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[DL] SFM-compatible props for your FOE Needs




Per request of :iconthedukedog:, I batch fixed the Fallout Props pack (the giant one) and Vault Kit to work in Source Film Maker.  This may have been done before, but I am uploading so that the Pony Source Film Maker Group (the original pack seems to work with GMod) have both the packs to create Fallout Equestria scene builds.

I take no credit for the models (Bethesda), the export of models (RenaFox), finding these packs on Facepunch (:iconargodaemon:), or the image above.

I only packaged both of them together and changed the alphatest for all the VMTs.  These are ready for drag and drop.

DO NOT MESSAGE ME ASKING WHY TEXTURES  DONT WORK ON SOME MODELS (ex:  dirtybird.mdl).  These are as I got them.  I tried diagnosing a few (most work fine), but the textures simply were not able to be found.

RenaFox's thread on FacePunch:…

Note:  both the giant props pack and the vault kit are in folders called props_fallout.  There's no way for me to make them differentiate-able, but the vault kit props usually start with "v" in the model name.  

Thanks to :iconepiclper:, we have a reliable place to host the archive (other than my dropbox or some media sharing site).  Danke Danke, Ponysfm.
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