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BoFII fanart: Katt

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I've been playing hours and hours of Breath of Fire II. I'm filled with such wonderful nostalgia for the entire series! It almost inspires me to crack open Dragon Quarter again and take another stab at it. But I respect myself a bit too much and I'm having way too much fun fishing in BoF II here XD

Anyway, to commemorate all the fun I've been having, I treated myself to a bit of fanart of one of my all-time favorite BoF characters. Just for fun, here's Katt.

Fanart © The Z, 2005

The poor Breath of Fire series always got passed over in favor of more popular RPGs and I always thought that was a shame. If you ever get the chance to play the games, I hope you do and I hope you enjoy them. They've always been a favorite of mine-- maybe because they are an underdog of a sort. That and who would love a game series with a dimwitted, sassy catgirl running around pantsless? :3 I love me some Woren.
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Hella Cute & Sexy with some Sweeet Kim Possible overtones! ;-) 
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PatlestiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to taste her slit-like, white-furred cat pussy and suck her tiny clitty until she squirts in my face.
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Love this! So much attitude! :3
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SciKosisProfessional Digital Artist
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Slash-PseudoHobbyist Artist
She's easily my fave RPG gal ever, it's always nice to see more art of her.
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Ah sweet!!! My fave character from Breath of Fire 2!!!!:)
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Psychotic-BambiProfessional General Artist
Ah, love love love that game x3
And I know what you mean about the series being under-rated =(
Katt's a great character, powerful too (always had her on my team >3 ), but my fave char outta that game has to be 'The Grassman' ;D
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She is my favorite too.
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I too feel Breath of Fire doesnt get nearly the attention it deserves, BoFII in particular. That is why I am actually planning on making a manga version.... we'll see how that goes
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CosacoStudent Traditional Artist
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Ah yes Katt...

The snes version was truly a hellish but fun experience.

Damnation they don't make girls nowdays nearly as hot as her normal nor her shaman form.
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its a good pic of katt.
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man I can't beat the final boss.... I like katt thou and nina
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If you get your team to the late 50s or mid 60s you won't have any more problems. Period.
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heh thanks *huggles*
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WolcikStudent General Artist
I just love catcharacters in Rpg but her big foots scares me a little :D
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Ah! Katt fanart! *clings to it*
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soltianProfessional General Artist
Man I really love the color job on this one :heart: The purples you used in the shadows work really really well, and her pose and face are so delightfully flavorful.
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I love the BOF series the only ones I haven't managed to play yet are 3 and dragon quarter. I have both one and two on snes and gba, I also managed to end up buying three copies of four in order to compensate for lost or damaged copies.
My favourite in the series has got to be four but katt has always been my favourite character.
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LunchableHobbyist Photographer
Katt is like my second best character. <3
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Love her stripes!
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Actually I never thought of her as dimwitted. Uneducated maybe, but not dimwitted, but then I may be biased in her favour, since she is my favourite. She was simply more combat oriented really.
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The-ZProfessional General Artist
They actually call her dimwitted at one point in the game. She doesn't really catch on so quickly ^^ But yeah, she is truly combat oriented. But, oy, her wisdom score is so low u_u *pats Katt on her fuzzy head*
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