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It's been a long time coming (3 years...) but after a couple of months of off and on hard working the site is finally ready to be live. I plan to add and edit some features on the site in the next couple of weeks but they are not required so I decided to launch now. This site shows off my skill set much better than the previous version. It comes packed with AJAX/JS functionality, HTML5/CSS3 (not pure though due to certain browsers, read IE/Safari), video, and a mobile version.

Go to: to check it out. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I recently updated my portfolio, check it out:

I'm always looking for freelance, so if you have a project, let me know.

I graduated and now I have no source of income so if anyone needs a website made message me or email me. I have plenty of experience and am willing to work with you if you have a budget.

My portfolio:

Feel free to ask any questions.

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After months of working hard on my portfolio and my identity I am proud to announce that is now live. There will be some minor changes to the site over the next couple of weeks as I prepare for my graduation, which is December 19th.

I will be graduating The Art Institutes International Minnesota with a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Media and Web Design. It's been a long 3.25 years and I can't wait to get into the field.

Please, feel free to check out the site, !


P.S. Isn't that a great domain name?
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I graduate in 3 months (woot!) and am working hard on the portfolio. My site, has been reinstated to the original version (comments, login system, etc) because it is no longer going to be my portfolio site. My new portfolio site, (for real real) will be up soon. I almost have all my projects finalized and need to work on some copy-writing.

I'll be sure to post when it's active.


As always, if you are interested in having a website and don't have one let me know.
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Hey just wanted to let everyone know that the site was down because I was switching from 1and1 hosting to blue host.

Also there is a new version of the site.

comments and more art work is available through the personal link where as the other site is my portfolio version. I need to go through and take some more artwork off though.

I hope to be adding new content both on dA and my site soon.



PS - Also remember, if you are looking for a website feel free to contact me =D I am currently freelancing!
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It's been a long time, a year and a half in fact, since this site has seen a re-design so I finally got to it this last week and here it is. I like to think that it is a little better...actually a lot better. However, that is not all that has been changed on this site. Features have been made to be more user friendly and give the user more options. Also, you no longer have to have an account to make a comment on the blog but you do have to log in in order to comment on art work. There are a bunch of new tricks also as you may see the navigation works a little different and the CSS drop down menus to the right are fancier.

Let me know what you think of the new design and comment on some artwork!



P.S. If anyone needs a website let me know and I can make it happen =D
Hey to anyone who reads this.

I'm looking for work on the side (freelance I mean) and I am willing to make websites for people who need them. If it's designed already that's a big help but not required.

If you're at all interested feel free to contact me via email or a note on here. Either is fine since I check both a few times a day.

Feel free to check out my site :

I have other websites I can show you when we talk if you want to see more examples. First I must get the permission to link to them.

Well, it's that time of year, rather quarter, new content is now on the site.

Finally, at 2 in the mourning, I decided to start adding new content to my site! There are 2 new vector images, 4 new flash projects, 1 new video project, and 6 new fractal wallpapers! Hope you like them. I should be getting around to adding a better feature for editing comments too! I hope you enjoy, and don't forget, leave comments! That way I know what's cool and what's not.

Justin Herrera - The14thGOD -

PS Make an account and/or comment, and you save a kitten!
To Whoever reads this:

I've finally finished my website and it is now up and running. The site will continually get new updates and fixes as I learn more and get more feedback on it. Feel free to email me with any questions bout it!



So, my friend Sean, challenged me to make a music video that was story driven rather than an action video since those are easy to pull off for me. So I took him on this challenge, and over a year later, (I havn't been working on it to hard till now, 10 months since I've touched it hah) here it is.

Sadly, you pretty much have to see the anime to understand it because you can't possibly tell the whole story of an anime in 3-4 minutes. But those who have seen it will understand most (if not all) of the video and how it fits in with the actuall lyrics.

YouTube Link:…

Anime: Noir
Song: "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence

Please, even if you havn't seen the anime, or if you are at least interested in it, take a look at it. And if you have a YouTube account, please comment/rate it. It will also be on my mySpace page.

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy it.

This is a viral video, or supposed to be.

Three characters go on a quest to fix a broken sword.

Parody of RPG's.

Youtube Link:…

Please check it out and spread the word, the person who gets the most views by the end of the quarter gets 25extra points.

Help a college kid out eh =D
Check out my music videos I have done if you feel like it. Let me know what you think.

*higher quality video links*

(lower quality, faster download)

I'm looking to get more experience in the field of website making. If you need one contact me via subject: I need a website, and we'll talk. Best part, it's free!