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Is this group active anymore?
Thank you for accepting me to this group!
I reposted images the Feb 21, 2023... two of which are still pending. Will you approve them before they too expire... AGAIN?
If some have been approved and some haven't, I'd say that it's probably because they do not meet all the criteria stated in the rules.
Please make sure that your submission have the 3D software used to create it in the description or tags, that the smallest side of the viewable image is at least 720 px, that it's submitted to the correct folder.

Here's an example of what is not being approved. The workflow is clearly marked as SketchUp and Thea Render. The dimensions are shown on the page as 1920x1080px 1.55 MB. It was placed in the appropriate gallery folder. So... tell me what about this and the other images is not conforming to the group rules. Much appreciated.

Size requirements not met

From the rules:

Submissions must meet size requirements!

The smallest side of the displayed image, not downloadable image, must be at least 720 pixels. Select proper size when uploading to DA, keeping aspect ratio in mind.

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