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About Literature / Hobbyist David MaynerMale/United States Groups :iconpredatorial-halo: Predatorial-Halo
Aliens vs Predator vs Halo!
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Lone Wolf ch32 :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 2 12
Mature content
LW - Adopting the Unfortunate :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 1 2
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Lone Wolf pt31 :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 1 3
Carnie Armor Set by The-Zerg-Overlord Carnie Armor Set :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 3 0
Jackie Spain char sheet
Name: Jackie Spain
Callsign: Carnie
Height: 6’1” (out of MJOLNIR armor), 6’6” (in MJOLNIR armor)
Weight: 246lbs (out of MJOLNIR armor), 496lbs (in MJOLNIR armor)
Age: 75 (actual), 30 (biological due to crysleep sessions)
Eye color: Luminescent green.
Hair color: Sandy
Personality: Jackie suffers from a very severe case of insanity. She sees what she does as the most fun thing to do. Normally, however, she is a VERY outgoing person, leading to her seeming TOTALLY obnoxious to the point that she causes people to contemplate murder every time she starts talking.
Distinctive marks: Jackie lacks many scars of the normal variety. The worst visible scar she has is a ring around her neck, which looks like the friction burn of rope.
Race: Human Spartan
Likes: Killing. She just has FUN doing it. She likes “The Rush”, or the feeling she gets while she’s killing.
Dislikes: People keeping tabs on her. She dislikes “The Voice”, which is her own s
:iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 3 4
Carnie MTG by The-Zerg-Overlord Carnie MTG :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 4 1
Mature content
War of the Moons chapter 4 :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 2 5
ME Fanfic pt2
Chapter 2 – Conversations with the Captain and Crew
Kagg sat in the engineering bay of the Normandy 2 after his formal introduction to Shepard.
“Commander, I respect your decision, but I don’t like it.” The black human said as Kagg walked in. “The man is a mercenary. I’m not too fond of mercenaries.”
“In my defense.” Kagg said. “I’ve only played the mercenary for good motives.”
“What do you mean?” Jacob asked.
“This Zareltep has an astounding record with both his race’s military and his race’s military attachment on the Citadel, Mr. Taylor.” A voice said from nowhere before Kagg could respond. It had a female hint to it, but it was clearly mechanical. “He has extensive records of not eliminating non-combatants.”
“What the?” Kagg said, looking around. “Who was that?”
“That would be EDI, our Artificial Intelligence.” Shepard said.
:iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 1 0
Denial of Existence MTG by The-Zerg-Overlord Denial of Existence MTG :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 2 0 Flinch Spacey MTG by The-Zerg-Overlord Flinch Spacey MTG :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 4 10 Xero MTG by The-Zerg-Overlord Xero MTG :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 4 17 Gift: Bonded Souls - Flinch/Xero by The-Zerg-Overlord Gift: Bonded Souls - Flinch/Xero :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 4 4 Midnight MTG by The-Zerg-Overlord Midnight MTG :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 1 0
Nightfall - Backstory
Nightfall – Midnight’s backstory
Midnight sat in the hangar again, watching the activity. He didn’t have his helmet on, so anybody walking towards him from the left saw the damage he had taken, but couldn’t say anything about, because he didn’t remember. Because of those scars, they gave him a wide berth. The only two so far that really didn’t give him a wide berth were Thomas “Tom” Spain and Grefor “Blade” Jornille. They were the closest people he knew to friends.
He heard footsteps approaching and didn’t think anything of it, until he heard someone sit next to him. He looked over to see Grefor.
“What’s happening, Midnight?” He asked.
“Nothing much.” Midnight said. “Just watching the hustle… thinking about the past…”
“What do you mean?” Grefor said.
“Nothing.” Midnight said, getting up. “Just ghosts of my own.”
Midnight then star
:iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 0 0
Midnight Armor mkII by The-Zerg-Overlord Midnight Armor mkII :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 3 0
Mature content
Lone Wolf pt30 :iconthe-zerg-overlord:The-Zerg-Overlord 1 6


Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 7 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 10 0
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 6 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 11 0
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AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 5 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 9 0
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 4 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 9 0
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 3 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 10 0
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 2 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 9 2
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Chapter 1 :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 14 5
Mature content
AVP: Hybrid Theory - Prologue :icondrakhand006:Drakhand006 16 5
So, to those that are in the know, I'm losing my interest in writing... I've had so many ideas that go absolutely NOWHERE because of various reasons. As for the stories I currently have, I've kind of just lost interest in continuing them, as I've run out of ideas, and pretty much every time I ever try to ask for ideas, I'm met with silence. ANd before anyone says "take a break.", I've been on said break since AUGUST. So, I'm not sure when or even IF I'll start writing again... It also never helps when I never really get feedback, to know that people actually enjoy my work.
  • Listening to: various music
  • Reading: various books
  • Watching: various shows
  • Playing: Bioshock, CoD: Ghosts
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: liquid


David Mayner
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am one to not tick off, as I will not stand for intolerance and insults towards me. Other than that, I treat everyone with the same amount of respect that they show me. I am also a pretty Laid-back SOB within reason, so long as you respect my beliefs and everything.

On that note, this is a warning to anybody that attacks those I call my friends: I take it personally, so attack them at your own risk, because I'm not a pleasant person to piss off.

These are the people I call my friends so far on this site. These people are ones that I would gladly lay my life on the line for, should the need arise and they ask for my support. I'm also adding in what family member they could pull off easily (where applicable). As for me, I see myself as that smart-ass uncle who sometimes pisses people off, but can make them laugh, and whose heart is always in the right place:

:iconaverymacdizl: - AKA Avery: This person is a frickin PSYCHOPATH (those that know him on XBox Live and in real life, you know what I mean). I met this very unique person during my highschool years, and we've been great friends throughout our four years together. He has had my back on multiple occasions, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't return the favor, because I would in a heartbeat (and I have at times). Avery would be that crazy uncle in the family that makes people laugh.

:iconatoakai: - AKA dyn0f9g77 or Travis (not sure if that's his real name), or "Teh Teal Elite": This man I met through his rather unique style of writing. While it took time for me to adapt to his writing style, I can actually follow it. He offered to become my friend on Xbox Live, and while I do get annoyed with how he plays certain games (He knows which ones I'm talking about), how ballsy he gets coupled with the fact that he just dicks around a lot in the games, makes me just love to be in a group with this guy, as I know I'm gonna laugh a great many times. Without a doubt, Atoakai would be that grandpa that is racist and just an asshole all around, but everyone loves him because of it (I know I do).

:icondrakhand006: - AKA "Drak": This is another friend that I made over my time here on DeviantArt. I don't fully remember what got me hooked on his writing, but as time transpired, we became friends. He brought to my attention the idea of Predatorial Halo (if my memory serves correct). I also just like this guy's personality and the coloring he does on lineart.

:iconthedarkbladehuntress: - AKA Ashley or "Darkblade": I met this person through her story, which has been on suspension for a long time. I offered to do revisions on her story, and she accepted. That even spiraled into us becoming rather close friends (At least to my knowledge. DarkBlade, you might wanna send me a note if I'm wrong there lol). In any case, she's also been rather helpful when it comes to me using her character in my stories. I see DarkBlade as being that sister that shows love and care to everyone else in the family all the time.

:iconzelnodi: - AKA "Zel": I met this person through Drak. He came up with the idea of Predatorial halo (If I'm right). Through our conversations together, I would consider us friends. I also just like the character designs he has. he has also helped me design some character, and has always been there to help, just like almost all of my friends here.

:iconjago-dakari: - AKA "Jago": I met this guy through my readin of his story, Slayer's Vengeance (To those that haven't read it and love a good romance/action story with BADASS fight sequences, I HIGHLY recommend. To those that have read my Fanfic Lone Wolf, I would suggest reading this if you haven't already.). I've talked with him, and while he doesn't talk much, I would consider him my friend as well, because he has given great ideas for my story, and has given great feedback, just as Drak has done.

:iconchristoman:: I honestly don't remember how I came across this guy, but my best guess is his writing/drawing, and we've just talked about things. Almost EVERY conversation we start, we end up on a TOTALLY different topic than we started on. Also, this guy just makes me laugh throughout our conversations for the most part, which easily gains points with me. If I were to put him as part of the family, he would be the cousin that has a knack for changing the subject randomly as well as just making people laugh through random comments.

When it comes to things I work on, I'm a major Magic the Gathering addict, but I do work on written stories, doing some minor art pieces as they fit into my stories. When it comes to my stories, I've always had one main character build that stands out the most: The tough as hell guy who doesn't trust.

Current stories I have working:

Lone Wolf (AVP universe)
City of the Dead (Highschool of the Dead universe)
Returning to the Fold (Predatorial Halo universe)

EDIT: All stories are on indefinite hold. Scrapping them is possible, because most are unfinished, and few workable ideas have been put forth.

Current Residence: Tacoma, WA
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock/heavy metal
Favourite style of art: inspirational poster/ MTG cards
MP3 player of choice: any kind that works
Favorite cartoon character: either Wolfwood from TRIGUN, or the CLASSIC Ash from Pokemon. I chose Wolfwood as he has the most badass weapon ever in my book...It's a frickin a cross that has 3 types of guns in it..nuff said.
Personal Quote: I don't care honestly. If you can't respect that, then good day.
Song of Best Fit (personally): Too hard to say, so here are the closest ones for my life I can come up:

Normal: Shinedown - Fly from the inside
Sad: Art of Dying - Get thru This OR Disturbed - Enough (take your pick here)
Angry: Disturbed - Indestructible
PISSED OFF: Disturbed - Warrior
Vengeful: Disturbed - Hell OR Disturbed - Run (take your pick here)
Random: Korn - Shutes and Ladders
Scrappy: Egypt Central - Kick Ass
Alone: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams OR Disturbed Haunted OR The Offspring - Turning Into You (take your pick here)
Defensive: Shinedown - Bully OR Egypt Central - Surrender (take your pick here)



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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Hey, been a while! =) but I am here with some info:

A friend of mine is creating an OC fighting game! (more of a card game) but it is a raffle since he is in need of more OC's. Here is his journal page link:

Would be awesome if we could see an OC from you!
The-Zerg-Overlord Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Not sure if I'll actually take part.
Ok. Just thought id ask you =) I have been asking all of my friends.
The-Zerg-Overlord Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
thanks for asking
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happy birthday!
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Thanks for the fave on =)
Halo Orbit Teebeuteln by Dragunalb
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Hey mate :wave: been a while since I dropped a message on here :nod: 

thats shit been going?:) 
The-Zerg-Overlord Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
It's been going. Still alive, looking for work, you know
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