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A Tribute to Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21

Jupiter the Jolly rules your sign.  Though you might be pretty mellow and laid back, you are still a fire sign, which means when you're angry, yikes!  But the good news is, your anger fades pretty quickly.  Your colours are purple and turqoise, which is just like you: unique.  Your symbol is the centaur, and your animal is appropriately the horse.  Your sign is the symbol of freedom, you hate to be censored and you love traveling (near or far, it's no issue for you!).  There are so many good things about you that it could almost weigh out the cons of your sign.  Let's start!
The Good:
You are independent, and you couldn't be a better friend.  You're always helping out, you aren't possessive or jealous, you're brutally honest and tell great stories, you definitely know how to make people laugh (you're a natural comedian!), you aren't secretive so your mates won't have a problem getting you to talk!  You're full of energy and always have a goal in life.
The Bad:
Have you put your foot in your mouth today yet?  Oh wait, check your foot and see if there's been a bucket on it, you probably didn't notice.  You're the clumsiest sign in the zodiac!  But it's all in good fun, but when you crack your whip, people scatter.  You tend to put the fist through the wall first before think about it.  You get bored very easily, you can also be extravagant and wasteful, and don't commit to much (maybe not even life!).

Tips For a Sagittarius

Since you tend to blow things off alot, there isn't too much to say about dealing with other people, but just be careful when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  Before starting on your one hundred and one thousand goals, think them through and see which ones are really plausible and doable.  And oh yeah, slow down!  Watch where you're walking, both in front of you and in life in general!  And hands off on those explosives!

:heart:Your lucky match???:heart:

Tips if you Know a Sagittarius

It's kind of hard to pin down a Sag emotionally, they tend to rush everything and like to see how far they can push something before watching you lose your cool.  But if you can deal with their love for freedom (oh yeah, don't censor them!) and their nonchalant attitude towards everything, you will find that their intentions are nothing but honest, and their hearts are full of love and charm.  Sagittarius' are easily hurt by mistrust and thoughtless remarks or actions, so just be frank with them!

<div class="title>Famous Sagittarians

Frank Sinatra
Harpo Marx
Winston Churchill
Ludwig van Beethoven
Rodney Dangerfield
Dick van Dyke
Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera
Billy the Kid
Jim Morrison
Steven Spielberg
Jimi Hendrix
Billy Idol
Lucy Lui
Ben Stiller
Milla Jovovich

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Wow. I should have my fiance read this. He doesn't understand why his mom and I get angry very easly but we'll put stuff off until the last minute.
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Amy Lee from Evanescence is a Sagittarius! :D
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Joseph Stalin Dec 9/21 there seems to be some sort of confusion on the birthday.

A friend of mine got a big laugh telling me this. He also said Chairman Mao was one too, not sure about that one.

These folks are famous Sags too.

Anna Nicole Smith Nov 28th
John Malkovich (sp?)
Woody Allen.

I wonder if I can sell my hair on Ebay like Britney Spears? That is if I can spare some to cut off.
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1) Why are all comments hidden by Owner?
2) Hah...Scorpio. To sum up: Loves sex and power. Jealous. Driving. Crazy.
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1--it just keeps all the comments organised by sign :)
2--you can't say jealous enough times to describe a Scorpio ;P ...and crazy, in all kindness of course! ;P