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what is STREET photography
The street Photographer's RIGHTS

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Welcome to The Yard Collective
Street Photography Club

:spotlight-left:The Yard monthly Contest!:spotlight-right:

Every month, a contest will be held in the Yard.
Purpose of this contest is to choose the 3 best submissions of the CURRENT month, which will be put in a special folder
called "The best of the Yard"
and will be featured in a special Yard's journal
as well as in the journals of the administrators,
and the donating members.
The WINNERS' entries will also be SUBMITTED by the club to the SELECTED GALLERY
for ALL our watchers to see!
This simply means a GREAT EXPOSURE of your image!


Every member can and should participate in this contest as follows:

ONE (1) entry per member each month!

1. Go to the page of YOUR picture that you want to submit:


2. A new window opens:


Make sure you have selected the CONTEST Collection from the drop down menu of the Collections! It should read: "MONTHLY CONTEST ENTRIES-February" (or whatever month we have)

3. Suggestions of pictures that are NOT yours, will NOT be accepted.

4. Pictures that carry the dA watermark will NOT be accepted (they may carry YOUR watermark or signature)

5. As soon as one of our administrators agrees to accept your entry, your picture will have been successfully submitted!

6. If your submission gets declined, we'll try to give you the reason for that.

7.:new: IMPORTANT: IF YOU GET AN ERROR MESSAGE that says: "This item has already been submitted to the group.", then send us your entry link in a NOTE and the admins will put your entry in the contest!
(The error message means that you have already submitted your picture in the Submissions folder, and the system does not allow submitting the same picture in 2 collections at the same time)

Since you will NOT be able to change this entry, it will be wise from you to choose your entry in the end of the month where you can decide which of your submissions is the best to compete.
Entries will be accepted till the last day of the current month.


Voting will start from the 1st of every month
and will last for five (5) days.
Send us a note HERE:…
with the title "VOTE"
including the 3 THUMBS of the photos that you like best
from past month's contest entries
which can be found here: the-yard-collective.deviantart…

Only members AND watchers can vote,
but not for themselves.

In order to have your photograph featured, you must have voted too!

Only notes with the title "VOTE"
will be accepted in the contest.


Please, DO NOT send dA watermarked images.
They will not be accepted. Feel free to use your own watermarks which do not ruin your pictures but not dA's one.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast and modified for the needs of the Yard by StamatisGR
© 2010 - 2021 The-Yard-Collective
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Jack070's avatar
Yes, the link to gallery leads to May.

Vote sent, hope it got there.
Ohno-moment's avatar
i think your link for the current monthly contest entries is set to March....but i could be wrong
Jack070's avatar
Shadehunter666's avatar
Very hard to vote this month, too many great photos, must choose carefully :D
BenChislett's avatar
:D couldn't agree with you more. Spent forever deciding. Still not sure. :confused: but in a very good way.
Shadehunter666's avatar
in a very very good way :D Congrats to all participants!
C-Jook's avatar
Dooooooone !
Jack070's avatar
kapt73's avatar
thanks for explanation :)
CitizenNomad's avatar
So, when trying to submit to the group in general, I receive an error message that states:

Sorry, you do not have permission to submit artwork to this group.

Is there a reason for this?
StamatisGR's avatar
The reason is that you have not read carefuly the Submission Guidelines :)
CitizenNomad's avatar
I followed the directions exactly. I tried submitting photos to the general gallery in that manner and it did not work either.
StamatisGR's avatar
You can only submit to the "February 2010 Submissions"
Are you sure you checked this? [link]
CitizenNomad's avatar
Yes, those are the exact directions I followed. None of my groups show up when I try to submit to a group directly from the deviation.
StamatisGR's avatar
You have to be a contributor for the groups to show their avatars. If you are not, you type the group's name in the proper field of the submission window.
CitizenNomad's avatar
I did that as well (for a couple groups) and got a notice that I did not have permission to add photos.
bdwfh's avatar
nothing from me, but i voted.
StamatisGR's avatar
yes I saw.
you could only find 2...
bdwfh's avatar
it wasn't for lack of trying... but in the end, they were the two that stood out to me
Earth-Hart's avatar
Sorry for not taking part, I didn't have anything worthwhile :no:
I'll be voting in a few minutes :nod:
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