The Big Club Contest - Finished!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 29, 2011, 9:02 AM

Hi and Welcome

The Big Club Contest Has Finished - now Admin judging Time!!!

Yes its now Admin Judging time, the Club Admin will be Judging each entry by a point system

up to - 20 points for modelling
up to - 20 Points for lighting/rendering
up to - 20 points for texturing
up to - 20 points for composition
up to - 20 points for overall look

So good luck to every one =D

The Final Entrys

:thumb210397302: Lamin Dracaena - The Guardian by KuRo-04-TsuKi Bring The Pages To Life by MishraFathom

Yes our Big club contest has ended! So we have some really good prizes this year, like Full software License for topogun, and 2500 DA points to be won!!! Plus this is a great way to start a new 3d project and get your stuff noticed in the 3D community!

So Contest Rules and information!


The theme is.....Fantasy

Fantasy: imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.  This theme was chosen by you, via a poll vote, so think outside box on this one and it's all about the imagination!


1st Place Prizes!
Full software License for Topogun - , Prize donation by - Braldye
:points: 1500 DA Points , Prize donation by - WillowXD
Their Art Work Featured in the Club, aka in the the club blog!
Their Art Work Featured by, Affiliating Groups, Club Admin and Members!

2nd Place Prizes!
:points: 1000 DA Points, Prize donation by - WillowXD, deconvolved and racer1110
Their Art Work Featured by, Affiliating Groups, Club Admin and Members!

3rd Place Prizes!
:points: 500 DA Points , Prize donation by - sentimentalfreak and Ammut88
Their Art Work Featured by, Affiliating Groups, Club Admin and Members!

Note: Prizes may change for the better or worst, this will not be the clubs fault if some prizes my be removed or added, if you can donate any prizes it would be much appreciated, prizes like DA Points and Journal Features, to donate a prize please tell WillowXD and please state what kind of prize please!!!

Contest Dates
The start date: 22nd May 2011 (Ended!)
The entry end date: 25th July 2011 (Ended)
The Public Voting Date: 25th July 2011 (Ended)
The Admin judging day: 29-31th July 2011 (Started!!!)
The Results Day: 1st August 2011

Note: Dates my change so keep an eye on the dates!!!

The entries will be judged by Public vote and then the 3 enters with the most votes will be judged by The club Admin to be placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd place!

-Must be a Member of this Club-
-Only 1 entry per Deviant-
-Must be at lest %50 3D, created with a 3D software-
-It must go within the theme-
-It must be created for this contest-
-It must be uploaded in the time that this competition has been set-
-It must be suitable for family viewing and so no need for the mature tag-
-You must state if you used Pre-made Models and textures in entry Description-
Pre-made models and textures include models and textures made by you before the contest or made by some one else, like downloaded models and textures, if you fail to state this, your entry may be declined for entry!

Judging Point System
up to - 20 points for modelling
up to - 20 Points for lighting/rendering
up to - 20 points for texturing
up to - 20 points for composition
up to - 20 points for overall look

Note: The Point System will only be used when the Club admin are Judging the final 3 entries!

How to Enter
Please submit your entry in the "Big Club Contest Entries" Folder then at the top of the page there is a button called "Submit to this folder" here is a link -…, you have entered the contest!

Submit your Work in progress for the contest here -…

Note: If your entry breaks any of rules it will be removed from the folder and it won't be entered!

If you have any questions on the Contest please ask!!!

Contest Run by WillowXD and all other Club Admin

So Good luck to everyone!!!

Thanks for reading!

Group Facebook Page

Its called The3DArtistClub -…
for some people the link don't work (we don't know the reason why) so you may have to search for it in Facebook search, just type the club name it should come up!

This is a Facebook version of The3DArtistClub So now you can get updates on club news and updates without being on deviantArt and also it's another way of showing your 3D and links to your inspirations, useful links to 3D information and get faster feedback on 3D work!

Note: The Facebook Group is for 3D Artists, where you can show your work and show links to your inspirations, resources and helpful info. Any 3D artists can join you don't have to be a member on deviantART or the original club, but keep in mind please don't add everyone you know!

Come into our chatroom, so we are now going to do some Events and contests in our chatroom, so come in for a chat or for live 3D help as there are many different 3D Artists that you can ask for help and advice - #The3DArtistChatroom

Note:All 3D Artists are welcome in the chatroom, you don't need to be members of the clubs, but you do need to be members to do the contests!

For Information and dates on Chatroom contests like: speed modelling, help and chat day and theme of the day, look on the main club page or this journal entry -…

If you are interested in joining?

To join the club and be come a member all you need to do is click the "join this group" in the side panel of the club page and put the club icon into you Journal to make sure you don't miss anything!

To become a Club Admin:
If you want to be a Club Admin, like a 3D Helper or Club Moderator, you need to note WillowXD telling her what you can bring to the Club and how you can help! Just remember this is not a Holiday pass time thing, you need to be able to help all around the year!

To put the icon in your journal, all you have to write is this:
: iconThe3DArtistClub :
But without the spaces!

Thank you!

Featured Gallery -…
This gallery is folder is going to be quality controlled, only amazing 3D works go into this folder, and this folder will have a 5 vote system, so please don't submit into this folder if you don't like to be rejected, and if you do get rejected don't take it out on the admin, just keep trying to improve your work and one day you may get into this folder! One Submission a Day!

Members gallery -…
This gallery folder will not have a voting system, any submissions will be automatically approved, but there are no sub folders anymore, so no more confussion on that part, still there will be only 1 submission a day and for finished submissions only!

Tutorials, Resources and References gallery folder -…
hasn't changed really, but We are looking for more Tutorials, Resources and References for this folder!

Critique Wanted gallery -…
This is a new folder, this folder will have a voting system, so admin and/or members can give your work Critique, this folder is for members to get Critique on their work! So none and finished 3D works can get submitted into this folder! One submission a day!

Work in Progress - WIPs -…
This folder will not have a voting system, and This folder is not where you get Critique on your work (you may do from other members)This folder is just here to show your WIPs! One submission a day and only Work in progress only!

For the Gallery rules, look in gallery folders or on the Group Profile page, as the rules are located in there and make sure you read them before you submit your work!

Note: If you post stuff in the wrong folder it will be denied or removed from the folder or if you submit more than one submission a day it will also be denied, so please read the rules located in the folder!

This is how you can submit your own works:
Go into the club gallery go into the Folder you want to submit to and at the top there is a button called "submit to this folder" click that or you can go to the top of the club page and it has a button that has your name, icon and club role, you click that and you can submit to the club from there too, and then you need to wait 'till one of the admin accepts it, and there you go your work is submitted!

The club would really benefit from having a subscribtion all the time, it would keep the club looking good and we would be able to keep having polls, Featured Deviations, "Spotlight" Deviations and lots of other stuff, and it would keep people more interested in the club and have more people joining. If you do donate, you would go in the journal to tell people you have donated to the club.

:iconfoxgguy2001: :iconsentimentalfreak: :iconlinuxnofear: :icontomerm: :iconxnaaral: :iconhumbertthehorse: :iconracer1110: :iconthosar: :iconthecospig: :icony50p: :iconwiirus: :icontechnohippy: :iconjwiesner: :iconbubblecloud:

Yes this goes in order of who donated the most points to the group!

[none at the minute]

If you are an Affiliate or a Member of this club, you can send us your contests or any news for us to put up, just send us a note called "Affiliate/Member Events"

Magical Mini Planet by choudryarif lip stick by choudryarif :thumb185340687:
By choudryarif

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