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Pisces- The 12th

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I've decided to have a zodiac series. That's right, a series. And you're not gonna stop me. What's in the pictures have something to do with each zodiac, obviously. And all of them will have an Image Ready animation at full view.

Finally! The last of the series!

Pisces: The Dreamer

19th of February to 20th of March

Pisces is the sign of the Fishes
Element water & motto 'I Believe'

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the fishes. You are a dreamer and although you live in your own world you are also totally tuned in to your environment and those around you. You are romantic and sensitive with a very powerful imagination. You have a strong need to help others and although this means you are sometimes taken advantage of, you are really a very strong-willed individual. Your emotions are very important to you and you are not interested in the material side of life at all. Although you are sociable and make friends easily, you also need plenty of peaceful time on your own and you sometimes lie to yourself rather than face the harsh realities of the real world. When things get tough you will disappear into your own fantasy world. Pisces is associated with the feet and you may have problems in this area. With a Pisces Sun you are extremely adaptable and will go from one extreme to the other. But you are also very quick to learn and able to grasp complicated situations quickly. You have a great ability to transform ideas into something others can easily understand and appreciate. Because you are always forgiving and adjust to what others need, you do best with a strong partner who is supportive and understanding. But you are difficult to understand even for yourself because of your changing moods and chameleon-like character. If you are ambitious your low levels of concentration and lack of organisational ability may let you down in some professions but this does not mean you are unable to be financially successful.

Words used to describe Pisces:
Introverted, reclusive, psychic, imaginative, sympathetic, dreamer, artistic, compassionate and sensitive.

Because you have a strong imagination and are able to hide your own personality behind that of a fictional character, you make a natural actor. This talent also lends towards success as a poet, artist or dancer. You also have psychic ability and excel as a medium, psychic, psychometrist or in any work requiring inspirational ability. Because you care about others you are also suited to caring and medical professions and being aware of the suffering of others makes you a good counsellor or religious worker. Your love of the sea means you will be attracted to work connected with it in any way. You often have more than one job at once and need variety with flexibility as you have a problem with strict time keeping or routine.

You are very attractive to others and have no problems finding partners, although these are more often than not the wrong ones. You are easily led astray by others and need someone who is strong, protective and who understands your easily hurt emotional character.

The following are connected with your Sun sign -

planet Neptune - gemstone moonstone - number 7 - colour seagreen
animal fish - flower waterlily - metal tin - opposite sign Virgo
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