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Tia's Promise



First off I would like to thank anyone who reads this description, as it reviles a deeper meaning in this comic.

Okay, so If you have already read it you know about the Kid Friendly massage in this comic, about a true friendship.
Well stop right there because there is a much deeper meaning to this comic.

As you might have noticed, this is a really long time to be worried about a promise made such a long time ago; and it should have been resolved by now right? I mean Twilight is an Alicorn that's pretty for ahead in the story.


This comic is about closure, I know all to well the need for closure, and being too scared to try and get it.
This is my explanation of why Celestia did not say it up till now: Fear of the response.

-And happy ending she managed to get hers.

This comic, the idea of closure is how I became a brony...

Warning this is going to be very personal

For those of you reading this thank you even more, This will explain why I made the comic.
While Celestia managed to get her closure, I on the other hand did not.

My closure never came because three years ago, the one man I needed it own father died of kidney cancer.
They thought that they got rid of it when they took the kidney out.

He was doing fine for about a month until the symptoms came back, we went back to San Antonio to have him checked again.
He had an unknown aggressive cancer, It was already in stage 4. On the 4th of July 2010 my father passed away while I was watching him.

Seeing a parent you love die right in font of you is one of the most horrible things you can experience.

I realized very quickly that I had never got closure for one of my biggest regrets I had not told him about.
Soon all of the things I could have told him rushed into my mind, I quickly became suicidal.

This is where I became a brony...I used to lie all the time saying that I just became a brony this year; but that is not true.
One day I picked up the remote and turned on the TV, and there was the episode that changed me.

"Luna Eclipsed"

I laughed more then I have in months.

It took the pain away, I continued to watch it and soon I was hooked.

This comic is in a way my closure I never got, MLP saved me (much to my family's disapproval)

This comic is from the heart, Thank you My Little Pony

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Celestia, you have normal prisons.

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that may be cute but what turned Luna evil in the first place why was she jealous why did she eclipse the sun and moon why did she become nightmare moon just to get banished to the moon for 1000 years I GOTTA KNOW
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Celestia smile I promise I won't send you away, Luna.
1 second later...
Trollestia TO THE MOON U GO!!!!!!  
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Tia tail-chew "I'm never letting you go again"
Princess Luna Worried "right.. thanks alot?"
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*hug* i started with Luna Eclipsed too ^^
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Awwwwww :) *cry of cuteness*
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I'm soooo weak Rainbow Dash (cry) plz 
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The feels every time I read this
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this comment is something i wanted to say a long time ago, but couldnt because of several reasons. one of them being my fear that the events happen again if i talk about them. this is not about losing a loved one, but about losing what is the easiest to be lost: control of your life.
if you dont want to read this, i dont blame you.

a few years ago, i got my first gaming device, a Nintendo DS Lite with Pokémon Diamond version. until then, i knew pokémon only from TV, and i got addicted to the game. i didnt want to catch them all, i just replaced my real life friends with my pokémon and wanted to spend time with them. i did not eat or sleep, i faked diseases and my mom sent me to a therapist because she believed i would hurt myself. she soon got asked if she was hurting me, and it nearly destroyed my family, until my Nintendo DS Lite broke and i couldnt play anymore. though i didnt try to kill myself, i just spent the days in my room crying and wishing to be in the pokéworld when i open my eyes, together with all my pokémon. i then got a computer and found a game called Antbuster TD. its main goal is to keep ants from stealing your cake using towers, but the thing is: u cant win. ok, the game crashes once u reached 999.999.999 points and score another one, but other than that, it just keeps getting harder. as u might guess, ive played it a lot. i went back to school, but instead of learning, i made tactics for this game. where to place which tower, when to place said towers, such things. after i crashed the game 5 time, i found my first MMORPG. i met some friends there, joined a guild, defeated nearly every other guild in the game, became the leader of the guild, there was literally nothing that could do me any harm. i had a 500 health per second regeneration factor, the strongest armor and weaponry in the game and was the leader of the 5th best guild in the entire game. then, one day, there was a player, who defeated some of the lower-level members of my guild. i challanged him and he asked me if we wanted to make it an all or nothing battle. i agreed, and he defeated me. he used a very weak weapon, but it stopped the target from regenerating health. after the first strike, i already lost. he gave me five minutes to say farewell to anyone in my guild. i just told them what happened, and that they should leave the guild form a new one and wait for my return. i also told them the codeword i would use so they can identify me, then i put my entire inventory in the guild´s chest and talked with someone who played the game just for fun, instead of making it the main focus of his life, like i did. i told him that i wouldnt return anytime soon, and that he should have my best weapon. i gave it to him and told the guy who defeated me my account data, then i logged out for the last time. several weeks of crying, walking around outside during the night and more crying later, i checked my e-mails and found one from someone i didnt know. it was the mother of the guy i gave my best weapon to. she told me her son had a severe mental disorder and that i was one of the few things that gave him hope. losing the contact to me was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and he is in hopsital now because he tried to kill himself out of frustration. i not only ruined my own life, but also almost killed someone else i didnt even know in real life. after that, i isolated myself from anyone and barely taled to my family, if i ever said anything.
but then, one day, i was watching TV like i used to in my childhood, i saw My Little Pony. and actually, i have no idea what exactly it was that kept me interesed in it, it was the first 2 episodes of season 1 after all, but i kept watching it, and soon found out about the brony fandom. at first i thought it was something small and nothing real, but then i saw a picture of one of the BroNYCons and started searching for brony youtubers. it took almost 15 years for me to talk to someone im not related to, but since i do, im very happy, but also mad at myself for not doing so earlier. i just wish there were any bronies where i live, so we could talk in person.

thanks for reading everyone.
Brother Brony,i feel you. Some times it seem suffering has no end, no depth. You must know there is an other place,no sorrow only joy.Under different wings. 
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2nd panel
Tia i had a dream your eye was talking!
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I love Luna So much! X3
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thats really cute.
So MLP literally saved your life?
That does it. All you Brony haters can just shit your own dicks. 
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