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Nobunaga's Bodyguard

I had so much trouble with the title, I don't even care anymore.

*Name: Ranmaru Mori
*Debut: Samurai Warriors
*Faction: Oda
*Weapons: Nodachi
*Year of Birth: 1565
*Year of Death: 1582
*Spouse: N/A
*Notable Fact: Ranmaru defended Nobunaga at Honnō-ji, and committed seppuku after Nobunaga died.
*Dynasty Counterpart: Zhou Tai, Dian Wei
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Biggest bishi of them all
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so is it a he or she? still don't know
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He. I went through all of Warriors Orochi 1, thinking he was a girl. You can see why they changed his hair back in SW3.
His voice actor is a female, that's why. I was confused at first, too. =P

I think Koei was trying to hint at the historical sexual relationship between Ranmaru and Nobunaga, by making him so overly girly in looks and making a woman do his audio.
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Possibly. Still, got to feel sorry for anyone who took a liking to him before finding out the truth if you know what I mean.
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He commit suicide? :O
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He had nothing else to live for. Better than burning to death.
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Yes! Ranmaru :squee: Thank you again for another wallpaper of a fave character of mine :D
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