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[DL] Steelhooves V1



I still have a bit more work to get everything how I want on this model, but this will give a good starting point for some people.  DMX's and SMDs are included, but there are minor issues that are being brought to me, so I will update this as I go along.

Original Model by:  TheDurkaArt
Mesh cleanup, sculpting, rigging, porting:  Me
Special thanks:  BeardedDoomGuy
Preview Image By:  Hellhounds04

I pushed really hard to get at least a beta release by Bronycon.  Most of the 200hrs I put into this model were trying to fix mesh errors for sculpting. I was having issues with Mudbox 2016 creating the tangent-space normal maps for some reason, so I will need to go back and fix those.  I am also working on supplementary FO4-inspired scenery props.  So stay tuned for that.

You are welcome to test this model and let me know how to improve it.  I am not going to make major modifications as that is beyond the scope of the project at this point.  I will make it less shiny (adjust in VMTs), and add bump and dirt masks to give it a more realistic dirty appearance.
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