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Samurai Warriors 1 Roster

Here comes another roster wallpaper, this time Samurai Warriors 1. I wanted to include Nagamasa and Ieyasu but their renders aren't available anywhere. Oh, well. They were only NPCs so it's no big deal.

Core Characters: Yukimura Sanada • Keiji Maeda • Nobunaga Oda • Mitsuhide Akechi • Goemon Ishikawa • Kenshin Uesugi • Oichi • Okuni • Kunoichi • Magoichi Saika • Shingen Takeda • Masamune Date • Nōhime • Hanzō Hattori • Ranmaru Mori

Xtreme Legends Characters: Hideyoshi Toyotomi • Yoshimoto Imagawa • Tadakatsu Honda • Inahime

Unique NPCs: Ieyasu Tokugawa • Nagamasa Azai • Kennyo Honganji

Samurai WarriorsSamurai Warriors 2 - Samurai Warriors 3 - Samurai Warriors 4

Version 1 (02/01/14) - Version 2 (29/05/14)
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I miss Masemune's Twin Wood Swords, and Oichi's Cup-&-Ball

: <

I hope they are made available as DLC weapons for SW$'s edit mode.
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I'd have given the swords to Kojuro, and the ball & cup thing to Lady Yodo.
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Personally I like the idea the weapons were designed for children characters, so i think that theme should be kept if their given to someone else on a later date.
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I f**king love these game :D
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History has never before been this colorful.
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