THE YARD's MEMBERS' DDs! 2006-7-8

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:spotlight-left:MEMBERS' DDs - 2006-7-8:spotlight-right:

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Natural Harmony by Devlicharov 17/08/2006 by :icondevlicharov:

Pick-up Day by macgerahty 30/08/2006 by :iconmacgerahty:

OrwoAni  vol1 by BobRock99 12/01/2007 by :iconbobrock99:

news by anjelicek 18/02/2007 by :iconanjelicek:

Friends by JACAC 28/08/2007 by :iconjacac:

take out the dogs by anjelicek 11/09/2007 by :iconanjelicek:

Men get Breast Cancer too by Tepara 11/09/2007 by :icontepara:

LOVE by bQw 04/11/2007 by :iconbqw:

an indian wedding -1 by sinnyfreak 24/11/2007 by :iconsinnyfreak:

Window To Her Soul by adeb1113 03/12/2007 by :iconadeb1113:

:thumb71578728: 07/12/2007 by :iconsanikdotes:

Mr. Photographer by anjelicek 02/01/08 by :iconanjelicek:

to stand in bewilderment by pigarot 01/02/08 by :iconpigarot:

Chauffeured by bQw 25/02/08 by :iconbqw:

The best library by PaulMcKinnon 28/2/08 by :iconpaulmckinnon:

Keeping the bad smells out by SantiBilly 26/3/08 by :iconsantibilly:

92 by celil 28/03/2008 by :iconcelil:

Longing by bQw 26/04/08 by :iconbqw:

:thumb83942884: 08/05/08 by :iconmorbidthegrim:

Egyptian street photography by mhazzaa 08/05/08 by :iconmhazzaa:

Disappearance by BobRock99 25/05/08 by :iconbobrock99:

RF 01 by Achillies875 1/06/08 by :iconachillies875:

I love my daddy by louxadra 5/6/08 by :iconlouxadra:

by the river 2 by anjelicek 11/06/08 by :iconanjelicek:

Every City has a Lonely Corner by JonnyGoodboy 18/06/08 by :iconjonnygoodboy:

SightSeeing by JACAC 24/06/08 by :iconjacac:

:thumb89877454: 28/06/08 by :icondamien-c:

Wetmarket II by ReaperManHK 19/07/2008 by :iconreapermanhk:

:thumb92673623: 24/07/2008 by :iconslpdomain:

93 by celil 25/07/2008 by :iconcelil:

Boys by kmetjurec 26/07/08 by :iconkmetjurec:

Personal Transport by bQw 16/08/08 by :iconbqw:

pennies for cans by raumasy 28/08/08 by :iconraumasy:

:thumb90432408: 07/09/08 by :iconmorbidthegrim:

Y E L L O W by adeb1113 22/09/08 by :iconadeb1113:

41... by feryal 03/10/08 by :iconferyal:

:thumb89628651: 6/10/08 by :icondamien-c:

Humanism Beto by SantiBilly 14/10/08 by :iconsantibilly:

101... by feryal 14/10/08 by :iconferyal:

Subway by alyhazzaa 29/10/08 by :iconalyhazzaa:

But Daddy, Please.. by shadowless911 24/10/08 by :iconshadowless911:

two good friends by VaggelisFragiadakis 01/11/08 by :iconvaggelisfragiadakis:

cashback by Branimir 15/11/08 by :iconbranimir:

:thumb102246585: 18/11/08 by :iconcheekymonkeyali:

Marat by David Revisited by djailledie 19/11/08 by :icondjailledie:

:thumb103491665: 26/11/08 by :iconvinyyli:

1 man by pigarot 13/12/08 by :iconpigarot:

lonely walk by m-lucia 17/12/08 by :iconm-lucia:

The Factory Girls by Chopen 18/12/08 by :iconchopen:

Tousled by Daywish 18/12/08 by :icondaywish:

In her legs by deylac 19/12/08 by: :icondeylac:

:thumb106593781: 20/12/08 by :iconbetaaquilae:

sing in the rain by enderefe 22/12/08 by :iconenderefe:

:thumb105409904: 26/12/08 by :iconeliza-mac:

:thumb106505288: 30/12/08 by :iconc-hass:

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macgerahty's avatar
Love it!!! Thank you for the feature!!! Good company to be in, and I expect to see more of our members getting their recognition in this way!! :D
StamatisGR's avatar
we are doing the best we can towards that direction!
You're welcome :)
eyenoticed's avatar
I wish you marked "new" on any new ones so I could tell which ones I've already viewed many times and which ones I hadn't. oh well. Great collection :)
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
you can tell by the date they've been awarded :)
JACAC's avatar
i . a m . h a p p y . t o . s e e . s o . m a n y . DD's . f r o m . t h e . m e m b e r s
g r e a t . YARD
Rastislav's avatar
JACAC's avatar
w o w
w e . a r e . m o r e . a n d . m o r e . a n d . t h a t . i s . g r e a t
kapt73's avatar
:clap: to all
:clap: to Yards :)
NunoFigueira's avatar
Congrats once again to all and thanks very much to feature my shot, it's a honor to me stand by some great photographers, cheers Yardies :ahoy:

ps:sorry for my english :D
erene's avatar
Eliza-mac's avatar
A song for The Yard! [link]

The-Yard-Collective's avatar
"This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions."
Damn! :pissedoff:
Eliza-mac's avatar
:( "It's Getting Better" by The Mamas and Papas.
nonparticipant's avatar
such an amazing line up :)
cheekymonkeyali's avatar
Congrats to all :)

Well over 100 DD's :D

(one of the links is broken though?)
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
removed it as it was deleted by the deviant...
Seiglie's avatar
My deepest congrats to all!!! :clap: You guys are AMAZING photographers!!! :wow: :worship:
mim304's avatar
Those are all so awesome! So much talent in one group of people! Amazing! :wow:
PEN-at-Work's avatar
Great. You should consider changing the order to from newer to older...

(Frigging Pelle, like I am made of spare time :furious: )
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
you are invited in the Yard to do that yourself :rofl:
it wouldn't take you more than 3 hours! :lmao:
PEN-at-Work's avatar
If you'd let me I'd do it
Eliza-mac's avatar
I love seeing this journal updated so often! :iconcheerplz:
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