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The Proud Nobleman

Yuan Shao's so silly, yet so fun to be around. No wonder Sengou Basara ripped him off with Yoshiaki Mogami...

*Name: Yuan Shao (Ywen Shao)
*Courtesy Name: Benchu
*Debut: Dynasty Warriors 2
*Faction: Yuan Shao's Forces
*Weapons: Longsword, Rapier, Extension Blade
*Year of Birth: ???
*Year of Death: 202
*Spouse: Principle Wife, Lady Liu
*Children: Yuan Tan, Yuan Xi, Yuan Shang, Yuan Mai
*Notable Fact: Yuan Shao was appointed leader of the Guandong Coalition against Dong Zhuo.
*Samurai Counterpart: N/A
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I loved his armor from 4 Empires.

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In DW6 - DW9, Yuan Shao looks just like French nobleman, i mean looks at the mustache.
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Sengoku Basara ripped him off Yoshiaki Mogami...true, but only the one from DW6, DW7 and DW8.

Because the Yuan Shao from DW4-DW5 was more of a serious character and honestly, he was much better like that.
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He is so annoying...but one of the funniest parts of Warriors Orochi is the level where you think you're going in to save Liu Bei but it ends up being Yuan Shao instead XP
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Yeah, that's great. And Zhao Yun's reaction was funny too.
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