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well seeing as ive been meaning to do some sort of astrology based pic, and ive been verry bored, i decided to do a taurus. my reasons being that i have many taurean friends and theyre all so lovely ^^ my best friend is also taurus! so i dedicate this to my mum, as she is taurus aswell....and my fellow taureans, and all taureans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i rekon bulls rock and when they beat peeps up it serves em right. oh yes. LOL! so i hope you like it.

i may get round to drawing the other signs too someday. hopefully LOL! i also have another ragnaponik pic in the midst but im afraid 2 finish it! i need a horse-head tutorial or somthing... or for someone to help me with horse ears lol!!!!! and possibly what else to draw..i feel so... brain deaded. oh and if anyone knows of a PS colouring tut plz tell meee!!!!!!!! :D byz! :)
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