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Name/Username: Pine / The1MillionthVisitor
Rank: A


  Free Flower Sticker by floramisa Free Honey Sticker by floramisa Free Leaf Sticker by floramisa Free Bananas by floramisa
1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa  5 Mothcats Owned by floramisa  Penny Pincher by floramisa  Slightly Bigger Steps by floramisa  Digital Artist - Tablet by floramisa  Lotto Winner - Pawsitivity by floramisa
Happy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa  Fundraiser - 2017 THE WORLD IS REBELLING by floramisa  2018 Into the Catacombs Participant by floramisa  2018 FFY Sticker by olympvs  Honey's Surprise Party Participant by floramisa  2018 Fundraiser - Let Your Voice Be Heard by floramisa  Happy 3!!! Birthday Cake by floramisa  2019 Official Winter Olympics Participant by Mothkitten  2019 Eggy Grams Participant by Mothkitten Happy 4!!!! Birthday Cookie by floramisa

Mothcats Owned: 

Shadow | Mayor Cutie | Luna

Austin (Boomer) | Nugget | Soleil

[MC] [Approved] Matthias by The1MillionthVisitor
Matthias | Alfred | Glitch


Subspecies Owned: 


Bank Balance:

 | 6  | 4 


Mothcats Inventory - Slots and ConsumablesSlots:
Clothing Slot x3
Florabun Seed | Silver Companion Slot | Gold Companion Slot

Applied Glitter Voucher - tbu on Glitch
Essence of Rainbow x2
 Green Dye Bottle by Mothkitten
Pink Dye Bottle | Green Dye Bottle
Lotto Ticket by Mothkitten Lotto Ticket by Mothkitten Lotto Ticket by Mothkitten
Lotto Ticket x3
Seed - Infused Ensha by Mothkitten Silver Acorina by Mothkitten Marking Primer by Mothkitten
Infused Ensha Seed
Mothcats Inventory - EquippablesCompanions:

Fairy Wren | Hedgehog - bright | Snow Hare
Crab - Christmas | Fancy Pigeon | Rat - Dumbo Hooded
Collar - Red with Gold Tag (Shadow) | Purple Leash | Fake Antlers
  Bridgekeeper's Cloak by Mothkitten Scarf - Faded Red by Mothkitten
Rogue's Earrings | Bridgekeeper's Cloak | Scarf - Faded Red
Mage's Purse by Mothkitten Sandals - Winged by Mothkitten Tigereye Amulet by Mothkitten
Mage's Purse | Winged Sandals | Amulet
Glow Band Purple by Mothkitten Backpack - Forest by Mothkitten

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 


Last Updated: 1/17/20
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