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I'm not suspicious about repetitive phrases, especially those from fairy tales.
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     So, not dead. I've been busy with schoolwork. Math literally killed what little social life I have these past few months. Northeast gives us an hour in the middle of our school day to see our teachers to work on grades or to hang out with friends. Technically it's supposed to be used for lunch, but you can hang with your friends during lunch. Over the past few months I had to use NHS hr for math help 'cuz there were things that we were learning and I didn't get them. I really only got 1-2 days a week to hang with my friends during NHS hr. Another thing that took up my time during NHS hr was helping out at the school store on Tuesday and Thursday. Towards the end of the year getting math help even cut into that. Thank god school is over now and I don't have to worry about any of that crap until September. However, I do have 2 summer assignments that I have to do for 2 different AP classes I'll be taking in the fall (AP Language and AP World History). I don't plan on touching either of them until next month. 
    I actually managed to draw something. One Saturday I was bored, and so I drew Flowey. I dunno if I'll post it or not. Depends. I spent that whole day working on it and listening to different musicals. I'm probably not gonna finish coloring the self-portrait thing I did last year. I still haven't finished coloring the shirt yet and I think I did it in a kind of weird design anyway. I honestly haven't looked at it in a while.
   (Arrrgh!!!!!!!!Rage I was in the middle of typing this and my computer totally wonked out on me. Stupid computer! Fortunately, everything saved to my and I was able to copy this into a new journal.)
    Since my last update, I've gotten into some things. I totally love Undertale now. I never really got into it when it first came out last year. I watched all of Yuri!!! on Ice (first anime I've actually finished; I normally have other things going on in my life to finish watching an anime I start watching :( (Sad) ). It's so good! If you haven't seen it, you should totally check it out. I spent the past few days binge-reading Fairy Tail. I read over 300 chapters from where I was to the latest chapter. I'm excited for the next chapter to come out. I wish it wasn't ending, but at the same time I want the next 7 chapters to come out so I can read them. At least I have all summer to watch the anime :D (Big Grin).
    Part of the reason I'm not really on here as much as I used to be is 'cuz I absolutely suck at holding conversations over text. I hardly ever talk to people on here. I prefer face to face conversation. I'm too damn awkward to really be comfortable talking to people when I can't see their face. It's also hard to hold a conversation when you have things you want to talk about, and you have to wait for a person to reply. That's why my journals are in first and second person. I'm just talking to myself as I put my thoughts down. It's actually kinda relaxing to do this, maybe I should keep a personal journal irl. My only problems would be finding time to write during the school year and having motivation to actually write things down.
    In the past few months, I've seen some really good movies. I saw Kong Skull Island when it came out. It was pretty good. It turned out a bit differently from what I thought it would be. I saw the Lego Batman movie and I loved it. It was so funny. And the animation was absolutely gorgeous. I saw Beauty and the Beast twice. When it first came out (opening weekend) and about a week after my 16th birthday (the end of April). I loved it both times. Be Our Guest just took my breath away. I was singing along to Belle in the theater. I still have that entire song memorized. I recently just re-watched it on DVD with my brother a few days ago. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 back in May. It was really good. The fight scene between Gamora and Nebula was really cool. Baby Groot was adorable. I teared up at the ending (no spoilers Wink/Razz; if you've seen the movie then you know the sad part I'm talking about). I saw Wonder Woman last Friday. It was awesome! The fight scene between Diana and Ares was kick-ass! Wonder Woman was soo much better than Batman v. Superman. The soundtrack is really good as well. Last night I watched Galaxy Quest. I had seen the first half hour back during band season, but never finished it. It was on TV last night and had just started, so I got to watch the entire thing. It's a decent movie. I'm mentioning all the movies I've seen recently because normally I don't watch that many movies within a few months of each other.
    Sorry this is so long. I'mma try and be on here more throughout the summer, but no promises. That kinda depends on how particularly motivated I am to get on here. Also, I don't want to be sitting on my butt in front of a screen all summer. I plan on exercising more this summer. I plan on taking my learner's permit test at some point this summer (I don't know when my dad will set a date for me to take the test). I also plan on watching more anime this summer. I'm definitely going to get caught up on Attack on Titan (still need to finish season 1 and I need to watch season 2). I'm going to watch Fairy Tail 'cuz the manga is really good. I might start watching new anime as well. But again, I'm not spending all of my summer in front of a screen. Band camp starts August 7 (woot woot) :D (Big Grin)!! I'll have band camp that whole week. For the rest of August I'll have practice in the evening on Tuesday and Thursday. This is my 4th year volunteering at the public library over the summer. I'm trying to beat my record of 96 hrs. The theme this year is making the world a better place. Beanstack has changed it's format a little from last year, but I'm getting used to it.
    Wow, didn't think this was gonna be so long. Sorry for jumping from topic to topic. I'm just getting all my thoughts down. As I said earlier, it's really relaxing to get my thoughts down and just type. I'll be impressed if anyone actually reads all the way to the end. Normally I don't like typing this much 'cuz it's for a lame school assignment. I should probably stop before I really start repeating myself. Bye for now.
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