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Taurus- The 2nd

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I've decided to have a zodiac series. That's right, a series. And you're not gonna stop me. What's in the pictures have something to do with each zodiac, obviously. And all of them will have an Image Ready animation at full view.

Taurus: The Gardener

21th of April to 21th of May

Taurus is the sign of the Bull
Element earth & motto 'I Have'

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by the bull. Partnerships and relationships are very important to you, more than anything else. You may stay in a relationship that is not really suitable because you don't like to be alone or you are concerned with what your family thinks. You need a structured family life and may wait until this is possible, meaning you marry late in life. Physically you will be inclined to have a rounded shape, which will be most noticeable of your shoulders, and this is particularly the case if you are female. Taurus is associated with the throat and this means you may be prone to throat or voice problems. With a Taurus Sun you are cautious, strong-willed and possessive which means you like to hold onto things, including money. You like to create beautiful surroundings for yourself and have a liking for all things luxurious, particularly food and drink. This love of good food and drink makes you an excellent cook. Although you are motivated by your feelings you are also plain speaking and see everything as black or white. Despite the problems this may cause, you make a loyal and faithful partner or friend. You are emotional and sensitive but your love of ease and a reluctance to take risks can make you lazy at times. However, your steady character makes you reliable and practical with a natural ability for business or anything involving money. You are placid and at times stubborn as you do not appreciate change. Your resistance to change means your life can easily become dull and routine, but you become increasingly obstinate if change is forced on you. Controlling this obstinacy and possible excesses or overindulgence is key to the development of your character.

Words used to describe Taurus:
Stubborn, cautious, materialistic, conventional, persistent, stable, industrious, dependable and placid.

You have natural 'green fingers' and an affinity for the earth, making you good at working on the land. Agriculture, horticulture, gardening or anything in the open air will be suitable for you. Your ability to make things grow includes money and you are very adept at earning money for yourself and others. This will ensure career success in banking, insurance or the stock market. All matters concerning wealth and its products succeed under your supervision and particularly any business connected with clothing, confectionery, jewelry, or artistic professions like acting, singing, painting, sculpture, pottery, dealing in fine things or any executive work. Being careful and steady means you are able to carry any projects you undertake to completion. However, you do need a job that provides a steady and regular income that involves no risk. This is because material security is important to you and it is possible you would take on a job you don't like for the income it provides.

You are very sensual and need a partner who finds love and sex as important as you do and at the same time provide material security. You take life seriously so do not normally rush into anything including relationships but once you have found a partner you can become quite possessive.

The following are connected with your Sun sign -

planet Venus - gemstone emerald - number 6 - colour pink
animal bull - flower violet - metal copper - opposite sign Scorpio
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