Weekly Horoscopes 12/17/2007 - 12/23/2007

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12/17/2007 - 12/23/2007


On Monday and Tuesday, you're a trendsetter, a pacesetter, the one out front, the one clearing the path for everyone else, the example. This isn't really something you planned for yourself. You just have some restless energy. You can't help it. On Wednesday and Thursday you slow down a bit, mostly so you can take stock of your feelings and your finances, but you're still 100 percent agreeable. Friday and Saturday you have about a billion emails to catch up on, but Sunday's a go-visit-the-family sort of day.


On Monday and Tuesday your mind seems divided. Mostly you have differing thoughts about your time and the pace at which you're moving. Should you slow your goal trajectory a bit? Should you accelerate it? Are you walking too quickly when you could be enjoying the stroll? On Wednesday and Thursday, you're not really bothered by such questions, mostly because you're so intensely happy. Nothing seems to bother you at all. But Friday and Saturday a few minor financial frustrations underscore a certain level of crankiness. On Sunday, have dinner with a friend.


On Monday and Tuesday, someone is coming at you fast and furious with advice. If you were in a different mood, you might take offense to this person saying that (essentially) you don't know what you're doing. But on those days you're thrilled, because it's really good advice. You can put your feelings aside and recognize the value of their words. On Wednesday and Thursday, a few brand-new obstacles come your way, but now you have strategies for dealing with them. Friday and Saturday are full of hand-shaking and telling strangers your name -- including, yes, an attractive stranger or two.


Your brain is quick on Monday and Tuesday -- much quicker than usual. Your feelings are a bit closer to the surface, too. It will take some effort to keep from responding emotionally to things that normally wouldn't get to you, but it's just a mood thing. Wednesday and Thursday you're a lot more open to anything anyone wants to toss your way. Witty little jab? Absolutely. Bring it. The difference is that Wednesday and Thursday are just plain fun. A dinner party is a fantastic idea. Friday and Saturday you find yourself discovering something new about yourself.


On Monday and Tuesday, a conversation with someone reverses a conviction you've held for a long time. Something you were very sure of ... Poof! It's gone! Turned upside down! It's funny how one person's perspective can change everything. On Wednesday and Thursday, the perspective you're most worried about is your boss'. You're particularly attuned to how you come across at work, and you're trying to reinforce a good impression. Friday and Saturday are social -- it may be that you're socializing with work people; nevertheless, you're socializing. Sunday's more of a stay-at-home day.


Monday and Tuesday you know exactly what you're doing, and it gives all of your actions a kind of magical vividness, not to mention a sense of inevitability. This is a talent of yours, something you've cultivated, this knowing what you're doing, and you can call it up even when you have no idea what you're doing! On Wednesday and Thursday, the thing that strikes you is how compatible you and you-know-who are. A trip together proves it. Friday and Saturday you have a bunch of things to tell people and not much time, so you're in front of your email a lot. But Sunday you get some fresh air.


Monday and Tuesday you're focused on a certain relationship. It might be romantic or it might be professional, but whatever it is, you can barely think about anything else. Most likely the issue is that there's compromise required, and you're just not sure if you're prepared to bend. Give it some time. Reconsider. On Wednesday and Thursday, delicious meals figure strongly -- either you've stumbled onto a new set of recipes or you're around someone who's a great cook. Friday and Saturday are more about the dinner conversation than the dinner, but Sunday's quiet, peaceful and gorgeous.


Monday or Tuesday, in the middle of helping someone else, you might bang your head, or do something equally random and painful. It's not going to be a lasting pain, but you'll remember it at least all afternoon. So watch it! On Wednesday and Thursday, you're banged around again -- emotionally this time. Someone has their hands on your heart, and they're letting you know they know it. What a week this is! Thankfully, none of the damage lasts, and in a strange way, you'll look back on all of it as either funny or educational. This weekend's an adventure. An excellent adventure!


Monday and Tuesday are romantic, but not in a gushy way. They're romantic in a way that involves playing games and laughing hysterically. On Wednesday and Thursday, you have some responsibilities to attend to; as much as you'd like to be thinking big-picture thoughts, it's the details that need your attention. On Friday and Saturday, there's so much going on in your life it's almost funny, with people running around and opening and closing doors and making silly phone calls. But you love the antic energy. On Sunday, try to reconnect with you-know-who. Have a good talk.


Monday and Tuesday find you protecting your resources -- especially in the career and family realms. You're worried about something, or perhaps you're just getting sentimental. Maybe the resources you're protecting are simply keepsakes. Nevertheless, on Wednesday and Thursday you couldn't be less worried about anything. Nature figures into these days, as does romance and relaxing and letting your feelings be known. Friday and Saturday you're doing a lot of communicating but you don't seem to be getting through to people. On Sunday, focus on just one person.


Monday and Tuesday you make so many discoveries that you'd be wise to keep a notebook with you, just to keep track of it all. These periods of discovery happen a lot in your life and are good for your brain. They give you energy. On Wednesday and Thursday, you're a little more low-energy, but still, you're bending your brain around new things. During Friday and Saturday, you give your brain a rest and give in to your intuitive romantic side -- the side that requires no thinking at all. On Sunday, you're trying to figure out what it all means.


On Monday and Tuesday you're at a loss. Someone is not telling you something and you can tell, but you can't tell who it is or why. You just have this funny feeling. Not that you mind a mystery. As a matter of fact, you get into this position a lot, this 'I know something is up' position. On Wednesday and Thursday, instead of worrying about it, focus on your love life -- which, luckily, gives you plenty to focus on right now. If you're not hanging out with someone special, write a poem. Friday and Saturday you're incredibly busy, but Sunday is fun and romantic.

Horoscopes taken from www.astrology.com
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namara-ashina's avatar
awww it looks like the club lost its sub >.<
sevenofeleven's avatar
The last time I let someone pick my brain, they got it from the Abby Normal bin. That was a bad week.
lanr's avatar
hmm... I'm afraid it's wrong this time :shrug:
Saturninne's avatar
Just love to know the transits behind it.
I have a dinner party on Friday, glad to know it has it's good chances of going well.
moonshadowdance's avatar
Maybe things are turning upward for a certain Gemini... Quite accurate so far.
StJimmy090's avatar
Thanks. One Aquarian writer looking foward to the rest of the week!!
silverweasel's avatar
HOLY SHIT that is so eerily accurate so far! I was really pissed off at my art teacher at the beginning of the week, then I finally talked to him and I was surprised at how nice he was about it...
And today was my callback for the school musical, and I was trying to talk to anyone who'd listen there- even if I'd never even met them before!

Whoa. :O_o: This is the first time in a while that my hororscope hasn't been a week or so off. SWEEEEEEET. :D
peri-dots's avatar
...romance...I like the sound of that...YAY
MomoModified's avatar
Wolvekit's avatar
Wowee. First time my horoscope's looked so exact and coming true in my future. 8O
CaptainQuirk's avatar
This is coming true for me so far.
Kraystina's avatar
hehe it's scareh how this week fit this week's scopes
peri-dots's avatar
amazing...my plans for the week match up EXACTLY with my Leo horoscope.
the-zodiac-club's avatar
Lol I confess I read mine for cancer and was rather surprised this week :nod:

peri-dots's avatar
well, we'll just have to say what'll happen
Kraystina's avatar
Whooohooo birthday today! :D
Ickle-Opie's avatar
the date says for 2 months ago, 11/06/2007 - 17/06/2007.
wheres this weeks.. this months even..
the-zodiac-club's avatar
If you'd read the previous main journals we have been unable to update the journals through lack of subscription and also admins taking much needed time away from DA. Now we have added new admins to the team the horoscopes will be regularly updated from Monday (13th Aug)
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whoa, the pisces one is kind of shocking actually as i'm dealing with that and was thinking the same thing ^^;
Casperium's avatar
that is funny,,(Cancer) it seems that every year about this time, endings, beginnings are the major focus, and something ALWAYS happens. I wonder what it will be this year,,,, lol
MaiSala's avatar
yeah, that is pretty accurate... tis a little creepy... but still nice to know it's not a random thing :D

see, I knew it would pay off to read my horoscope... :XD:
paladinknight's avatar
Sagittarius: That's perfect~ I'm off to a convention this weekend. Was contemplating that I may not have enough enthusiasm for it this time round (some of my friends are unable to make it), but rah- this bestows upon me my confidence back! x> *happy again*

(thx for posting these :glomp:
And feel free to ignore my silly comments,, you seem pretty busy w/the community, go take a break and smell the sunshine for a bit~~! :giggle: )
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