definitely has a lot while DoA/NG have only 4. =P
The4thSnake's avatar
FINALLY got around to adding them. Thanks.
Marigi245's avatar
You forgot shiek.
The4thSnake's avatar
She's not original to a fighting series.
Marigi245's avatar
So I guess greninja doesn't count either?
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